Character Creation for Remnant 2 is fast and streamlined, the player will not be presented with myriads of choices for customization, instead, they will be provided with several templates to combine into their character. If you choose to skip the tutorial, you will be able to choose your class before starting the game proper. For more information on starting the game, refer to New Player Help.


Who do you play as in Remnant 2?

In Remnant 2 you play as "The Traveler" a wandering adventurer that is searching for the legendary Ward 13 through the ruins of what once was a great city, fighting monsters and meeting friends. You can customize their appearance in the character creation menu as well as choosing a gender and voicetype.

Is there a Hardcore Mode in Remnant 2?

When you start the game, alongside aesthetic choices you will be able to toggle Hardcore Mode on and off, this gameplay option will make the game much harder because it will make any death end the playthrough of the game. Reserved for very experienced players or if you want a ruthless challenge.

Remnant 2 Character Creation

Remnant 2 Difficulties

When you create your character you will be faced with the following difficulties as well as choosing if your run will be played in hardcore mode. 


icon difficulty 01 remnant2 wiki
This difficulty is meant for new players to the genre and those who want to mainly enjoy the story.
icon difficulty 02 remnant2 wiki
This is the regular difficulty, ideal for players who want a little challenge.
icon difficulty 03 remnant2 wiki
This difficulty is meant for experienced players and people who want a tough challenge.
icon difficulty 04 remnant2 wiki
This is the toughest difficulty, expect a hard challenge and many retries.


character creation processed difficulties remnant2 wiki guide



Choosing a class in Remnant 2

At the beginning of the game, you will be given the option to play through the game's tutorial or skip it. This is a very important choice if it is your first time playing the game because the tutorial section also has significant chunk of lore about the main character and his friend Cass. Another significant thing to have in mind is that the choice of the player's character Class will be given to you either at the end of the tutorial or at the start of the game if you skip it. You can choose between the following starting Archetypes:


*Note that these are the four starting Archetypes in the game, but not all the available ones. Once you unlock a new Archetype, you can start a new game with it.

Character appearance in Remnant 2

Appearance Options

At the very start of the character customization, you are provided with possible categories to change: Body Type, Voice, Face and Skin Tone, Hairstyle and Colors Scars and Markings.

Body Type will define the gender of the character.

Voice provides several different options and pitches for the character's voice.

Face and Skin Tone gives you many face templates to decide the best suited for your character, it also gives you the option to change Skin Color and Eye Color.

Hairstyle provides different Hair options to pick from, this section also gives numerous Facial Hair options and Hair Color.

Scars and Markings has various facepaints available with three different color options alongside different scars to further customize the Player's Character.

character creation processed fullbody remnant2 wiki guide


Remnant 2 Appearance Menus

Body type and Voice

This tab allows you to select a voice and gender for the character. Each option in the voice selection will lower or raise the pitch of the characters voice.

character creation processed 1 remnant2 wiki guide
character creation processed 2 remnant2 wiki guide

Face and Skin Tone

 In this menu, you can select between several face templates as well  as changing their skin and eye color. This is the main way to customize you appearance in character creation, templates are very different from one another.


This tab allows you to add facial hair to the character (or remove it), you can cycle through different hairstyles and choose between ten different hair colors.

  character creation processed 3 remnant2 wiki guide


character creation processed 4 remnant2 wiki guide

Scars and Markings

This tab allows you to add facepaint to your character in multiple patterns as well as various scars and old wounds, you can change the markings color here too. 



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