Weapon Mods in Remnant 2 are components that grant active abilities to Weapons, which can be used in and out of combat. These Remnant 2 Mods provide a variety of effects including dealing damage, healing, buffing players in one way or another, and more. Most Remnant 2 Weapon Mods can be freely slotted in and out of standard Weapons. Weapon Mod abilities require Mod Power to use, which is generated by attacking Enemies


How to Get Weapon Mods in Remnant 2?

Players can obtain Weapon Mods from various sources. In Remnant 2, many Mods come pre-attached to specific Weapons, and they cannot be removed or replaced. However, there is also a wide range of Weapon Mods that can be crafted by visiting Ava McCabe, who can be found in her workshop located in Ward 13. Additionally, players can purchase a total of four Weapon Mods from Ava McCabe.


Visit Ava McCabe to craft Weapon Mods

remnant2 weapon mods guide fextralife wiki guide1 600px

How to Craft Weapon Mods in Remnant 2?

Players need to visit Ava McCabe in Ward 13 to craft Weapon Mods. The Materials required to craft each Weapon Mod vary depending on the selected Mod. Below, you will find a table that provides a comprehensive list of available weapon mods for crafting, along with the corresponding Materials needed for each.

How to use Remnant II Mods

Remnant II Weapon Mods can be equipped onto your Weapons in the game. Some Remnant 2 Mods work as toggles, allowing you to activate them with the prompted button and then use their effects. If needed, you can deactivate the mod by pressing the prompted button again.

Using Weapon Mod abilities has limitations as they consume Mod Power. To continue using Mods, you must replenish the Mod Power, which can be achieved by killing Enemies. Players can enhance Mod Power regeneration by obtaining specific Traits, Perks, and Rings, and Amulets.

Primary and secondary Weapons can be equipped with Mods, but each weapon only has one Mod slot. This necessitates careful consideration in choosing which Mod to equip on each weapon. Notably, Remnant 2 Mods are not permanent, and you have the flexibility to change the weapons and mods freely to discover the most suitable combination for your gameplay.

The game features Special Weapons that exclusively drop from Bosses. These Special Weapons often come with a powerful permanent Mod that cannot be removed or replaced, making them highly desirable choices even without further upgrades.

For Melee Weapons, Weapon Mod slots are not available, but players can use Mutators on them. The bonuses provided by Mutators can be leveled up. Once a Mutator reaches level 10, it gains an additional functionality, enhancing its usefulness for melee-focused gameplay.

The Awakened King Weapon Mods

The Awakened King DLC introduces a set of new Weapon Mods:





All Weapon Mods in Remnant 2

Weapon Mods Table


Remnant 2 Weapon Mods Comparison Table


Quick Search of all Weapon Mods in Remnant 2



Mod Power Required

How to Get

accelerator weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 250pxAccelerator

 Charge Melee Attacks increase the speed of all Melee Attacks by 10% for 5s.  N/A

astral burst weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Astral Burst

Fires a short range burst of 7 star fragments which deal 35 damage each. Fragments bounce off walls up to 3 times, dealing 35% additional damage per bounce. Weakspot hits deal reduced damage. 450
  • Crafted from Faith Seed
  • Found in Cathedral of Omen

athibar weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px

Charge attacks use 25 stamina to throw the spear, which returns to the wielder's hand. N/A

beta ray weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Beta Ray

Brands a target for 30s. Branded enemies that die leave a Brand at their location.
Reloading or Swapping detonates Brands dealing 225 damage.
Addiotional Brands (3 Max) on the same target deal 50% damage.
Salin enemies return 5-15% of Ammo and Mod power to the weapon. 

beyond the veil weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Beyond The Veil

Neutral Evade turns to mist, granting Nightshade 5% base damage as Lifesteal for 5s. Perfect Dodge doubles duration. N/A

big bang weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Big Bang

Funnels all current Mod Charges into the enxt shot. Projectiles deal 65 direct damage and 65 Explosive damage in a 5m per Charge consumed. Explosion applies 75 BURNING damage over 10s per Charge consumed.
Additional Charges consumed increase all damage by 5%. Max 5 Charges

blood draw weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Blood Draw

Shoots out razor-sharp Chain Shards which impale up to 5 targets within 15m, dealing 10 damage. On hit, chains are pulled towards the caster, dealing 250 damage split equally among enemies and applying 275 BLEEDING damage over 15s. 450

bloodline weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px

Fires a devastating blast which penetrates through all enemies in its path. Deals 120 damage with a 25% Critical damage bonus, and 2x additional stagger. Bloodline daage increases by 50% for each enemy penetrated. 350

bloodshot weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide75px

While active, grants unlimited Reserve Ammo and increases Reload Speed by 30%. If the entire magazine hits a Weakspot, Merciless will automatically perform a quick Reload. Lasts 13s. 1,250

bloodthirst weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px

Damage increases by +25% against BLEEDING enemies, and +25% when attacking from behind. Charge Attacks deal 100 BLEEDING damage over 10s N/A

bore weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px

Fires a drill projectile which bores into enemies on contact, dealing 80 damage. After fully burrowing into an enemy, creates a Weakspot which grants 50% of normal Weakspot Damage on hit. If attached to an existing Weakspot, Ranged Crit Chance is increased by 15% when attacking the drill. Lasts 6s. 500

chaos driver weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Chaos Driver

Drives electrified rods into targets which tether to other rods within 10m. Tethers deal 20 SHOCK damage per second.
Targets embedded with a rod take 20 SHOCK damage per second. They take 20% additionally damage per extra rod in the target. Damage is increased by 1.5% if linked to another rod. Rods in the same target will not link.
  • Attached to the Enigma hand gun

concussive shot weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Concussive Shot

Fires a focused blast of air through all targets within 8m, dealing 155 damage and 4x impact. 450

corrosive rounds weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Corrosive Rounds

Imbues ammunition with TOXIC and increases Range Crit Chance by 15% for 20s. Shots also apply CORRODED, dealing 150 damage over 10s. 1250

cube shield weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Cube Shield

Generates a shield which absorbs up to 500 damage from incoming enemy projectiles. Lasts 15s.
Reactivating fires the Cube Shield damage enemies as is travels. Damge is increased if the Cube Shield has absorbed enemy projectile damage before firing.

deadpoint weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide75px

Fires a cluster bomb which detonates on impact across 2.5m. each cluster deals up to 150 damage per explosion within 3.5m 1,000

death brand weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide75px
Death Brand

Applies Death Brand to all enemies within 25m. increasing incoming damage by 10%. Enemies killed while bearing the Death Brand leave behind an Echo which lasts 10s before returning to the Nightmare Realm. Echoes are drawn to any survivor who walks within 3m. increasing Weakspot Damage dealt by 10% for 10s. 850

death sentence weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Death Sentence

Dealing Melee Damage 6 times over 10s empowers Feral Judgement. When empowered, Neutral Backdash Charge Attacks apply Death Sentence. After 1.5s of being sentenced, the enemy will suffer 10 Phantom Strikes, dealing X25 Damage each. Deals 25% additional damage to BLEEDING enemies. N/A

defrag weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px

Infects weapon with Malware for 30s, causing shots to apply FRAGMENTED for 15s. When a FRAGMENTED enemy dies, they create a Glitch that lasts 5s.
Picking up a Glitch increases All damage by 20% for 5s.
Destroying a Glitch causes it to destabilize, creating a 5m Virus Pool which deals 25 damage per second and applies the FRAGMENTED debuff to enemies inside. Virus Pools last 15s.


dreadwalker weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px

Enter the Nightmare Realm. Nightfall gains infinite Ammo, a 35% Fire Rate increase, 10% Lifesteal, and becomes fully automatic. The wielder becomes significatly harder to hit while moving.
Disables other weapons and Skills for the duration, or until Dreadwalker is deactivated. Lasts 10s.

dreamwave weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px

After dealing 250 damage, Charge Attack will release a Dreamwave, flowing outwards 20m and returning to caster. Dreamwave applies SLOW to all enemies for 10s and grants a Stack of REVERIE for each enemy affected. Each Stack grants +2% to All Damage and +2% Movement Speed, which lasts 15s. N/A

dying weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75pxDying Breath

When infused, Neural Backdash Charge Attack explodes in a 3m. AOE and leaves an ACID Cloud which last for 15s.  ?

energy wall weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Energy Wall

Deploys an energy barrier on impact with ground. Allies can shoot through Energy Wall but enemy projectiles are absorbed (up to 500 damage received). Max 1 Wall at a time. Lasts 30s. 500

energy wave weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Energy Wave

Charge attacks use 35 stamina to release an energy wave projectile allowing the wielder to strike enemies from much farther away. N/A

eulogy weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px

Recalls ***s which deal 30 damage when pulled from a target and when striking targets on their return. Recalled bolts grant 2% of Max HP. Recalled bolts can also overfill Sorrow by up to +5. Any additional bolts will be returned to reserves. 600
  • Attached to the Sorrow hand gun

explosive shot weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Explosive Shot

Fires an explosive round that deals up to 240 damage within 9m. 550

familiar weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px

Summons Faerie Familiar to aid in combat. The Familiar selects a random enemy within 10m and slashes through them for 25 damage each attack. Familiar will select a new target when the previous one dies. Lasts 15s. 1000

fargazer weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px

Calls forth an eye of Legion to gaze at player's AIM target. For every 0.25s Fargazer focuses on a target within 25m, a stack of MADNESS Status is applied for 5s. Each stack deals 3 Damage per second. Max 10 stacks. Lasts 30s. 1250

faultline weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px

Charge to fire off ground-based shockwaves which deal 115 damage. Costs 35 Stamina N/A

firestorm weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px

Creates a whirling cyclone that sucks in nearby targets and applies BURNING for 10s. The center of the cyclone deals 75 FIRE damage per second. Lasts 15s. 1,250

fission strike weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Fission Strike

On Neutral Evade Attacks Atom Splitter achieves Nuclear Fission, releasing a wave of charged particles which deals 151.5 Damage to targets within 10m. Charged Neutral Evade Attacks increase range by 3x and Damage by 25% N/A

fracture weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px

Charge Attacks taint the blood of targets, causing all attacks from Godsplitter to register as Weakspot hits for 3s seconds. Duration increases with additional fragments. Max 35s. N/A

guardians call weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Guardian's Call

Calls down a Guardian Sword on enemies struck by an Energy Disc. Swords deal 100 damage and 3x stagger within 5m. 750

healing shot weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Healing Shot

Launches a payload that explodes on contact with allies, healing 35% of their max health. When no ally is struck, payload lays dormant until an ally gets close. Dormant payload lasts 30s, slowly losing healing potency over time. 600

heat sink weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Heat Sink

Forces open Plasma Cutter's heat vents dispersing all heat. While active, Plasma Cutter generates 50% less heat, and ramping damage cap is increased to 3x Damage. Overheats automatically when deactivated. Lasts 20s. 850

helix weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px

Shoots a helix of missiles, dealing 120 damage. On contact, divides into 6 smaller rockets which seek additional targets, dealing 30 damage on contact. 850

hot shot weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Hot Shot

Imbues ammunition with FIRE and increases Ranged damage by 15% for 20s. Shots also apply BURNING, dealing 200 FIRE Damage over 10 seconds. 1,250

krell edge weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Krell Edge

Charge to throw the Krell Axe which applies OVERLOAD on hit, dealing 50 SHOCK Damage every 5s for 10s. Shortly after throwing, another will appear in the wielders hand. Costs 25 Stamina N/A

lifeline weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px

After dealing 250 damage, the next charge attack causes the spirit of the RED DOE to stampede forward, dealing 160 damage to enemies and regenerating 10% Health to allies in its path. N/A

micronova weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide75px

Fires 5 shattered compressed remains of a dying star. On contact or when hit with the primary fire, Micronova explodes for 50 FIRE damage, and 350 BURNING damage over 10s to all targets within 2m.

Striking the Micronova with Corrupted Aphelion's primary fire increases its explosion radius by 25%, damage by 50%, and spawns a shockwave that deals 100 FIRE damage, detonates any nearby Micronovas and applies the initial BURNING amount.


moonlight barrage weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Moonlight Barrage

Empowers the Bow for 15s. Arrows apply Moonlight to enemies for 3s. Enemies struck by Crescent Moon while Moonlit release a Moon Essence which returns 1 arrow, heals 5% of Max Health, and grants 15% Fire and Reload Speed for 5s.
Basic Shots automatically become Charged Shots. Manually Charged Shots fire two arrows.

nano swarm weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Nano Swarm

Unleash a swarn of Nanomachines that seek after enemies within 20 meters and repeatedly attack dealing 6 ACID damage per hit. Lasts 15 seconds 750
  • Attached to the Nebula hand gun

ouroboros weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px

Conjures 6 sword fragments that encircle the wielder for 20s. Performing a Melee Attacks lets loose a Fragment which taints the blood of targets, causing all attacks from Deceit to register as Weaspot hits for a short period of time. Charge Melee attack fires all remaining Fragments at once. 750
  • Attached to the Deceit long gun

overflow weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px

Imbues ammunition with SHOCK and increases Fire Rate by 15% and Reload Speed by 15% for 20 seconds. Shots also apply OVERLOADED, dealing 35 SHOCK Damage every 5s for 15s. 1,250

prismatic driver weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Prismatic Driver

Fires a superheated beam which deals 25 Mod Damage per second. Sustaining the beam on a target causes an explosion which deals 150 Mod damage in a 3m AOE. 50 per Pulse.

rootlash weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px

Launches a projectile which summons a Root Tentacle. Tentacles deal 30 damage and steal 1.5% of the hero's Max Health per hit. Lasts 20s. (Max 2) 450

rotted arrow weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Rotted Arrow

Fires a rotten arrow that deals 19.8 damage and detonates for another 60 damage within 4m. A deadly gas cloud is left behind that deals 200 damage over 5s. 400

scrap shot weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Scrap Shot

Fires a caltrops grenade that explodes to cover an area of 6m. Caltrops deal 20 damage per second and SLOW to enemies that walk over them. Lasts 10s. 750

screamer weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px

Fire a high-powered rocket that deals up to 200 damage within 2.5m. 400

skewer weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px

Fires a Wretched Spear which embeds itself on contact. Spears deal 125 damage on hit, rapidly dividing inside the target until bursting, dealing 140 damage to all targets within 3m. Spears embedded in the environment remain in place for 10s. 850

song of eafir weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Song of Eafir

Fires a shot infused with the binding power of the Song of Eafir. Staggers most ground enemies within 10m and deals 150 damage to Flying enemies within the same range.
The song continues for 15s, afflicting targets within 15m with SLOW, and a 15% decrease to damage dealt.

soul brand weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Soul Brand

Applies a Soul Brand to all enemies within 25m which lasts 25s. Enemies killed while bearing the Soul Brand leave behind an Echo which lasts 10s before returning to the Nightmare Realm. Echoes are drawn to any survivor who walks within 3m, granting 10% of Max Health on contact. 850

soulbinder weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px

Fires a projectile that attaches to the enemy dealing 40 damage. Enemies within 7m become bound to the primary target after impact and share 60% of damage dealt to them. Lasts 15s. 650

space srabs weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Space Crabs

Launch an alien egg that bursts on impact, releasing 5 Space Crabs. Crabs follow the caster, leaping towards enemies within 4m, and exploding, dealing 60 Damage each. 450

starfall weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px

Fires a powerful arrow which deals 30 damage and opens a 7m portal that rains down star fragments. Each fragment deals 50 damage within 4m. Lasts 6s. 750

stasis beam weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Stasis Beam

Fires a beam which deals 15 damage per second, and applies SLOW Debuff. After 2s of application to a target, SLOW becomes STASIS, freezing the target in place for 10s. 50 per Pulse.

supernova weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px

Fires the compressed remains of a dying star. On contact or hit wit the primary fire, causes Supernova to explode for 150 FIRE Damage, and 350 BURNING Damage over 10s to all targets within 4m.

Striking the Supernova with Aphelion's primary fire increases its explosion radius by 25% and damage by 50%, and spawns a massive shockwave that deals 300 FIRE damage and also applies the initial BURNING amount.

time lapse weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Time Lapse

Creates a 6m blast which freezes all standard enemies for 7s
Dealing damage to frozen enemies immediately breaks the Time Lapse effect, applying SLOW for the remaining duration.

tremor weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px

Fires a projectile that cracks the ground and spawns shockwaves that deal 75 damage Within 9m for 6s. Shockwaves inflict 3x impact. 900

voltaic rondure weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Voltaic Rondure

Launches a slow-moving orb that pulses every 0.5s, striking enemies within 3m for 20 SHOCK damage and applying OVERLOADED for 15s. The orb lasts 20s. The orb can be overcharged by striking it with additional damage. 850

whirlwind weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px

Neutral Backdash Charge creates a Whirlwind of slashes which strike all enemies within 8m for 75 damage. N/A

windfall weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide75px

Fires a ring of spinning blades which penetrates targets as it travels up to 20m before returning to the weapon. While traveling, activating Windfall again causes the projectile to spin in place for up to 3s. Activating it once more will recall it. Enemies struck by the Windfall obtain Tainted Blood for 3s causing all attacks from Deceit to trigger as Weakspot hits. 720

witchfire weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px

Fires a highly volatile projectile that explodes to leave a line of flaming terrain. Deals 55 FIRE Damage per second, and applies BURNING, dealing 200 damage over 10s. Lasts 5s. 750

creeping mist weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Creeping Mist

Shoots a cannister out that shatters on impact to reveal an expanding mist, starting at 7.5m and growing to 15m over 5s. The mist lasts 20s. While affected, enemies receive 25% additional Status Effect Damage and are 5% more likely to be struck with a critical hit from any source. The mists debuff persists for 10s after target exits the mist. 1000

ring of spears weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Ring Of Spears

Calls forth 7 phantom spears to encircle the wielder for 25 seconds. This ring will deal up to 35 damage per second to nearby enemies, based on the number of spears remaining in the ring. While the mod is active, these spears can be thrown by tapping the mod button, dealing 100 damage to the first enemy hit. Spears will remain at their impact point for the duration of the mod or until recalled by holding the mod button. When recalled, spears will return to the wielder, dealing 50 damage to enemies along their path. When all recalled spears have reached the wielder, they cause an explosion dealing up to 350 damage based on the number of spears recalled. N/A

chain of command weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Chain Of Command

Harpoon Mode: Fire Harpoon to mark target causing primary fire to become Homing Rounds dealing 15% reduced damage. Enemies hit by Homing Rounds build Influence. Recasting exits Mode. When Influence fills, Monarch automatically reloads and creates a shockwave, and wielder becomes a Tyrant, gaining 20% Increased Damage and Infinite Reserves. Lasts 20s. N/A
  • It comes attached to the Monarch weapon.

fathomless deep weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Fathomless Deep

Charged Melee Hits grant Fathomless Deep which increases Melee Staggern by 10% per stack for 5s. Max 3 attacks. N/A

kight guard weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Kight Guard

Summons Knight Guard to aid in combat. The Guards hurl penetrating slashes at a random enemy dealing 15 damage. The Guards will melee enemies if close enough for 15 damage. Lasts 20s 450

loath the weak weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px
Loath The Weak

Rapidly fire volatile needles that explode after 1.5s dealing 30 explosive damage. 500
  • Can be found attached to the Anguish weapon.

reaver weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px

Increases Melee Damage by 10% if the target is suffering from a Negative Status Effect. N/A

awakening weapon mod remnant2 wiki guide 75px

Incoming damage grants Awakening which increases Melee Damage by 5% per stack for 10s. Max 10 stacks. N/A



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    • Anonymous

      Is it just me, or there is a worrying lack of Yaesha equipable mods?

      Like, bruh, they're the most fashionable, and you only give me like...? What? Two of them? :(

      • Anonymous

        I love Remnant 2 more then R1, but I can't express how much I hate mods in this game, when it comes to performance against bosses. Where in Remnant 1 there were just a few mods I didn't like, in R2 it is exact opposite, there are only few mods that I like. I don't know how they managed to messed this up so bad, but right now, choosing mod out of less then a dozen, because rest is underwhelming, is just sad.

        • Anonymous

          Can someone explain to me pls this :
          I was playing with random people online and one of them got (i think was) a mod that summon the little **** from N'Erud and an other that make a grenade that propulse everyone but deal no damage.
          Can someone help me cause i don't even know what are those mods.

          • Anonymous

            I was on a multiplayer world and one of the player got a mod (i think it was a mod) that summon little baby ennemy from N'Erud and they fight for you (like the dog).
            Can someone tell me what was that mod ??? i dont see anywhere this mod.

            • Anonymous

              When playing multiplayer, I witnessed several players who were not equipped with mods. Is there any advantage to not daring to equip mods?

              • Anonymous

                I think weapon mods from first game where a lot better and more useful than the ones. I wish we would have all the previous game weapon mods for sale at McCabe since she was the one who craft them in previous game she would still have them for sale since we don't visit some words that we did before. Would not mind even if they would be sold for 2000 or 3000 scrap for peace as long as I can get them. lol

                • Anonymous

                  Athibar mod says it's attached to the Huntress Spear which is wrong the mod attached to the Huntress Spear is called Javelin

                  • Anonymous

                    Can we separate this into boss mods, melee mods and equippable mods? The mod page is significantly less useful if you can't sort between these

                    • Anonymous

                      I think space crabs have by far the most damage awarded for the amount of mod charge, but they are too vulnerable to airborne enemies and ranged attacks. After Space Crab, what do you think is the next best mod in terms of damage dealt against mod charge amount, including normal and unique? Sustained systems are unstable in efficiency due to evasion and fright, so it's something that can be triggered with a single trigger.

                      • Anonymous

                        Why are there no generic melee weapon mods?
                        Doesn’t that make every non-boss melee weapon effectively inferior by default?

                        • Anonymous

                          Guys, How the level up mods works in this game?
                          Even if i use a lvl 10 or more gun my mod in it grey, don't show the extra addon in it.

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                            Really should separate the mods into better categories.

                            Like "Built-In Mods" and "Modular Mods" or something along those lines.

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