Lore for Remnant 2 covers information related to the story, setting, and world of the game. It consists of details regarding the game's origin, central locations, and the game's culture, including beings and characters that co-exist within the multiple worlds explored in-game. This page will be updated with Remnant 2 Lore once more information has been released.


Remnant 2 Story

Humanity's thirst for knowledge led to our greatest trial and our ultimate downfall. We open the door to worlds beyond our comprehension, but from that door an unimaginable evil called The Root slipped through and destroyed everything. A couple decades back we dealt The Root a heavy blow, bought ourselves some time. We rebuilt as best we could, licked our wounds and forged a path forward, step by step. But our time is running out. Everything is prey to The Root and as long as they exist we will always be hunted. That's where you come in -- we need you to journey to some dangerous yet wonderous worlds and stop the root once and for all. To survive you need to push every skill you've got to its limit, but we don't just need you to survive -- we need you to prevail. Use whatever gear you can find, modify your weapon with what you can scrounge up in your travels. Be smart, bring the backup you need. We're counting on you, traveler. Stop this infestation before it extinguishes the last flickering flame of humanity. If you fail...well, let's just say failure isn't an option. Our future is in your hands now. Without you, everything we know and love will turn to ash.


Remnant 2 Lore

N'Erud: Ghost in the Machine

A Starship of phantoms, death haunts every corner of this doomed civilization


N'Erud is a gigantic construct with the ability to traverse the universe at incomprehensible speeds. It was built as a second home for the Drzyr, a long-lived and technologically advanced species that has mastered the powers of matter and energy, bent biology to its will, and acquired an intimate knowledge of time and space. But in their search for sentient life beyond their own, the Drzyr stumbled upon something far greater: the center of the universe, the Seat of Creation itself.

The Custodian

Within the Seat of Creation, the Drzyr discovered a supermassive black hole the likes of which had never been encountered before. Many believed the answer to all of creation's mysteries resided within the center of the black hole. The Custodian, caretaker of N'Erud and wholly responsible for its function, assured the Drzyr that their constructed home could withstand the journey. Accepting the Custodian's seemingly infallible counsel, the Drzyr prepared to meet their Creator.


The Drxyr civilization ended the moment N'Erud crossed the event horizon. Tal'Ratha, an Astropath enlightened by a mysterious ingestible substance, had despratelly warned the Drzyr of the dangers of entering the black hole. Ultimately overruled, he could do nothing as N'Erud plunged into its doom. Yet somehow, Tal'Ratha survived the perilous journey, only to see his tragic prediction realized: the now derelict N'Erud has become a necropolis, and his fellow Drzyr warped into incorporeal entities who haunt the very world they built.


Ward 13 and  The Labyrinth

Wreckage of The Root

Ward 13

In the aftermath of the Root's reign of terror, the inhabitants of Ward 13 have finally emerged from its fortified walls, and life has returned to the once barren wasteland. Here, amidst the abandoned industrial structures, the survivors have created a sanctuary of safety and hope. Yet, despite the passage of two decades since Harsgaard's defeat, the town still echoes with the memories of the Dreamer project and the enigmatic World Stone. Locked away in the depths of the old bunker, the legendary artifact remains shrouded in mystery its secrets known only to a selected few who still remember the tales of its incredible power to open portals to other worlds.

The Labyrinth

The desolate and ever-changing Labyrinth acted as a bridge between worlds. The Labyrinth had no inhabitants, only manifestations of its formidable Guardian. These protectors took on various forms and played an offensive role in protecting the Labyrinth from invaders like the Root. While Andrew Ford used the Labyrinth to explore other worlds freely, seeking a way to stop the Root on Earth, the Hero of Chronos faced heavy resistance when attempting to slay the Labyrinth's Guardian.

The Keeper

After the death of the Labyrinth's Guardian, the Keeper returned to the Labyrinth. But his return came too late—the Root had already begin exploiting the Labyrinth to travel to vulnerable worlds. The Keeper used every bit of his power to reinitialize the Labyrinth and expel the Root, but this came too late for the countless worlds the Root had already invaded... and at a great cost. In his weakened state, the Keeper could no longer maintain the Labyrinth's visual appearance, and the Labyrinth continues to collapse, causing abnormal aberrations to appear on the worlds.


 Losomn: Worlds Collide

The Result of two worlds merging, Losomn is one of chaos and confusion

The Imposter King

The Imposter King's origins remain shrouded in mystery, but his treacherous deeds are well documented. He cunningly deceived the Fae Council and Nimue, a powerful Fae goddess, into believing that for the Fae to be free, the One True King must die. Instead of killing the One True King he was sent into a deep sleep, from which he could not be awoken. In the One True King's absence, the imposter seized the throne. The attack on the One True King led to a force merging of the Fae and Dran worlds, resulting in the imposter being split into two individuals - Faeling and Faerin. The Imposter King serves as a cautionary tale of the danger of deception and the consequences of seizing power at any cost.

Worlds Collide

The Dran and Fae worlds merging into one world has caused chaos and confusion. The once human-like Dran have become hive-minded and are easily provoked into frenzies, while the Fae society has lost its direction and is plagued with a never-ending thirst for the life force of the Dran. The Awoken Dran, those who have remained unchanged after the merger, are seen as troublemakers but the rest of Dran society and have been punished for speaking out against the chaos. The Fae nobility sit restless in their halls, while banquet rooms are filled with rotted food. The merging of these two worlds has created a dystopian landscape that leaves many questioning if their worlds will ever be the same again.

The Nightweaver

The Nightweaver, once worshipped as the Fae goddess of sleep, has become a terrifying entity that haunts the nightmares of the Dran. With her powers over sleep, she feeds on the life force of her victims, leaving them drained and near death. The Awoken Dran live in constant fear of her, knowing that she preys on them while they rest. Her twisted form serves as a reminder of the terrible result of the forced merging of the Dran and Fae worlds.





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    • Anonymous

      N'Erud lore really made me go philosophical on the question of "What is the good ending for a civilization?".
      I mean, the drzyr learned pretty much everything there was to learn about laws of the universe. They managed to build a planet powered by an artificial star that supported their life and was capable of space travel. They learned it all, but then what? Their endless quest for sentient life was a mere distraction. It seems that mastering secrets of the universe and solving their day to day problems they really robbed themselves of purpose.

      • Anonymous

        I hope we will going back back Rhom, Corsum and Reisum.
        Yaesha is still in Remnant from the Ashes and got it's return.

        • Anonymous

          The lore in Remnant 2 is a little more accessible than it was in Remnant 1 (where you really needed to find and read all the books to get a good picture).
          There are still lore books spread out, but including more lore into the cinematics was a great idea. And i love rerolling campaign to get a full picture of the situation.
          Great job guys!

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