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The Dran and Fae worlds merging into one world has caused chaos and confusion.

Losomn is a Location in Remnant 2Losomn is one of many worlds that can be explored in Remnant 2, and is the merging of both the Dran and Fae worlds. Each Location in Remnant 2 will feature unique landscapes, events, dungeons, Bosses, Enemies, and Items.

  • Losomn has received a new storyline with the release of The Awakened King DLC on November 14th. NEW!


All Areas in Remnant 2 Losomn

The following Locations can be found within Losomn:

The Imposter King Story




The Nightweaver Story




The Awakened King StoryDLC


Note: Does not contain random field locations



Field Locations

Each field randomly contains one of the following sublocations:
  • Briella's Garden1
  • Hewdas Clock
  • Oracle's Refuge
1 Never found in Morrow Parish

Fae Palace Locations

Burning Streets Locations

Losomn Sewers Locations

* Denotes "main" areas that are normally required to progress.
2 Static location, never contains an injectible event.
3 Requires The Awakened King DLC.

All NPCs and Merchants in Remnant 2 Losomn

The One True King Storyline
The Awakened King


All Items in Remnant 2's Losomn


The Awakened King


The Awakened King
  • Zealot's Set - On a hanging body of a witch. Shoot the body to make it drop.

Amulets & Rings

The Awakened King


Quest Items

The Awakened King

Relics & Relic Upgrades

The Awakened King

Consumables & Materials

The Awakened King



The Awakened King


The Awakened King

Weapon Mods

The Awakened King


Remnant 2 Losomn Enemies, and Bosses


Remnant 2 Losomn Events

The following are all the events that players can find while traversing Losomn:

The Awakened King

Injectible Events

Events that are randomly inserted into Locations

Fae Palace

Burning Streets

Losomn Sewers

1 Requires The Awakened King DLC


Remnant 2 Losomn Walkthrough

Losomn if one of the many worlds available in Remnant 2. The order in which it will be tackled is random. Losomn has two different Main stories and you may get one or other one, but not both of them in the same playthrough.

Losomn Main Story


The One True King

In this story, players will have to find the Jester to obtain the Magic Quill. This item is used to create doors/portals on marked or ornate walls. Players will find the Faelin Mural Piece in the first room they enter. Eventually, after using a dark portal that traverses to the "dark world" players will find the  Faerin Mural Piece.

Using both pieces in the giant Ornate door found in the palace entrace, allows players to reach the chambers of Faerin or Faelin. They have usurped the throne from The One True King, and will have to face either of them in order to progress. They will also realize that Clementine isn't in Losomn, and will eventually move out to the next world.

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The Awakened King - New!

The One True King has awakened and is on a bloody rampage that has upet the very tides of Losomn's dismal shores, surfacing creatures of the deep and treacheries long buried. After traveling through the new areas, players will find Nimue chained by The One True King because of her part in putting him to sleep. When found, The One True King will offer players the possibility to side with him, or fight him.

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The Asylum

Players find a seemingly abandoned asylum in Morrow Parish. They need to gain access to it by traversing one of the side or back areas of the building. Once inside, they will learn about the Nightweaver, and notice that all patients have been released from their rooms. However, the head doctor, has been locked up. She is carving small statuettes that players can find all around the asylum, called Stone-Carved Doll. Bringing them back to her room, will reward players with lore regarding the situation.

When presented to her, players will be able to receive the Nightweaver Stone Doll and use it to access The Tormented Asylum. There players can face The Nightweaver. Once defeated, players will learn that Clementine isn't there and move on to the next world.

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Losomn Events & Secrets

The following secrets can be found in Losomn

Clock Tower Event
Lost Dran Children
Postulant Event - Royal Hunting Bow
The Burning Event
The Fae Cocuncil Event
The Executor

Clock Tower and how to obtain Broken Timepiece

After visiting Lemark District, get back to Hewdas Clock, head north to find the Clock Tower. There is a checkpoint just outside the clock tower called Hewdas Clock.

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You can also open the heavy double-sided Iron Door, from this side, unlocking a shortcut from the first Checkpoint.

Inside the clock tower, there is an elevator, that is currently not working. You have to climb up from the outside, by passing through the windows.

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You may find some Fae enemies. There are also some chests to find materials and loot. As you climb up, you will find a few more letters telling the story about the clock tower. Once you reach the end of the Clock Tower, there is a chest there that contains the Timekeeper's Jewel and Cracked Stamina Cost. There is a small switch near the chest, use it to activate the elevator.

You can interact with the big machinery, but you need to have the Clockwork Pinion in order to activate it.

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To obtain it, you have to input the time the Clock Tower is displaying on a clock found on Lemark District.

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Head back to Lemark District and interact with the door on the table in the room full of clocks and insert the time the Clock Tower is displaying.

clocktower event remnant2 wiki guide 300px

clocktower event2 remnant2 wiki guide 300px

After you insert the Clockwork Pinion, you can interact with the handle, thus restarting the clock, and a material will fall from one of the clock hands called Broken Timepiece.

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Lost Dran Children

While exploring the Brocwithe Quarter, you can find a lost dran child, sitting behind a house, get near him and this will get him going. He will appear on the minimap as a blue mark, called Dran Child. Follow him around, always minding the Enemies, and eventually he will stop and you will be able to interact with him. He will bow towards you and start running towards the Oracle of the Dan's orphanage. He will disappear near the wooden ladder, at the entrance of the orphanage.

As you keep exploring, you will find another one. Do the same process to return him safely. Access the woman's hideout and interact with her. Now she will talk to you. She introduces herself as the Oracle of the Dran, and gifts Recovery, a new Trait.

This is how a Dran Child is shown in the map (Click on the image to enlarge it):

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Postulant Event - How to get the Royal Hunting Bow


In Postulant's Parlor players will have to reach the area where the titular Postulant resides, waiting at a board game table. 

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Once players interact with him, the game begins. In a 3x3 board, both you and the postulant possess 3 pieces each. To come out victorious, you have to move your pieces in such a way that all three of them are aligned on a straight line, before the postulant manages to do the same.

Note that pieces move only to a tile next to immediately next to them. The lines on the board indicate the possible movements. Also, pieces can't move to tiles already occupied by other pieces. Be it your own or the Postulant's. 

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Every time you fail and he manages to line three in a row, you will get Cursed. This effect stacks, so be mindful of it or be ready to use some Consumables to cure this status effect.

When you manage to line up three in a row, a door behind the Postulant will open.

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Enter that recently opened door and grab your reward, the Royal Hunting Bow

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The Burning Event

 You will find a group of people, about to burn a hanging man. You can decide to act in two different ways, stop the burning or let the burning take its place.

Stop the Burning

Deal with the one carrying the torch first to prevent the burning. All spectators will turn hostile after doing this, and more Enemies will come from different directions to attempt to burn the hanged man. Try to be specially aware to the ones bringing torches, as they are the ones with the capacity to burn him.

You will earn the Shadeskin trait.


Watch the Burning

Coming Soon!


The Fae Council Event

The Fae Council is composed of three members, called Savan, Oniril, and Nyele. When first met, the Council ask players where are they from, noting they are not Fae. You can ask them about Clementine, but only Nyele will be interested in helping you. Players can decide to help them with their trouble, and they will explain that the One True King has been usurped by an Imposter, with help from one of the three members of the council. However, they do not know which one of them has helped the Imposter.


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This will lead you to the "dark" world. A mirrored version of the world in which you currently are. You will arrive to the Council Tribunal.

You can obtain the Keys located at the bottom of the council members' seats. Grab them and put them in the correct order, matching the mirror image below them. This would be from left to right: Council Key 1Council Key2, and Council Key 3. Doing so, will open the door to the One True King chambers.

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You will find the Assassin's Seal, to the side of the Throne. You may need to do a bit of climbing to be able to grab it. From that platform, jump to the back of the One True King, to obtain the Assassin Dagger, which based other symbol it bears and its color you will be able to determine who the conspirator is.

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After completing that section, return to the portal and head to the "light" world again, to interact with the Council.


Accusing the Right Conspirator

When accusing a member, you will have to present proof to back up your claim. You need to present the Assassin Dagger. There are three versions of this item and depending on the description you will realize which one of the three members of the council actually used it. Each member is associated with an icon.

  • Savan: A small, red jewel is set into the hilt, carved with an ornate diamondlike crest.
  • Oniril: A small, teal jewel is set into the hilt, carved with a symbol that looks like an eye.
  • Nyele: A small, purple jewel is set into the hilt carved with an elegant, mirrored flowerlike symbol.

If you make it right, the traitor will be punished and instantly killed by the other two. You receive the Ornate Blade as a gift.

Accusing the Wrong Conspirator, or deciding to battle the Council

To do this, you can simply start accusations once you begin talking with them. They will ask for a proof, and if you don't have anything to show for, all three of them will start to fight. Once all three are defeated, you can obtain Fae Protector Signet and Scrap.

The Executioner

Players will reach an area in which the character mentions that "something's odd", and will have to find the following frame. Attack it to create a secret passage. 

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Down the secret passageway, players will find The Executioner. It drops the Mutator, Steadfast, x414 Scrap, x2 Corrupted Lumenite Crystal and Hand Gun Ammo.

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Keep exploring and you will reach a cavern-like structure, in which you will find an altar that contains an Ornate Flail in a room full of charred bodies. 

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Eventually, you will be able to resurface, but through the otherside of a previously inaccessible area. You will find the Sapphire Dreamstone there, and reach a door that resembles a dark portal.

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Remnant 2 Losomn Gallery and Notes

  • Other images and notes for Losomn to be added here



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        missing alchemy stone ring, ring of retribution, ring of the robust, singed ring, one true king sigil, cleansing stone, effigy pendant, one eyed joker idol, nimue’s ribbon, jesters bell, perhaps more but that’s all of them to my knowledge

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                      Location- Harvester's Reach
                      Trait- arcane strikes destroy piles surrounded by blobs
                      Event- give Dria's item to sobbing guy near entrance gives item ring of grace
                      Severed hand can be found here.

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