Events in Remnant 2 feature the different possibilities of whatever will happen, where and how, for most of the things in the game. Most of these events generally present a problem that can be solved in order to receive a certain reward, or random reward. Not all existent events will occur in a single game, everytime a player starts a new game, a selected group of events will take place in random locations throughout the game, granting a lot of replayability.


World Events in Remnant 2

Events are bound to world, each event has a chance to happen at a random location but it will always belong to the same world. So we can order these events according to the world in which they can take place.

Non-Random Events: Remnant 2

There are a few events of the main campaign that won't be randomized, and every player can expect them to happen in every new game in Remnant 2. Players won't be able to focus only the most determined (non-random) part of the game, as many aspect of main quests are still bound to random events. For more information, check Quests.

Aberration Domination Event

Embrace the eerie atmosphere as the veil between realms grows thin, granting the Root an opportunity to unleash a horde of menacing Aberrations across all worlds! From October 27th to October 31st, gear up and face this haunting challenge head-on. Defeat these sinister foes and collect the elusive Corrupted Shards, a rare material with untold potential. Head over to the enigmatic Dwell in Ward 13, where you can trade these Corrupted Shards to craft corrupted versions of some special weapons. Show the Root that even in the darkest of times, our resolve shines brighter than ever!


Remnant 2 Events

Yaesha Events
Losomn Events
N'Erud Events
The Labyrinth Events


The following events can only take place somewhere in Yaesha.














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    • Anonymous

      In Yaesha there are two statues of Ravager and Doe. Wearing (mark of) Ravager or Doe amulet opens stairs to quest items. Rotten Thaen fruit can be opened for a mutator, and fruit of death gives a relic after you kill yourself 3 times by eating it.

      • Anonymous

        Sometimes in Losomn you find ladders which take you to the rooftops (possibly only in burning areas), and from a roof you can jump to an area that's otherwise inaccessible. There are flocks of birds that attack you and a miniboss, some kind of reward too, can't remember, been there only once.

        • Anonymous

          I saw a broken down train event in N'Erud in The Hatchery on one of my alt characters but could not find it again on my main and apparently there is no information here about it. I cannot recall the reward(s), but i do remember that a floating ball of energy would follow you throughout the map and it would do massive damage if you touched it.

          • Anonymous

            An event on Yaesha that consists of walking down stairs, blasting through mobs and avoiding being electrocuted by crystals and falling energy ceilings.

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