Controls for Remnant 2 covers the different controller/keyboard inputs required to interact with the game and game UI. These Controls govern character movement, combat moves, interactions with NPCs and the environment, and so on. You can find the control schemes for the various consoles Remnant 2 is available on once the game has officially been released.


Remnant 2 Controls


Forward W
Backward  S
Left A
Right  D
Turn Left Left 
Turn Right Right 
Dodge/Vault Space Bar 
Crouch Left Alt
Sprint Left Shift 


Ability1 Q
Ability2 C
Melee Left Mouse Button
Shoot Left Mouse Button
Aim Right Mouse Button
Switch Weapon X
Mouse Wheel Weapon Swap On/Off (On by default)
Weapon Mod F
Reload R
Scope Z
Shift Camera Left Shift



Interact E
Relic 1
Item Slot 1 2
Item Slot 2 3
Item Slot 3 4
Item Slot 4 5
Ping G
Flashlight  L


Menu Tab
Options O
Archetype P
Character J
Inventory I
Traits T
Advanced Stats R
Map M



Select Space Bar
Clear Notification Z
Item Interact E
Dialogue Select F
Dialogue Skip Space Bar
Contextual IU Input One F
Contextual UI Input Two R
Inspect Right Mouse Button
Next Spectator Right Shift
Tab Right E
Tab Left Q
Sub Tab Right X
Sub Tab Left Z
Character W
Inventory S
Archetype A
Traits D
Map Camera Forward W
Map Camera Backward S
Map Camera Right D
Map Camera Left A



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