DLC for Remnant 2 covers all additional downloadable content for the game. Both free and paid DLCs may feature new NPCs, Enemies, Items, campaign expansions and so on. All Remnant 2 DLCs will be listed here once the game has launched and there is more information.

Remnant 2 Pre-Order Bonus

By pre-ordering any of the three versions of Remnant 2 in any of the available systems, players are able to unlock the Gunslinger archetype early. 

"The master of firearms, ammo, and weapon switching, no Archetype pumps lead into enemies quite like the Gunslinger.

The Gunslinger comes fully-equipped with 3 offense-based Skills that are sure to turn the tide of any battle"


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Remnant 2 All DLCs, Editions & Preorder Bonuses

Remnant 2 Game Editions

Remnant 2 has three different editions that players can acquire. They are called: Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, and Ultimate Edition

Standard Edition ($ 49.99)

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Standard Edition Content

The Standard Edition only includes the Base Game.

Deluxe Edition ($ 59.99)

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Deluxe Edition Content

The Deluxe Edition includes the base game, and early unlock to 3 Remnant From the Ashes Armor Sets:

  • Elder Armor Set
  • Radiant Armor Set
  • Void Armor Set


Ultimate Edition ($ 69.99)

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Remnant 2 Ultimate Edition Content

The Ultimate Edition includes the base game. Besides that, an early unlock to 3 Remnant From the Ashes Armor Sets, the Survival Pack which gives players different items to start the game prepared, and the DLC bundle, which includes access to 3 future DLCs for Remnant 2. It also grants 3 days early access, enabling it to be played on July 22nd.

Early Access

Play the Game 3 days early. 

Survival Pack

The Survival Pack is composed of the following items:

  • 2 Mudtooth Elixir (Exp Bonus)
  • 5 Bloodrot
  • 3 Ammo Boxes
  • 1000 Scrap
  • 10 Iron

DLC Bundle

The Remnant 2 DLC Bundle includes 3 DLC PACKS that add even more to the Remnant 2 experience, including new story elements, creatures, and environments. Details to be announced. All DLC released within one year of launch.




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