Stats in Remnant 2 are the various character attributes that determine their performance and capabilities with their chosen Archetypes. In Remnant: From the Ashes, all Classes started off with the same number of stats, and as the game progressed, players could choose to spend points and upgrade their preferred Traits or use materials to upgrade Weapons and Armor to increase their stats. This page will list the main attributes in Remnant 2.


Remnant 2 Stats

General Attributes

  • Health - indicates the total Health value of the player.
  • Stamina - indicates the total Stamina value of the player.
  • Armor - determines the overall value of the player's defensive armor. The higher this number, the less damage a player receives. 
  • Weight - indicates the overall Encumbrance of the player's armor, which determines the type of Dodge and Stamina consumption. 
    • 0 - 25: LIGHT. Fast Dodge. No Stamina cost penality (average damage reduction: 25%)
    • 26 - 50: MEDIUM. Normal Dodge. 25% Stamina cost penality (average damage reduction: 30%)
    • 51 - 75: HEAVY. Slow Dodge. 50% Stamina cost penality (average damage reduction: 35%)
    • 76+: ULTRA. Flop. 75% Stamina cost penality (average damage reduction: 50%)
  • Power Level - a weighted average of your Archetype level and Weapon Level. Used to calculate the World Level.
  • Weapon Level - a weighted average of the highest level weapon in each slot.
  • Archetype Level - the sum of your two Archetype levels.
  • Total Archetype Level - combined total of all Archetype levels. increases the quality of dropped Relic Fragments.


Offensive and Defensive Attributes

  • Damage - increases the damage you deal to Enemies. Specific types of damage can be boosted separately.
    • specific types of damage boost are: ranged, melee, ability, mod, physical, elemental, weak spot etc...
  • Crit Chance - determines the odds of acquiring a Critical Hit Chance on Enemies (added to the weapon's). Specific types of damage can have their Crit Chance boosted separately.
  • Critical Damage - determines the damage bonus dealt with Critical Hit Damage on enemies and/or bosses (+50% by default).
  • Damage Reduction (DR) - Damage Reduction provided by effects.
  • Armor DR - Damage Reduction provided by your Armor.
  • Total DR - total amount of Damage Reduction from all sources up to a maximum of 80%.


Other Attributes

  • Healing Effectiveness - increases the amount of healing provided to allies or yourself from any sources. 
  • Stamina Regen - determines the value of Stamina recovered per second after a player executes actions that consume the stamina bar.
  • Gray Health Regen - specifies the value of Gray Health recovered per second (0.2 by default).
  • Lifesteal - determines the amount of base damage dealt that is returned to you as health.
    • since lifesteal's healing comes from base damage dealt, it is unaffected by weapon level or damage increase.
  • etc...


Status Effects

The number displayed in your character's stats is a general measure of how resistant you are to the respective ailment - a higher number means it will take longer for the ailment to build up. Blights are permanent aliments that will not do anything until they have fully built up, at which point their full effects will kick in and it will last indefinitely until cured. Elemental Status Effects are temporary aliments that deals damage over time and wear off on their own. They can have multiple stacks from different sources applied at once, causing the effects to be even more potent. Each individual ailment can be cured with their own respective items (which will also grant a significant yet temporary increase to that ailment's resistance), but any ailment can be cured by resting at a Checkpoint, dying, or being healed by a Relic while wearing the Cleansing Stone.

Temporary Status Effects:

  • BLEEDING: deals Physical Damage over time and reduces Healing Effectiveness by 50%.
  • BURNING: deals FIRE Damage over time. Some enemies may panic. (removed faster by dodging)
  • CORRODED: deals ACID Damage over time and increase damage taken by 10%. (the defense reduction doesn't stack)
  • OVERLOADED: deals SHOCK Area Damage every 5 seconds over a certain duration. Damage increases by 10% for every other Overloaded enemy nearby.
  • SLOW: reduces the target speed. Uneffective against Bosses and Aberrations.


  • ROOT ROT: reduces maximum Stamina by 1/3 and forces coughing animation at random intervals.
  • CURSE: reduces maximum Health by 10%. Stackable 5 times.
  • SUPPRESSION: reduces Mod Power Generation by 50%
  • DATA CORRUPTON: prevents you from using skills or consumables.

Positive status Effects:

  • BULWARK: increases Damage Reduction by 7%. Bonus DR decreases with each successive stack up to a maximum of 5 stacks (25% DR)
  • HASTE: increases all types of speed (except movement speed) by 7%




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    • Anonymous

      FYI about blights: The wiki says Dr. Norah will sell any blight curables you have found in the world. This is wrong. Aside from some basics, she sells the curables you CURRENTLY OWN. So you need to be carrying whatever stuff you want to buy more of.

      I don't know if this is a bug or by design, but for me she never sold anything outside her default inventory in over ~2 playthroughs for 2 different characters. But then for once I went to her before the other merchants, and noticed she was selling all of the cures I'd found on my latest adventure. But then when I sold them to her for scrap, they instantly disappeared from her inventory.

      • Anonymous

        any one got the formula how to exactly determine the power level? like what is the exact "weight" of each archetype and each weapon slot? and how do both of em exactly affect the power level?

        for example i currently have my main archetype at level 3, my secondary at level 1 which gives me a "archetype level" of 4 - makes sense
        now i have my long gun at +4, my melee at +0 and my "boss" handgun at +1(+2) that gives me a "weapon level" of 3

        so my "power level" itself is 3, so how would i know how far i can keep upgrading which slot and/or leveling my archetype/s to stay at 3 and when will i reach 4? which weapons could i upgrade further which not? would be great to know how to stay at the "cap" for hardcore runs and min/max it

        • Anonymous

          I am wearing full Leto mark 2 set (231.9 armor so 53.7% armor DR), Restriction Cord (15% DR), Hardened Coil (15% DR), Rusted Heirloom (Bulwark x 2) and Soul Guard with 3 units (Bulwark x 3). I also have Barkskin level 5. I have 61.3% DR outside armor. I am up to 82.1% total DR. Either info of max 80% is wrong and the game lies by showing 82%, or the info of max 80% is wrong and the game lies by telling me I have limits. Either way the game lies.

          • The formula should be DR = armor / (armor + (200 / armorEffectiveness)).
            At least this is the information displayed in the character's menu, I don't know if the damage mitigation is correct.

            • Anonymous

              ROOT ROT (Blight) frequently Interrupts you with a cough (Ignored by dodging) and reduces your max stamina by 30% Indefinitely, cured with Oilskin Balm, resting, and usually not optionally- death. BLEED Is a low and slow loss of HP and 50% reduction In healing which Is cured over time, with a Bandage, or Ignored with good health regen. BURNING (Fire) Is a higher and faster constant loss of HP, cured over time but a few rolls will put you out sooner or by using Mud Rub. OVERLOAD (Shock) causes a small aoe from your player that damages you and surrounding friendlies that procs once immediately after getting the status and again after 5s, cured over time and avoided with a timed dodge or by using an Ethereal Orb. CURSE (Blight) reduces your max HP by 10% and can stack to 5 times for 50% Indefinitely, cured with Purified Salve, resting, and usually not optionally- death. N'ERUD's SMOG (?Blight?) frequently Interrupts you with vomiting and slowly fills your poor lungs with air on par with India's, killing you Instantly once the bar fills. | Stuff I don't know much about: SUPPRESSION (Blight) blocks the activation of skills and/or perks, cured with a Timeworn Unguent. CORROSION reduces armor, cured with an Antidote. MADNESS Is a loss of HP, cured over time when not looking at that lame boss. | Hope this helps some of you gamers out.

              • Anonymous

                by the way, did anyone stay at power level 10, if so, how much did the world still scale should you stay at that level?

                • Anonymous

                  Should go down the advanced stats page after extensively testing every value out to see what stats effects what and if they have a cooldown...for example does crit chance effect skills? Mods? or does it have to specifically say "Mod crit chance" "skill crit chance". Also to add on to another user WHAT STATUS EFFECTS ACTULLY DO TO YOU AND THE ENEMIES.

                  • Anonymous

                    We need a page detailing the different status ailments and what they do. For instance, I had to dig HARD across the internet to find out what the Suppression Blight does; it increases your skill cooldowns.


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