Builds in Remnant 2 are optimized combinations of various Archetypes, Weapons, Armor, Traits, Perks, Skills, and other aspects of character customization geared towards specific playstyles and goals. Consider taking up a new build if you feel like gameplay is getting stagnant or are struggling with a certain part of the game. Once more information is available, this page will be updated with many unique Remnant 2 Builds.


Remnant 2 Builds


Loaded Sharpshooter Build

In this Remnant II Build Guide, we will be showcasing our first build, the Loaded Sharpshooter. This build is a combination of two DPS-oriented Archetypes, which are the Gunslinger and Hunter. These Archetypes are known for their damage-augmenting passives that focus on DPS alone. Also, when paired together, they form a build that can use a vast array of weapons depending on your preference. This build is designed to deal a significant amount of damage in a short amount of time.

Gameplay Information

The Loaded Sharpshooter is a DPS-Focused Class that deals massive burst damage. This Loaded Sharpshooter Builds heavily relies on its active skills to reach peak performance and it's worth noting that the entire duration of this build's active skills is what I call the "burst phase". Players need to follow sets of skills and mod rotations in order to get the most from this build.

First fire up the Bore weapon mod to force enemies to reveal their vulnerable spots. Quickly activate the Hunter's Mark active skill to mark enemies and also increase the build's burst damage. Follow that with the Bulletstorm active skill to greatly increase fire rate and reloading speed. Finally, activate the Hot Shot mode before firing the Bonesaw.

While in the middle of the burst phase, as the Bonesaw accumulates heat from continuous shots, pay attention before the overheat gauge reaches its threshold and quickly switch to the MP60-R. If you fail to switch and the Bonesaw overheats, you will be locked into the overheat animation, wasting your burst window. Be mindful of this, but also check that your guns are fully loaded before entering the burst mode.

Once the burst mode, simply keep attacking normally until you can re-start the whole process again.


High-Tech Sentinel Guide

In this Remnant 2 Build Guide, we will be showcasing our second Build the High Tech Sentinel, which is a highly versatile one that can adapt and performs well in both melee and range combat. This build mainly revolves around the Engineer’s repertoire, the Heavy Weapons arsenal that can serve as an autonomous turret, or its main weapon, specializing in dealing a significant amount of damage. This is fused with the Challenger Archetype that can give players even more flexibility in combat, taking advantage of its melee range augmenting Perks and good damage reduction passives.

Gameplay Information

The High Tech Sentinel Build's loadout rotation varies depending on what situation the player is currently in or what enemy they are trying to fighting a group of enemies or when clearing dungeons. In general, it is advisable to use a heavy weapon as a turret. In this build the Vulcan will deal damage as soon as it was deployed targeting nearby enemies overclock it to take advantage of unlimited ammo and added DPS after overclocking the Vulcan activate the Rampage skill and use the heatsink mod of the Plasma Cutter to give it a significant boost damage start clearing targets and after a short time your character will trigger reserve.  It is worth noting that kills from the turret count towards this as well which really helps to wrap up your damage. on the Plasma Cutter mod expires switch to the Enigma to hit multiple targets at once and generate mod power for the Plasma Cutter.

Once the Heat Sink mod is recharged switch back to the Plasma Cutter and activate it once again. While fighting Bosses however we will concentrate on using the heavy weapon Vulcan manually and switching Rampage to the Juggernaut skill is a must before entering the Boss Arena once the battle starts activate the Juggernaut skill to have significant damage reduction. Manually use the Vulcan and overclock it for 15 seconds the Vulcan will have a fire faster rate be much stronger and have access to unlimited ammo this first window is enough to deal significant damage to Bosses, especially when hitting weak spots.

When overclock expires keep using the Vulcan depleting its ammunition the overall damage reduction of this build is enough to withstand several attacks before using relics if you need ammo or simply need to restore your HP use a Dragon Heart charge to provide more for the Vulcan players can lessen the vulcan's cooldown by continuously using Dragon Heart charges and spawning ammo so players can use it again with little to no downtime.Since the usage of heavy weapons depends on its current ammo count this is the purpose of bumping off the Glutton trait.

The high-tech Sentinel is simply a fun build to use because of its unique gameplay but it is a build that heavily relies on its distinct Arsenal. Having the ability to change stances adds a refreshing experience when battling bosses or when clearing battlefields however there is no denying that when manually using heavy weapons in general there are great risks involved and a little bit of advanced play is required without the ability to roll relying on your fast aiming movement speed in general is also a viable strategy and we cranked it up so you can at least avoid minor attacks by just strafing while maintaining DPS this build can withstand several attacks before going down and popping relics to get you back up to higher HP quickly and lastly this build has so much room to grow especially when exploring the other heavy weapons available so feel free to play around with it and make your own version of it.,


Painbringer Build

In this Remnant II Build Guide, we will be showcasing our Dead To Rights Painbringer Build. This setup relies on the Nightfall’s unique mod the Dreadwalker, which grants the user access to infinite ammo, life steal, and a faster fire rate. This build is tailored to reduce the Dreadwalker’s downtime so players can utilize the mod as often as possible with short cooldowns.

Gameplay Information

When playing this build, your goal is to use the Nightfall's Dreadwalker mod often and reduce its cooldown. Skipping its cooldown is possible, especially when fightning Bosses thanks to the Build's mod power generation augments. Hitting weak spots with this Build is a must to generate more mod power and also deal more damage.

When entering the combat, start the rotation by summoning two flyers to aid you in battle. Then activate the Hunter's Mark skill to grant the build additional build damage. After the Hunter's Mark is active, trigger the Dreadwalker to enter the burst phase.In this phase, the Dreadwalker mod will deal signficant damage to targets. When the mod lapses, it shouldn't be too hard to generate enough mod power to activate Dreadwalker once again. If you need a little boost in generating mod power, use the Runed Heart to help you out.

The Hunter's Mark will be prolonged as long as you are hitting Weak spots, and maintaining the additional damage it provides is a plus. The minions, on the other hand, will help you accumulate while dealing extra damage to enemies. They can also help divide enemy attention, so you can move around the battlefield freely.  You can also sacrifice your minions for additional damage and grant you a further boost of damage, especially when their HP is low.



Remnant 2 Community Builds

Here you can add your own Builds and share them with the community


Unlimited Ammo Build
 Summon and Chill Build
Widomaker Bleed Build
High Durability Lifesteal build
Unstoppable Helicopter
Support Healer Build's
Bloody Lifestealer
 Flamethrower Rampage
Hunter/Inv Bleed Bow
HUGS Savior
Firestorm Calamity
Firestorm Galore
The Primitive (Melee Build)
Detonation Trigger (Flexible Archetype)
Add your own Builds
Add your own Builds
Add your own Builds

Gameplay Info

This build is centered around using Gunslinger and it's starting ability Quickdraw in combination with a primary that has a lot of bullets ex. Bonesaw.

Using Quickdraw you can easily refresh your ammo and instantly reload, this results in a powerful leveling build where you don't need to worry about Ammo Boxes or scrounging for ammo.

Search for "Remnant 2: Unlimited Ammo Build" on youtube to find more information about this community build. Created by L2PN.

 Skill: Quickdraw

  • Traits: Expertise -20% skill cool down




Gameplay Info

This build focuses around summoning high dps/burst summons to support the player in the battlefield, while the player compliments the summons with precision firepower. The main class is unimportant, with the Engineers Overclock and turret manual targeting being better in boss fights, and the Summoners Ruthless providing higher value exploration speed and Sacrifice providing incredibly high burst damage. Survivability is high due to Summoners Regen, Engineers Fortify, and up to three extra targets on the field. Build will also scale very well without any great need of any scrap or upgrade materials, any weapons mods, or any specific gear. 

Starting class is preference, summons are more useful early and Regen is great, but Engineer starts with two of the best guns in the game.

  • 1st Archetype: Summoner/Engineer
  • 2nd Archetype: Engineer/Summoner
  • Skill: Summoner will take the Flyers or Reaver skill, there are too many flying enemies in two worlds for Hollows and you need your summons to live for the skill damage increase. Engineer can take any Heavy weapon that they prefer to suit the situation, though the flamethrower will hit the Reaver.
  • Traits: Expertise is to be maxed out as soon as possible. 



  • Long Gun: Any weapon except for high spread shotguns and AOE damage weapons. Summons will die very fast if shot by the player late game. 
  • Hand Gun: Same as above, avoid AOE damage weapons.
  • Melee Weapon: Any (Turret Friendly fires, so melee is discouraged)
  • Head Armor: Any (Your dodge is replaced while carrying Heavy Weapons, so heavy armor is an option)
  • Body Armor: Any
  • Gloves: Any
  • Leg Armor: Any
  • Amulet: Prioritize Amulets that boost skill damage, the best being the Silver Ribbon.
  • Rings: Prioritize Rings that boost Skill damage, Skill cooldown, Crit, and Weakpoint damage. Burden of the Destroyer, Burden of the Rebel, Soul Guard, Soul Link, Zania’s Malice, and Stone of Balance are stand outs.

Gameplay Info

    A very glass canon kind of build, though I believe it has some of the highest single target damage in the game. Late Game boss killing build. Play by consistently hitting Weakspots to permanently keep you're Hunter Shroud skill up while occasionally getting big damage with the wormhole skill. Weakspot hits will apply bleed with the Twisting Wounds Mutator at level 10. This build should shred through bosses in the late game assuming you can consistently hit their Weakspot. 




Gameplay Info

This is a moderate damage build with life steal and high resistance due to high bulwark stacks and heavy armor. Use the Engineer’s heavy weapon and the ranged attacks of the Summoner’s Flyers to proct life steal from the soul link ring. Constant health regen from regrowth, pair with Anastasia’s inspiration ring for constant haste (7% increase speed on ALL player actions.) Three stacks of bulwark provided by the Soul Guard ring when all summons are in place. Last ring can be either Guardian’s Ring for the constant one stack of Bulwark when close range (7m) of an enemy, or Hardcore Metal Band for the potential of Five stacks of Bulwark with the trade off of taking damage to trigger it’s effects. Maxed out challengers archetype will grant Strong Back, granting reduced encumbrance by 10, opening up heavier armor to capitalize on Engineer’s Fortify (50% increased armor effectiveness.) Strong Back is optional as long as Navigator’s Pendent is used. Weapons can be whatever fits your play style. Note that staying close to the Engineer’s heavy weapon will grant 15% damage reduction. 




Gameplay Info

  Play as an absolute tank using the Ornate Flails spinning charge attack where you gain infinite stamina if you have at least one target to hit, massive health regen because the amount you lifesteal and have a shield that comes up as you use your endless supply of stamina making you unkillable as you continuously whack enemies and bosses alike (only played in vet but its rare to drop below 75%)


  • 1st Archetype: Challenger
  • 2nd Archetype: Any 
  • Skill: juggernaut
  • Traits: Siphoner, Recovery, Barkskin, Fortify, (endurace and vigor are good but not needed)



  • Long Gun: Any (preferable long range for flying enemies)
  • Hand Gun: Any
  • Melee Weapon: Ornate Flail or Steel Flail with Steadfast mutator (only tested with ornate)
  • Head Armor: Leto Mark ll (unless you want a roll)
  • Body Armor: Leto Mark ll (unless you want a roll)
  • Gloves: Leto Mark ll (unless you want a roll)
  • Leg Armor: Leto Mark ll (unless you want a roll)
  • Amulet: Matriarchs Insignia
  • Rings: Rerouting Cable, Drakestone pearl, Berserkers Crest, Dying Ember

Gameplay Info

Healing in remnant II is primarily focused around passively healing yourself and in turn, healing your allies. Primarily this comes from mods and rings, with Relics and Amulets making up for the weaknessess and flaws in the builds. Below are presented three seperate builds, all focused around healing but all slightly different in playstyle. The basics remain the same while the playstyles differ.

 The Basics
Largely the basics of this build are focused around the Handlers Bonded Prime Perk and the support provided by the medic class. Alongside the Medic's Healing Shield and the Handler's Guard Dog or Support Dog this build makes for a potent support combination for both you and your allies, keeping you all healthy and in the fight.

The handler brings Increased movement speed and reduced stamina cost for you and your allies with Spirit of the Wolf, keeping you nimble and out of danger. Combining the Handler's Perk Teamwork and the Medic's Perk Benefactor allows for easy healing and Reviving of fallen allies when needed, largely you want to rely on Bonded to Revive allies if it can be helped but in cases where it's on cooldown both of these Perks prove immeasurably useful. The Medic's sheer healing output with it's Perk Benevolence and its three skill choices Wellspring, Healing Shield and Redemption are hard to pass by for anyone looking to support their team. Predominantly you should spend most of your time using either Healing Shield of Redemption rather than Wellspring, mostly it comes down to the survivability of yourself and your allies; if you find yourselves struggling to stay alive during particular hard combat Redemeption may be the better choice for you over Healing Shield. Likewise, in most boss encounters you will find better use from Support Dog than Guard Dog due to threat generation, most boss encounters will ignore Guard Dog preferring to instead target a player due to their larger threat generation. In this case Support Dog is better value especially since it may be commanded to follow other players ensuring they get large boosts of health regenration when they need it.



Loadout 1 - Active Healer

This Build is Focused primarily around having to actively work to keep both yourself, and your allies healthy. Anyone looking to play a largely more active part in monitoring the situation would enjoy this loadout. This loadout utilises constant weapon switching to take advantage of mod generation. With this loadout the idea is to generate mod power through healing for whichever weapon is stowed.

 Loadout 2 - Passive Heal Generation

The set and forget build, this build can be midly annoying to get off the ground due to its basic function requiring Tranquil Heart and Nimue's Ribbon but once you have that set in place unless you find yourself or your allies taking large amounts of damage you will mostly not need to worry about actively healing again. There are options here to increase the healing with this build if you find that the above mentioned aren't quite doing the job but otherwise this build is quite flexible due to not relying on a specific Long Gun, Handgun or Melee Weapon.

Loadout 3 - Mod Generation

This Build is mainly focused around dealing damage to generate mod power and sustaining your allies through your mods , relics and rings. This build is a little more actively damaging than the other two discussed here, people looking for a larger damage focus will enjoy this build. Largely its focused around always trying to mainting two Healing shot charges, if you at any time do not have Healing shot charges you should be using your Tech 22 to kill and damage enemies until you gain charges.

  • Long Gun: XMG57 Bonesaw - A great versatile weapon, its overheat is easy enough to manage and it generates mod power relatively quickly due to its firerate alongside being a decently powerful weapon.
  • Long Gun Mod: Overflow - This is a perfect pair with the XMG57 Bonesaw, it enhances it in everyway it needs and allows you to put out some decent damage, can also be used to charge your mod on your Handgun.
  • HandGun: Tech 22 - Similar to the XMG57 Bonesaw, the Tech 22 is great at mod generation due to its high firerate and damage allowing you to throw out Healing shots in a fight to sustain your allies when you need too.
  • HandGun Mod: Healing Shot - Just an all around useful mod that charges quickly and is available from the start of the game. It can be crafted with the Root Ganglia that you gain from the first boss in the tutorial.
  • Melee Weapon: Labyrinth Staff - Generates mod power with melee attacks , also acts as great wave clear due to its aoe attack.
  • Head Armor: Elder Headress - The Elder Set is light and provides good resistance , but is not so heavy as to leave you vulnerable.
  • Body Armor: Elder Raiment
  • Gloves: Elder Gloves
  • Leg Armor: Elder Leggings
  • Relic: Ruined Heart - The mods used in this build, especially Overflow require huge amounts of Mod Power so being able to quickly generator large amounts of mod power when you need it comes in clutch when you need it.
  • Amulet: Emergency Switch - Due to the Slightly more fragile nature of this loadout I would recommend running the Emergency Switch as this also works with the Handlers Dog companion perk , Bonded allowing you to be freely revived.
  • Rings
    • Burden of the Divine - Reduces your damage and consequently threat generation it allows you to heal allies with any healing you apply to yourself, the bread and butter of this build.
    • Dense Silicon Ring -  Any healing you recieved comes back to you as mod power also, this allows you to keep popping your mods and gives you more sustain outside of relic use.
    • Ring of Grace - More survivability , theoretically this should allow you to heal from any damage you take and also turn that damage back into mod power.
    • Cataloger's Jewel - To help build this mods quickly since they require a large amount of mod power.


Gameplay Info

 This build will allow you to run around and Gun down everything without much worry on healing.

Have a constant 6% lifesteal, 16% during Dreadwalker, 1.5 Health regen while running, and passive mod generation.

Normal Enemies: Use Enigma up close, and Nightfall for further/flying enemies. Every killed enemy gives a 5% max hp over 5 seconds heal when killed. (Up to 30 seconds)

Bosses: When the fight starts use Rampage and unload the nightfall mod. When it ends use Chaos Gate to up damage and mod generation. Use mod again. Rinse and repeat as needed. Enigma can be used as a backup weapon when ammo is needed.

Void Heart is the Relic I use when i need the extra heal. If you can avoid attacks more and less healing needed the Runed Heart is recommended for this build.


  • 1st Archetype: Challenger
  • 2nd Archetype: Archon
  • Skill: Rampage / Chaos Gate
  • Traits: Fortify / Untouchable / Longshot / Barkskin / Recovery / Siphoner



Gameplay Info - WIP SECTION

The Undying Tank Build is a great build for the player who wants to do it all. Want to do huge boss DPS? You can! Want to take down a horde of minions with a sword? Get hacking! Want to play a more supportive, team centered role without being pigeonholed into medic? You got it! This build can be played solo or with a team and always stays relevant in every encounter. If something isn't working out for you, you can also really easily modify it to suit your playstyle. 

Below I'll outline a few different loadouts you may want to take depending on the situation but if you want to get right to the TL:DR, scroll on down to the bottom.

Loadout 1 - Boss DPS + Survivability

Loadout 1 info here

Loadout 2 - Add-Clear + Team Play

 Loadout 2 info here

  • 1st Archetype: Handler
  • 2nd Archetype: Alchemist
  • Handler SkillSupport Dog / Guard Dog
  • Alchemist Skill: Stone Mist / Elixir of Life
  • Traits: Kinship, Potency, Vigor, Expertise, Barkskin, Blood Bond, Endurance, Rugged



  • Long Gun: Nightfall (Bandit / Ghost Shell) / Blackmaw AR-47 (Defrag / Soulbinder) (Battery)
  • Hand Gun: Cube Gun (Twisting Wounds)
  • Melee Weapon: Godsplitter (Vampire Blade)
  • Head Armor: Red Widow Headdress or Leto MKII
  • Body Armor: Red Widow Raiment or Leto MKII
  • Gloves: Red Widow Bracers or Leto MKII
  • Leg Armor: Red Widow Leggings or Leto MKII
  • Relic: Void Heart or Crystal Heart (Armor Effectiveness, Ammo Pickup, Skill Duration)
  • Amulet: Full Moon Circlet or Weightless Weight
  • Rings: Fae Bruiser Ring, Guardian's Ring, Blood Jewel, Ring of the Robust or Hardened Coil

Gameplay Info

The Flamethrower Rampage build thrives in close quarters by hosing down enemies with high fire rate and burning status effects in order to deliver as much elemental damage over time as possible.

Keeping in close range allows you to benefit from the archetype bonuses from Challenger while being in optimum range for your flamethrower or hellfire handgun, allowing you to swap between them easily when ammo runs dry. Having a long gun equipped with Hot Shot also increases damage output at a distance, allowing you apply burning on enemies outside of your ideal range. Smolder is a handy backup in melee if your weapons run dry and you want to keep on the pressure and maintain that burning status.

Your amulet and rings helps maximise rampage uptime, fire damage, and burning duration, and your traits help offset many of the demands of this setup. Armor should primarily focus on protection and fire resistance, so the bruiser set is ideal, but utilising elder headdress (or crown of the red prince if you can get it) and labyrinth gauntlets maximise your fire resistance while keeping your encumbarance below 51. This is to ensure your own burning patches don't hurt you too much, and you can still get in and out of melee range comfortably.

The crystal heart will help endure a lot of the aggro you'll likely attract, and the slow down effect can be avoided by carrying your heavy weapon, or partially mitigated with Rampage. Slotting the relic with Fire Rate, Elemental Damage and Skill Duration also helps increase the build's overall performance

  • 1st Archetype: Engineer
  • 2nd Archetype: Challenger
  • Skill: Heavy Weapon: Flamethrower / Rampage
  • Traits: 10 Expertise, 10 Spirit, 10 Shadeskin, 10 Footwork, 10 Ammo Reserves, 10 Arcane Strike, 5 Vigor, 5 Endurance



  • Long Gun: Any Shotgun (Hot Shot Mod)
  • Hand Gun: Hellfire
  • Melee Weapon: Smolder
  • Head Armor: Elder Headdress or Crown of the Red Prince
  • Body Armor: Bruiser
  • Gloves: Labyrinth Gauntlets
  • Leg Armor: Bruiser
  • Amulet: Talisman of the Sun
  • Rings: Fire Stone, Singed Ring, Timekeeper's Jewel, Stone of Continuance
  • Relics: Crystal Heart with Skill Duration, Elemental Damage and Fire Rate

Gameplay Info

Use Void Cloak and take advantage of the fact that you'll dodge automatically to stand still, use Hunter's Shroud for more damage, aim exactly on the boss weak point, and shoot charged shots until your Void Cloak runs out. Each shot should deal around 6k damage at max level. You can easily melt bosses this way. Because you deal so much damage Siphoner will restore all your health really quickly.


  • 1st Archetype: Hunter
  • 2nd Archetype: Invader
  • Skill: Hunter's Shroud, Void Cloak (or Worm Hole for more damage)
  • Traits: Expertise, Siphoner



Gameplay Info

This Savior centric build is based around rotating your skills with twisting wounds for significantly higher damage output and good weakpoint targeting alongside good charge timing for maximum damage.



Gameplay Info

This build is focused on mod spams and fire damage for an endless loop of devastating fire tornados and rockets. The only thing you have to do is to throw a tornado once, then spam your rockets, then throw another tornado before the first ends then rince and repeat. Never use ammo again !

 If you tried and liked this build, feel free to dm me on Discord: #itsmetdx, feedback is always appreciated !



Gameplay Info

 Firestorm Galore 


I love using mods constantly so this build is based on constantly having 2 mods up the entire time. Weapons can be swapped from my personal favorites but I use standard weapons. I'm Stacking alot of mod regen between the rings, mutations, and class. I have been able to keep 2-3 Firestorms at once during a boss fight to keep sustained damage and even ad clear. Also keeping hotshot charged up and with the Chicago typewriter and dps bonus between the Gunslinger's passive, Skill, and charm you can keep firing extremely fast with those fire rounds. Keep in mind the purpose of Kinship is to keep yourself and your allies allys alive as Firestorm has a massive AoE with the buff from Amplitude. If you don't like these mods and weapons swap them out for others the regen will work with any elemental damage mod

Build by Theron

• 1st Archetype: Archon


• 2nd Archetype: Gunslinger


• Skill: Havoc Form, Bulletstorm


• Traits: Flash Caster (Archon), Ammo Reserves (Gunslinger), Amplitude (10), Kinship (10), Spirit (10) 30 points leftover I personally use Longshot (10) Expertise (10) and Glutton (10) but those 3 aren't necessary to the build






• Long Gun: Chicago Typewritter-Hotshot-Harmonizer


• Hand Gun: Sureshot-Firestorm-Feedback


• Melee Weapon: Dealers Choice


• Head Armor: Fae Royal Guard


• Body Armor: Fae Royal Guard


• Gloves: Space Worker (Gives Medium Roll)


• Leg Armor: Fae Royal Guard


• Amulet: Gunslinger


• Rings: Stone of Malevolence, Gunslinger Ring, Shared Banded Ring, Zohees Ring 



The Primitive

Have you ever wanted to go back to the days where we threw sticks, rocks, spears, and tools at all of our problems? Well, now you can! This build primarily focuses on tanking and throwing your good ol' sharpsticks at the enemy that's barreling right into your line of fire. Channel your inner strong-boned caveman and/or cavewoman, and go knock some teeth out (from a distance)!

  • 1st Archetype: Challenger
  • 2nd Archetype: Engineer (For More Defense) or Hunter (For More Damage)
  • Skills: Juggernaut and Any Turret (As Engineer) or Hunter's Shroud (As Hunter)
  • Traits: Max Vigor, Max Endurance, Max Fitness, Max Siphoner, Max Strong Back, Max Fortify (If Engineer)



  • Long Gun: Any
  • Hand Gun: Any
  • Melee Weapon: Krell Axe or Huntress Spear with Reinvigorate or Vengeful Strike mutators
  • Armor: Leto Mark II Full Armor Set
  • Amulet: There are multiple options for Amulets, it all depends on what you'd prefer to get out of this build.
    • Weightless Weight if you'd prefer to be able to throw more Axes or Spears before running out of stamina, as well as if you'd prefer to move faster
    • Leto's Amulet if you'd prefer to throw more Axes or Spears (Must have for Heavy Roll Leto's Armor)
    • Butcher's Fetish for more damage capability (With Huntress Spear)
    • Chains of Amplification for a straight increase in damage (With Krell Axe)
    • Core Booster for more weak spot damage (With Huntress Spear)
    • Decayed Margin for more life steal, if you feel you need it, and damage at full health
    • Stalker's Brand for more damage at a range (If using the Hunter's Shroud skill)
    • Ankh of Power for more damage if you tend to use Relics frequently
  • Rings
    • Fae Protector Signet (Can be used instead of Leto's Amulet for Heavy Roll Leto's Armor IF you have all listed traits)
    • Dying Ember for life steal (Can be used instead of Decayed Margin amulet if preferable)
    • Restriction Cord if using the Vengeful Strike mutator for the permanent damage buff
    • Hardened Coil if using Restriction Cord for more damage reduction
    • Fae Bruiser Ring for more damage reduction
    • Grounding Stone for more damage (With Krell Axe)
    • Heart of the Wolf if you'd prefer to throw more Axes and Spears before running out of stamina, and if you'd prefer to move faster
    • Assassin's Seal for more damage at a range (If using the Hunter's Shroud skill and Stalker's Brand)
    • Slayer's Crest for more damage at a range (If using the Hunter's Shroud skill)
    • Stone of Balance for slightly more damage with everything
    • Stone of Malevolence for increased mod power regen (With Krell Axe)
    • Dense Silicon Ring for increased mod power regen (If using Dying Ember and/or Decayed Margin)
    • Berserker's Crest if you'd prefer to throw more Axes and Spears before running out of stamina, faster
    • Any other rings I would list here are purely QOL rings, such as the Vacuum Seal for auto resource and scrap pickup

Gameplay Info

Have you ever wanted to go back to the days where we threw sticks, rocks, spears, and tools at all of our problems? Well, now you can! This build primarily focuses on tanking and throwing your good ol' sharpsticks at the enemy that's barreling right into your line of fire. Channel your inner strong-boned caveman and/or cavewoman, and go knock some teeth out (from a distance)!

  • 1st Archetype: Challenger
  • 2nd Archetype: Engineer (For More Defense) or Hunter (For More Damage)
  • Skills: Juggernaut and Any Turret (As Engineer) or Hunter's Shroud (As Hunter)
  • Traits: Max Vigor, Max Endurance, Max Fitness, Max Siphoner, Max Strong Back, Max Fortify (If Engineer)




  • Long Gun: Any
  • Hand Gun: Any
  • Melee Weapon: Krell Axe or Huntress Spear with Reinvigorate or Vengeful Strike mutators
  • Armor: Leto Mark II Full Armor Set
  • Amulet: There are multiple options for Amulets, it all depends on what you'd prefer to get out of this build.
    • Weightless Weight if you'd prefer to be able to throw more Axes or Spears before running out of stamina, as well as if you'd prefer to move faster
    • Leto's Amulet if you'd prefer to throw more Axes or Spears (Must have for Heavy Roll Leto's Armor)
    • Butcher's Fetish for more damage capability (With Huntress Spear)
    • Chains of Amplification for a straight increase in damage (With Krell Axe)
    • Core Booster for more weak spot damage (With Huntress Spear)
    • Decayed Margin for more life steal, if you feel you need it, and damage at full health
    • Stalker's Brand for more damage at a range (If using the Hunter's Shroud skill)
    • Ankh of Power for more damage if you tend to use Relics frequently
  • Rings
    • Fae Protector Signet (Can be used instead of Leto's Amulet for Heavy Roll Leto's Armor IF you have all listed traits)
    • Dying Ember for life steal (Can be used instead of Decayed Margin amulet if preferable)
    • Restriction Cord if using the Vengeful Strike mutator for the permanent damage buff
    • Hardened Coil if using Restriction Cord for more damage reduction
    • Fae Bruiser Ring for more damage reduction
    • Grounding Stone for more damage (With Krell Axe)
    • Heart of the Wolf if you'd prefer to throw more Axes and Spears before running out of stamina, and if you'd prefer to move faster
    • Assassin's Seal for more damage at a range (If using the Hunter's Shroud skill and Stalker's Brand)
    • Slayer's Crest for more damage at a range (If using the Hunter's Shroud skill)
    • Stone of Balance for slightly more damage with everything
    • Stone of Malevolence for increased mod power regen (With Krell Axe)
    • Dense Silicon Ring for increased mod power regen (If using Dying Ember and/or Decayed Margin)
    • Berserker's Crest if you'd prefer to throw more Axes and Spears before running out of stamina, faster
    • Any other rings I would list here are purely QOL rings, such as the Vacuum Seal for auto resource and scrap pickup

Gameplay Info

Looking to play with mod power? Tired of swapping builds to level archetypes? Want to blow stuff up? Then Detonation Trigger is for you! This build uses explosive mods like Tremor and Song of Eafir boosted by the titular amulet Detonation Trigger to set up huge areas of crowd control thanks to Amplitude, apply dots, or blow up enemies (and sometimes friends, but fewer than you might think!). The build is very flexible due to the amazing support provided by some of the mods. It has to resort to basic gunplay on some aerial bosses, but it is excellent at clearing entire maps of enemies at little to no risk.  

Instead of requiring a specific archetype, this build finds ways to take advantage of whatever you decide to run. Some are obviously better than others, but it tends to work fine even with suboptimal setups due to the amount of crowd control being laid down.

  • The Obvious Choice - Archon: It's a mod build, and unsurprisingly it really starts to pick up damage when paired with the Archon archetype. Notably, the mod generation from Archon's primary perk is often overkill for many of the mods, especially ones with duration and cc like Tremor or Song of Eafir. Put this in the secondary slot in those cases and pick an archetype with the primary perk and damage boosts of your choice.
  • Support - Medic & Alchemist: Both the Alchemist and the Medic have generic damage increases and good traits that support the build in a lot of ways. Either works well, especially when paired with or before unlocking the Archon class. Alchemist is best saved for the post-game after you have some scrap saved up, where the movement speed and defensive concoctions can stack to great effect.
  • Gunplay - Hunter & Gunslinger: This build relies on its long gun for supplementary damage, especially on flying bosses, and swapping to either half of HUGS (Hunter/Gunslinger) uses the mods more for support while pumping damage into your gunplay. You're sacrificing damage for utility, but the permaslow from Song of Eafir and permastagger from Tremor make this a safer and more supportive variant of traditional gun builds.
  • Others: Feel free to experiment! With just Archon at 10 I was able to level most of my traits quickly thanks to the aoe damage and running through zones. 
Sample Build - Spirited Thaumaturge (Alchemist/Archon)
Sample Build - Tempest Invoker (Archon/Summoner)
  • 1st Archetype: Archon
  • 2nd Archetype: Summoner
  • Skill: Reality Rune + Reaver or Flyer
  • Traits: 10 Fortify, 10 Swiftness, 10 Vigor, 1 Strong Back, 10 Footwork, 10 Barkskin, rest split as wanted between Amplitude and Siphoner.
  • Mods: Space Crabs + Tremor


This equipment is for the Spirited Thaumaturge (Alchemist/Archon). Your archetype will change this, so don't be afraid to swap out rings and weapons as needed!

  • Long Gun: Royal Hunting Bow provides reliable mod generation and solid damage for minimal investment through Supercharger. Song of Eafir and other mods that don't have stacks work most smoothly. That said, find your favorite basic weapon; you'll be using it a lot. Anything that hits hard or fast enough to generate good mod power will work. 
  • Hand Gun: Rupture Cannon with Tremor and either Feedback or Harmonizer. Our AoE damage is so high that Enigma isn't really necessary, so instead we bring whichever of our favorite side arms we want.  If you want to use a special weapon, both Meridian and Starshot synergize fantastically with the build, but their huge AoE will almost certainly get you, your summons, and your friends killed with friendly fire. Use with caution!
  • Melee Weapon: Your favorite melee weapon. Dreamcatcher is notable for the damage boost and guaranteeing 100% uptime on slows, and Smolder is thematic even if we don't stack burning damage.
  • Head Armor:Leto Mark II
  • Body Armor: Technician (With 1 point in Strong Back we can get to 75 encumbrance for a heavy dodge instead of a flop)
  • Gloves: Leto Mark II
  • Leg Armor: Leto Mark II
  • Amulet: Detonation Trigger
  • Rings: Archer's Crest powers up our bow and by proxy our mod generation and Burden of the Follower solves most of our mod power generation. Otherwise just standard good stuff like Black Cat Band.

Basic Mods

  • Tremor: Staggers everything in a hilarious range thanks to Amplitude. Does not do a lot of damage, but notably does very consistent damage to ground targets, bypassing shields and armor with both the initial hits and the resulting dot. 
  • Song of Eafir: Slows everything in a large radius thanks to Amplitude. Good against air (but make sure you aim!).
  • Helix: For aerial bosses I swap out Tremor for Helix. It's not good (bow shots are more consistent and higher damage at weakpoints), but like many mods it bypasses grey damage so is great for getting the damage and dot on bosses during what would otherwise be downtime.
  • Spacecrabs: Spicy popcorn, annoying to summon but great damage, especially when paired with Summoner.

Special Weapons

  • Starshot: This weapon will get you killed. That said, a fully charged Big Bang will clear an entire room in one shot if you can get far enough away from it. Its regular fire is a mixed blessing, as the AoE has no damage dropoff and is great against bosses and trash alike, but its impossible to use the weapon in close range without murdering yourself.  
  • MeridianSimilar to but slightly worse than the Starshot, Meridian's best trait is its spammable mod once you get your mod generation going.

Gameplay Info

Here explain how does your build play, synergies, multiplayer role, etc



Gameplay Info

Here explain how does your build play, synergies, multiplayer role, etc



Gameplay Info

Here explain how does your build play, synergies, multiplayer role, etc




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    • Anonymous

      I was playing with friends and came across an interesting synergy build. This is something that when playing multiplayer with friends who don't always get evasion right, can provide superior DPS when compared to a tank build with everyone because evasion is not stable, and provides far more stability, although the firepower is severely inferior to a party with a DPS build!
      To put it succinctly, it is a combination of one regen share build that specializes in physical strength and regen, and the rest of the friends who are equipped with amulets and rings that specialize in half health and whose archetype is specialized in attack. (The advantage of this combination of archetypes specialized in attack is that you can freely choose the main and sub archetypes depending on how you want to fight.)
      The healer role endures with increased strength and defense.
      A configuration that specializes in the half-life of the attacker role can take more damage than a normal build, even without any synergy with friends. And the half strength means that the shared recovery is effectively doubled, meaning that the recovery shared by [Burden of the Divine] is half that of the wearer, which is effectively like a 100% share. The reduction is not as high as tank specialization, but it can still be taken care of, and the speed of recovery after being taken care of is close to regen specialization, and the archetype can be specialized for attack, so it does much more damage than when we all use tank builds.
      Let me also explain a little more about the healer role structure.
      I think the combo of [Crescent Moon], [Tightly Wound Coil] and [Generating Band] is quite interesting. The [Tightly Wound Coil] can be instantly triggered with an uncharged shot if you are using a bow. And since you can maintain the shield just by shooting, it is easy to maintain the shield in firepower intensive time or not, and it is easy to maintain the 3% share of [Generating Band]. [Crescent Moon] has a heal effect, and this mod has a good turnover rate with [Faerin's Sigil] without specializing in generation. And if handled properly during the mod, it has high DPS (well, the heal role is not as good as it could be, since it is cutting down on firepower skills significantly, but you should still be able to do as much damage as you can produce). The archetypes are using an alchemist and a medic. Not to mention heal support for the medic. The alchemist is,
      Concoction stacking to increase his own strength and reinforce his toughness, while taking advantage of consumable item sharing to share buff consumables with his allies. However, there may be room to change this alchemist part to something else in terms of ideas or some synergy. The rest is as per the regen builds I've seen, with the Relic being Tranquil Heart and whatnot, and the Traits. Lastly, I'm not a good English speaker, so sorry if there are any inaccuracies in my writing. I don't have space in my native language wiki to talk about the builds.

      • Anonymous

        I created a build and thought it could be worth sharing here if some people are having trouble finding a way to fulfuil their dream of infinite abilities. The only issues with this build is that you need to beat apocalypse mode first in order to get the devoured loop ring. This build focuses on getting as many critical hits as possible.

        Architypes: Archon/summoner. Kinda interchangable though

        Amulet: Hypconductor

        Rings: Devoured loop/ probability cord/ burden of the gambler/ akari war band. I would say the only required ring is devoured though. The others are just to add a bit more crit chance

        Long gun: Plasma cutter with the momentum mutator(REQUIRED)

        Hand gun: The two choices I like the most are the nebula and the enigma since you can fire out the mods on the weapon to get passive critical hits.

        Armor: doesn't matter

        Traits: Siphon/ vigor/ stamina/ mod reduction/ rugged/ ammo reserves. This is pretty flexible too though.

        This build can definitely be refined and improved so give me your suggestions.

        • Anonymous

          The Infinite Active/Passive Healer Build. Party Regen is unmatched to anything else.

          1st Archetype: Medic/Anything
          2nd Archetype: Anything/Medic
          Skill: Preference / Healing Shield for more regen, Redemption for carrying ya dead buddies across Anni's face
          Traits: [Triage & Preferred Class Trait], Glutton, and anything you prefer (I run Fortify, Barkskin, Vigor, Spirit, Expertise)

          Long Gun: Any
          Hand Gun: Any
          Melee Weapon: Any
          Armor: Any
          Amulet: Nimue's Ribbon / Red Doe Sigil. Your preference.
          Ring of the Forest Spirit - Not necessary and can be swapped if heals aren't as fast/much.
          Celerity Stone - Relic Use Speed for faster relic... use.
          Fae Shaman Ring - Same as above
          Burden of the Divine - For when Medic's Team Perk is too far for your teammates. Can be swapped if solo.
          Relic: Resonating Heart - 20s doubled regen based on overhealed HP... The key to the build.

          The relic speed is needed so you can save your mates or get out of sticky situations asap. Resonating Heart will sit there and regen everything back immediately and constantly for 20s. If you find yourself running out of relics too fast from carrying ya mates so much or just getting hit too much, can swap the amulet for Emergency Switch or use other Relic Charge % items like Power Saver, Conservation Seal, Kuri Kuri Charm, or Tear of Kaeula. Another scenario is when you're in Multiplayer and still running out of Relics. Swap main class to Medic and get those free relic charges from heals.


          • Anonymous

            My Apoc Build:

            1st Archetype: Hunter
            2nd Archetype: Alchemist/Handler/Medic/Invader/Challenger

            Skill 1: Shroud
            Skill 2: Frenzy, Any Dog, Medic Shield, Void Cloak, Rampage/Juggernaut
            (Mix of Offensive and Defense, use which you like every one of these have some pros and cons)

            Vigor +10
            Expertise +10
            Siphoner +10
            Fortify +8
            Barkskin +10
            Regrowth +10
            Triage +10

            Long gun: Merciless +10
            Mutator: Twisted Wounds +10
            (Main Source of Bleed and works perfectly with this Build)

            Secondary: Double Barrel +20
            Mod: Blood Draw
            Mutator: Slayer +10
            (Good Backup if you have no time to reload your main weapon)

            Melee: Nightshade +10
            Mutator: Vampire Blade +10
            (Insane amount of Leech with neutral dodge and mod)

            Head: Realmwalker / Leto Mk2
            Chest: Fae / Leto Mk2
            Gloves: Fae / Leto MK2
            Boots: Fae / Leto Mk2

            Amulet : Abrasive Whetstone / Ravager mark / Full Moon Circlet

            1.Akari Warband (Crit and Crit Damage)
            2.Probability Cord (more Crit Damage)
            3.Stone of Balance (Flat Damage)
            4.(Flex) Blood Tinged Ring, Bright Steel Ring, Zania's Malice, Black Cat ring, Blood Jewel (Defense and Offensive)

            Tranquil Heart (Flat 2% life reg buffed with Triage to 3% with Regrowth we get around 4.5% per second without use)
            Mythic Range Crit
            Mythic Range Crit Damage
            Mythic Range Damage

            Without Leto Mk2 we running 46,6 DR with Leto 64,3, not super Tanky but you can make some Mistake and still finish the job.

            • Anonymous

              While I have no problem using an evasive build to play solo, when I join and play in multiplayer, the evasive build has become a hindrance. While there are many games that can be avoided even with line lag as long as you don't warp, remnant2's multiplayer is the type where input reflection is also delayed when there is lag, so it is easy to fail to avoid even with a steady lag (a strange term). It seems that to play as a participant in Apocalypse, you need to withstand one attack even if you don't intend to be a tank. But what build can withstand the high-powered attacks of Annihilation in Apocalypse difficulty with enhanced power in multiplayer...

              • Anonymous

                This build will carry you through apocalypse with absurd DOT, AOE, and Survivability working in harmony. I call it: Bleed for Me

                1st Archetype: Challenger (free extra life, tankiness)

                2nd Archetype: Gunslinger
                (More damage and ammo)

                Skill 1: Rampage
                Skill 2: Bulletstorm
                (These skills will allow for massive damage output while providing other useful bonuses)

                Vigor +10
                Expertise +10
                Spirit +10
                Siphoner +10
                Endurance +5
                Fitness +5
                Amplitude +5
                Bark skin +5
                Footwork +5
                Shade skin +3
                Wayfarer +3

                Long Gun: Merciless +10
                Mutator: Twisting wounds
                (This setup will cause double simultaneous bleed causing AOE explosion on each proc)

                Secondary: Silverback Revolver +10 for bosses and elites
                Mod: Fargazer (madness deals insane DOT)
                Mutator: Extendor
                (Enigma +10 for ad clear)

                Melee Weapon: Hero Sword/Assassins Dagger/Spectral Blade
                (Use the Hero Sword if you can for ranged heavy melee)
                Mutator: Vampire Blade (more dmg to bleeding foes and more lifesteal)

                Head Armor: Leto MK 2
                Body Armor: Fae Armor
                Legs: Night Stalker
                Hands: Labyrinth Gloves

                Amulet: Energized Neck Coil (this will cause double bleed damage and make enemies explode on bleed proc for both DOT and AOE)

                1. Blackcat Band (Gives 1 shot protection every 2 min with challenger prime perk can allow for up to 4 lives in 1)
                2. Blood Jewel (will allow for a 3rd simultaneous stack of bleed on heavy melee)
                3. Timekeepers Jewel (Even more bleed and madness DOT)
                4. Zanias Malace/Stone of Balance/Blood Tinged Ring
                (This ring is interchangeable depending on the situation, do you want more dmg or more survivability)

                Notes: This build is intended for a solo apocalypse run, you will be able to cause 4 simultaneous status effects (3x bleed, 10 stacks madness) which is unaffected by elemental resistance that bosses can have. You will also be granted up to 4 lives in one with black cat protection, challenger revival, and black cat protection again on second life (if 2 min has expired)

                • Anonymous

                  This is is my favorite Solo "Off" Build. Its all about mod, relic use and passive health regen. I like the versatility of it all as well as the consistency.

                  I Call it: The Wandering Potion-master

                  1st Archetype: Alchemist
                  2nd Archetype: Explorer
                  Skill:1.(Elixir of Life/Stone Mist) and 2.(Gold Digger/Planeswalker)
                  Reli: Runed Heart: Relic Sots; (Elemental Damage, Weakspot Damage, and Skill Duration)
                  Footwork 5
                  Expertise 10
                  Triage 10
                  Fortify 10
                  Vigor 10
                  Barkskin 10
                  Shadeskin 10
                  Long Gun: Any gun with an elemental damage mod.(Bandit Modifier)
                  Hand gun: Enigma(Momentum Modifier)
                  Melee Weapon: Dreamcatcher
                  Armor is the best armor rating i can find(100)
                  Head Armor: Space Worker Mask
                  Body Armor: Fae Royal Bodyplate
                  Gloves: Technician Greaves
                  Leg Armor: Radiant Bracers
                  Amulet: Ankh of Power or Jester's Bell
                  Rings: Alumni Ring, Stone of Malevolence, Encrypted Ring, and Reserve Boosting Gem

                  Notes: This build is meant for Solo Veteran or Team Nightmare. Would rate the difficulty of Use is a 5/10. Just have to remember to keep time of relic regen.
                  Also this Combo is really strong because both abilities proc or Relic use. So good synergy. also you can have up to 4 Concoction active so very flexible there as well to fit areas and preferred playstyle.

                  • Anonymous

                    Would anyone want this speed build added to the community list? I made it for personal use blasting through campaign fast trying to get the Nightweaver's Web items that require very specific campaign rolls. It is charge through the game at extreme speed, ignoring all basic and elite enemies, just getting you from checkpoint to checkpoint.

                    I call it the Armored Wagon.

                    1st Archetype: Medic
                    2nd Archetype: Explorer
                    Skill: Healing Shield, Plainswalker
                    Traits: Regrowth 10, Fortify 10, Vigor 10, Barkskin 10, Bloodstream 10. Good optional ones are Wayfarer, Expertise, and Shadeskin.
                    Long Gun: Anything with Tremor.
                    Hand gun: Enigma
                    Melee Weapon: Dreamcatcher
                    Head Armor: Leto Mark II Helmet
                    Body Armor: Leto Mark II Armor
                    Gloves: Leto Mark II Gloves
                    Leg Armor: Leto Mark II Legs
                    Amulet: Weightless Weight
                    Rings: Anastasija's Inspiration, Bisected Ring, Heart of the Wolf, and Momentum Driver. Meteorite Shard Ring and Deceiver's Band are decent options if you are missing others of the set.

                    • Anonymous

                      Tanky Solo Apocalypse Build after DR fixes

                      This was the Build I used to get my first Annihilation kill on Apocalypse and it served me very well. The Hunter Primary provides plenty of damage so that you can spend the rest of the build on survivability. This build does this by reaching 80% DR, then investing the rest of the build in the highest possible amount of max HP combined with the useful max HP scaling on Generating Band. You will still have to dodge a lot as there is no way to tank everything after the DR fixes. However, this build allows you to recover from mistakes very quickly, provided that you don't mess up again within the same or the beginning of the next pattern.

                      Primary Archetype: Hunter
                      Secondary Archetype: Medic
                      Skills: Hunter's Shroud + Healing Shield
                      Traits: Fortify 10, Longshot 10, Regrowth 8, Swiftness 10, Triage 10, Untouchable 10, Vigor 10, Endurance 10, Barkskin 10

                      Long Gun: Coach Gun |Mod: Corrosive Rounds or Hot Shot for Bosses, Stasis Beam for Elites | Mutator: Extender
                      or: Crescent Moon | Mutator: Slayer
                      Hand Gun: Enigma | Mutator: Bandit
                      or: MP60-R | Mod: Corrosive Rounds | Mutator: Refunder
                      Melee Weapon: Huntress Spear, Krell Axe or World's Edge | Mutator: Transference

                      Head Armor: Leto Mark II Helmet
                      Body Armor: Leto Mark II Armor
                      Leg Armor: Leto Mark II Leggings
                      Glove Armor: Labyrinth Gauntlets

                      Relic: Shielded Heart | Health, Damage Reduction, Healing Effectiveness (if your Damage Reduction Relic Piece is not high enough to let you reach 80% DR, consider using Armor Effectiveness instead of Healing Effectiveness)

                      Amulet: Navigator's Pendant
                      Rings: Fae Protector Signet, Seal of the Empress, Rerouting Cable, Generating Band

                      Use Mudtooth's Tonic.
                      Activate Hunter's Shroud on combat start. You will be able to keep it up for the entire fight against bosses with easily accessible Weak Points.
                      Use Enigma if you need group clear or MP60-R with Refunder if you want to save some scrap on Ammo Boxes.
                      When you get hit, use a dodge roll to activate Rerouting Cable in order to start getting your health back with Generating Band.
                      When very low or in anticipation of a difficult pattern, use Healing Shield or Shielded Heart.

                      • Who needs a gun anyway?

                        1st Archetype: Challenger
                        2nd Archetype: Invader or Medic

                        Skills: Juggernaut + WormHole
                        (Void Clock, Wellspring & Healing Shield also work as safety net options if you're not confident about survival with is build)

                        Traits: Footwork (thank me later), Endurance & Expertise are vital other traits are up to you
                        (my full trait build for this is; Footwork, Endurance, Expertise, Vigor, Barkskin, Triage & Recovery)

                        Long Gun: Player choice (Though really if you want to be a gamer don't use a gun for this)
                        Hand Gun: Player choice (read above ^^^)

                        Melee Weapon: Huntress Spear (This is the best option however Krell Axe is a good alternative)

                        Amulet: Matriarch's Insignia
                        Rings: Fae Warrior Ring, Haymaker's Ring, Burden of the Destroyer & Bersker's Crest
                        Stone of Balance and Visage of Power are good alternatives for the build early into the game

                        Helmet: Radiant Visage
                        Body Armour: Radiant Protector
                        Leg Armour: Radiant Greaves
                        Glove Armour: Radiant Bracers
                        (Any armour combination that gets the character to >50 weight is perfect & if you are happy to flop then run Leto's for max damage)

                        Really just go ham throwing spears (or axes) at your foes oh and see if you can catch a weakspot or 2 you'll get a pleasant surprise at the numbers you'll see

                        • Anonymous

                          zoomies build

                          When you have wiped a map and you wanna run around looting, you really need this build!

                          1st archetype: Explorer/Handler
                          2nd archetype: Handler/Explorer
                          Skills: Plainswalker/Support Dog
                          Traits: Expertise//Wayfarer (averything else is your preference)

                          Long gun: ANY
                          Hand gun: ANY
                          Melee weapon: ANY

                          Head armor: Leto MK1
                          Body armor: Leto MK1
                          Gloves: Leto MK1
                          Leg armor: Leto MK1
                          Amulet: Weightless Weight
                          Rings: Heart of the Wolf/Momentum Driver/Deceiver's Band/ANY(I use Bright Steel Ring)

                          it can have up to 150.6% bonus speed

                          • So, this build is not the most practical build ever, but is sure as hell is funny to play, I call it FSPAM :D

                            The general idea of this build is to generate as much mod power as humanly possible and spam the F key :D

                            Archetype = Archon/Summoner
                            Skills = Chaos Gate/Flyers

                            Armor = Any, I use Labyrinth set atm.

                            Relic = Reprocessed - Grey Health Rate, Mod Duration, Mod Cost.

                            Amulet = Necklace of Flowing Life

                            Rings = Burden of the Warlock, Dread Font, Stone of Malevolence, Dense Silicon Ring.

                            Long Gun = Chicago Typewriter
                            Mod = Familiar
                            Mutator = Feedback

                            Handgun = Nebula
                            Mod = Nano Swarm
                            Mutator = Harmonizer

                            Melee = Labyrinth Staff
                            Mutator = Transference

                            Traits = Flash Caster+Regrowth 10, Kinship 10, Rugged 10, Spirit 10 , Bloodstream 10, Siphoner 10, Vigor 10 , Triage 9, Endurance 1.

                            I also use a Sacred Lakewater concoction.

                            So, use Chaos Gate whenever its up, Keep Flyers alive or resumon when possible. Use Nano Swarm then Familiar then Nano Swarm then Familiar, Rinse and repeat...

                            I was able to kill most bosses on Apoc with this build but I still think it is not very practical.

                            Have fun and let me know if you would change anything.

                            • Deceit Weakspot Exploiter

                              This build uses Deceit and the Ouroboros mod to pump out high weakspot damage. Each item in this build will have a short summary of their purpose after the item name.
                              The general idea of this build is to use the Ouroboros mod to apply it's semi-unique status effect to elites and bosses then dump Deceit's magazine into them. Ouroboros is a fast charging mod so there is no need for mod generation items(the Spirit trait is enough.)
                              The player will cast Ouroboros and immediately use a melee attack to send a conjured sword toward their target. Once the target has been hit with the the sword all attacks from Deceit will register as weakspot damage. Casting Ouroboros will immediately reload Deceit's magazine.

                              Prime Archetype: Hunter(high ranged/weakspot damage)

                              Secondary Archetype: Handler(high ranged damage/dog buffs)

                              Hunter's Shroud(high burst damage)
                              Attack Dog(Howl=DPS)

                              Kinship(Handler Trait)
                              Longshot(Hunter Trait)
                              Vigor(standard enemies)
                              Endurance(combo dodging)
                              Spirit(shorter downtime)
                              Expertise(shorter downtime)
                              Revivalist(co-op & dog revive speed)
                              Rugged(dog can't howl if they're down)


                              Long Gun: Deceit(high per-shot damage)
                              Mod: Ouroboros(Deceit Mod/primary focus of the build)
                              Mutator: Supercharger(faster fire rate/more crit)

                              Hand Gun: Bolt Driver(slots nicely with high crit/weakspot and Archer's Crest ring)
                              Mod: Bore(weakspot/crit)
                              Mutator: Momentum(stacking crit)

                              Melee Weapon: Godsplitter(thematic) or personal preference

                              Armor: Dendroid(light armor) or personal preference

                              Relic: Salvaged Heart(fast revives and great healing)
                              Weakspot Damage
                              Ranged Critical Damage
                              Ranged Critical Chance

                              Amulet: Necklace of Supremacy(high damage... just don't get hit)

                              Archer's Crest(faster fire rate)
                              Probability Chord(high crit=more dps)
                              Ring of Flawed Beauty(literally made for Deceit)
                              Zania's Malice(stacking damage)

                              • Anonymous

                                the build synergises well with the bleed and and active skill of flamethrower turret and the enigma on hit bullets and melts bosses

                                while also beeing a bit more tanky with the leto mk 2 ( + passive armoir perk from engineer ) and the mist dodge
                                Iam using the resonating hearth for solo play and the crystal hearth for grp play since we share our healing due to medic poassives

                                i managed to go thru veteran and nightmare quite easily with some exp from normal and im trying to play " apokalyse now " (hehe get it )

                                1st Archetype: engineer
                                2nd Archetype: medic
                                Skill: flamethrower / Healing shield
                                Fortify / Triage / vigor / barkskin / fitness / Siphoner / eypertise / shadeskin ( switch shadeskin out for revive trait in grp play )


                                Long Gun: Merciless +10
                                Hand Gun: enigma +10
                                Melee Weapon: dreamcather +10
                                Head Armor: leto mark 2
                                Body Armor:leto mark 2
                                Gloves:leto mark 2
                                Leg Armor:leto mark 2
                                Amulet:deaths embrace
                                Rings: black cat band / ring of omen / fae shaman ring / ( either ring of diversion or tear of karula )

                                overall a tanky support build which can also deal alot of status dmg due to shock / fire / bleed in combination of grp play due to my exp on nightmare makes bosses quite melt

                                hope u enjoy it and try to find the next secret ;D

                                • Anonymous

                                  Shields, Shields, Shields

                                  Tired of not being able to just tank your way through literally everything? Then boy, do I have the build for you. Slap this baby together, and even mix it with your favorite build to literally live through almost anything. With the exception of a few other builds, this build is guaranteed to keep you alive way longer than any of your other friends. Don't be afraid to armor up, and take on a HEAVY roll as we take a look at one of my personal favorites, the SHIELD

                                  Archetypes: Challenger and Hunter
                                  Long Gun: AS-10 "Bulldog"
                                  Weapon Mod: Hot Shot
                                  Mutator: Extender
                                  Hand Gun: Enigma
                                  Weapon Mod: Chaos Driver
                                  Mutator: Harmonizer
                                  Melee Weapon: Smolder
                                  Armor: Full Radiant
                                  Amulet: Difference Engine
                                  Rings: Generating Band, Rerouting Cable, Alumni Ring, Probability Cord
                                  Skills: Juggernaut, Hunter's Shroud
                                  Traits: Vigor, Endurance, Spirit, Barkskin, Fortify, Siphoner, Swiftness, Strong Back, Longshot, Glutton
                                  Relics: Shielded Heart
                                  Relic Fragments: Weapon Spread, Weakspot Damage, Critical Damage

                                  Gameplay Information
                                  The real key to this build is the Shielded Heart, Difference Engine, Generating Band, and Rerouting Cable. Spend your stamina to gain shield in combat and constantly gain heath back. I like the alumni ring to boost the DoT you get from Hot Shot, Smolder, and the Shock Damage off the Enigma. Using your relic often ends up putting you into 2x shield, giving you plenty of room to take damage and again, heal. You can certianly swap out Alumni Ring and Probability Cord for your favorite two rings, and use your preference of weapons. The Radiant armor set seems to be a nice balance of armor to weight, although you will be at weight 51, meaning HEAVY rolls all day.

                                  And thats it! Now get in there and eat some damage :)

                                  • StatusToken: A build based around bleed, overload, and self sufficiency (survivability) while also dealing considerable active and passive damage.

                                    1st Archetype: Archon, (replaceable with invader for decoys but for the mods archon>>)
                                    2nd Archetype: Medic

                                    Skills: Reality Rune (Havoc Form not tested and the DR from RR is pleasant)
                                    Wellspring normally, for some bosses redemption works best.

                                    Traits : Max vigor, Max expertise, Max amplitude, lvl 9 barkskin, Max fitness, Max footwork, Max spirit

                                    Long gun: Merciless
                                    Mod: Default
                                    Mutator: Battery

                                    Hand Gun: Enigma
                                    Mod: Default
                                    Mutator: Timewave

                                    Melee: Any

                                    Get to medium armor (green)

                                    Amulet: Ravager's Mark (Necessary)

                                    Rings: Bisected ring (Necessary)
                                    Endaira's Endless loop (Heavily recommended)
                                    Timekeeper's Jewel (necessary)
                                    Anastasija's Inspiration (Heavily recommended)

                                    • Anonymous

                                      StatusToken: A build based around bleed, overload, and self sufficiency (survivability) while also dealing considerable active and passive damage.

                                      1st Archetype: Archon, (replaceable with invader for decoys but for the mods archon>>)
                                      2nd Archetype: Medic

                                      Skills: Reality Rune (Havoc Form not tested and the DR from RR is pleasant)
                                      Wellspring normally, for some bosses redemption works best.

                                      Traits : Max vigor, Max expertise, Max amplitude, lvl 9 barkskin, Max fitness, Max footwork, Max spirit

                                      Long gun: Merciless
                                      Mod: Default
                                      Mutator: Battery

                                      Hand Gun: Enigma
                                      Mod: Default
                                      Mutator: Timewave

                                      Melee: Any

                                      Get to medium armor (green)

                                      Amulet: Ravager's Mark (Necessary)

                                      Rings: Bisected ring (Necessary)
                                      Endaira's Endless loop (Heavily recommended)
                                      Timekeeper's Jewel (necessary)
                                      Anastasija's Inspiration (Heavily recommended)

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Build Based on the Crit oneshot build from Remnant 1. Few modifications to addapt to the new game. Could reach 5-7k per shot.

                                        You can oneshot most of the mobs and be ready for waves and elites when they spawn with Bulletstorm.

                                        Still gotta test which one works best between Crossbow and WidowMaker

                                        1st Archetype: Gunslinger
                                        2nd Archetype: Hunter
                                        Skill: Bulletstorm & Hunter Focus

                                        Long Gun: Crossbow or Widowmaker
                                        Mod: Hot Shot
                                        Mutator: Slayer

                                        Hand Gun: Sureshot
                                        Mod: Bore
                                        Mutator: Refunder (utility for ammo)
                                        Battery, Momentum or GhostShell (Pure DPS)

                                        Melee Weapon: Any

                                        Head Armor: Any (free use for light or Medium weight)
                                        Body Armor: Any (free use for light or Medium weight)
                                        Gloves: Any (free use for light or Medium weight)
                                        Leg Armor: Any (free use for light or Medium weight)

                                        Amulet: Escalation Protocol (overall dps)
                                        Core Booster (weakspot)

                                        Rings: Assasin's Seal (Free 10% DPS except in bosses) can be swapped for Burden of the Destroyer for Bosses
                                        Probability Cord
                                        Ring of Flawed Beauty
                                        Zania's Malice

                                        • Anonymous

                                          I'll post one here in case it will help somebody. This one, I like to call The Witch Doctor. It's my variant on support healing that can actually survive on higher difficulties (tested on Nightmare so far, slowly working my way through that to test on Apoc later).
                                          Archetypes: Medic Primary, Alchemist secondary
                                          Skill: Medic shield skill, Alchemist Frenzy skill--this allows for healing and DPS boosting (a support isn't just for healing!)
                                          Traits: besides innate traits, I maxed Vigor, Spirit, Skill Cooldown, Barkskin, Shadeskin, Untouchable (innate trait on Invader), with the 5 leftover points into AoE boost. Please forgive me for not remembering every name.
                                          Long Gun: Crescent Moon Bow (Supercharger+10)--self healing and combo below
                                          Handgun: Rune Pistol (buyer's choice on mutation, but I use the one that charges stowed weapon's mod)--even more healing, and honestly decent DPS for light crowd work
                                          Melee: Dreamcatcher--this weapon is a monster when used properly. I'll explain later
                                          Armor: Full Red Widow Set (found in The Lament dungeon on Yaesha)
                                          Amulet: Indignant Fetish--damage boost and damage resist on getting hit. and you WILL get hit eventually...
                                          Rings: Burden of the Divine (or Black Pawn Ring if playing solo), Blessed Ring, Black Cat Band, Generating Ring (life regen with shield active)
                                          Relic: Crystal Heart--this thing is a monster, even better than Void Heart.
                                          Consumables: Roots for more healing, anything else that clears blights as needed for biome

                                          How to play: This build works by giving you a whole lot of healing options for solo and party play. The objective is to survive, give your party buffs, and keep on healing. Medic/Alchemist is a dream team. Burden of the Divine and Crescent Moon works to consistently provide healing (although it isn't always obvious on my testing), the Rune Pistol skill allows for MORE healing that you don't even have to directly give yourself. Crystal Heart is essential, as it provides constant health regeneration (115% of maximum over 10 seconds at Medic rank 10) and an extra 25% damage resist for the low cost of not being able to sprint. I know this sounds bad, but trust me, it's better than Void Heart because it heals your team instantly (for nearly their full health bar when they have Vigor rank 10), plus extra healing due to Alchemist's passives. This isn't even factoring in the useful buffs Alchemist applies when you use a relic. Supplemental healing with Root consumables as needed for that extra spice.

                                          Now why the Dreamcatcher? It's more than just the "unlock stuff for me" weapon. It's unique skill *slows enemies.* You ever seen a pack of elites moving at half speed while you and your buddies casually line up headshots? It's a thing of beauty, and can be easily proc'd in just a few hits. I like to use the Steadfast mutator on the weapon, which prevents charge attacks from being interrupted while giving you damage resist during its animation. So long as your buddies aren't trying to die repeatedly, this build will keep them alive when used right. It even works in solo play for some hilarious sustain, although it's more fun with friends.

                                          This build will buy you and your friends an extra life or two when needed. Use abilities to heal and shield the team, use Frenzy vial to buff dps, and watch as you carry your party to victory while making them feel good about their definitely-well-thought-out DPS builds. Be the gaming hero you were always meant to be!

                                          • Anonymous

                                            i call this the minion mod madness!!!
                                            just spam minion mods to gain regen, bulwark, mod power and skill cdr over and over again

                                            classes: archon/ summoner
                                            skills: defence recommended but variable/ flyer recommended but variable

                                            weapons: any weapons you like which can slot in minion mods. i use the chicago typewriter and the tech 22
                                            Mods: tentacle and space crabs recommended given their lower mod cost and multiple uses and minion counts. familiar works to but not that well.
                                            if there are new summon mods in the future they might also fit better than the tentacles due to their limit of 2.

                                            armor: whatever you like. you can go for light armor and dodge everything or heave 75 weight and be more tanky.

                                            amulet: spirit whisp amulet: gain skill cdr for mod spam. helps with reviving summoner minions and the archon defence skill uptime

                                            rings: soul guard: best in slot for defence purposes
                                            encrypted ring: using a mod gives big regen
                                            cataloger's jewel: more mod power generation
                                            optional rings: either burden of the divine: decreases your dmg but gives minions extra regen and survivability.
                                            or spirit stone for even more mod power generation.

                                            traits: mandatory: rugged, spirit
                                            preffered: blood bond, kinship, regrowth, expertise
                                            others are optional depending on your prefference.

                                            relic: any but prefered: constrained, crystal, pulsing, runed, shielded, tranquil, void
                                            runes: any but preffered: cdr, mod power, any dence and healing

                                            • Anonymous

                                              The Bestest Friend

                                              This build is centered around aiding you friend who you (Bought) convinced to play this game with you. Your overall goal is to be a pet that HEALS, SCOUTS for stuff, COLLECT scrap and other mats, unlock certain things that are to long for them. Ideally for you friend to have a nice experience your weapons will have to be similar level. Armor is unimportant, play what you like. I recommend you friend start on veteran for a bit more challenge but survivor works as well.

                                              Archetypes: Explorer/Medic (heal pet) or Explorer/Gunslinger (ammo pet)
                                              Skill 1: Plain walker or Fortune hunter - Moves faster or find loot better
                                              Skill 2 : (Medic): Healing Shield or wellspring | Gunslinger: Sidewinder or bullet storm - try not to delete the boss

                                              Primary: Anything - I recommend a starting a non-boss gun and limiting your gun level to your lower level friends upgrade. Cant +2 until your friend does.
                                              Secondary: Anything - unlock the MP60-R for your friend or get the Western classic both help with first play through.
                                              MODS: Hot shot, healing shot, bore shot - all these mods are either useful/helpful or inobtrusive to your friends first play through.
                                              Melee: DreamCatcher - Helps in unlocking the Moonbow (Nimue), A Mod (Huntress), The invader class root earth
                                              Mutators: None or any under level 10 - some mutator are strong use them as you want, some bosses we get stuck some time we need them.

                                              Anything works - play light, medium or heavy or ultra flop ur choice
                                              Armor set: Rift walker set - so you can just unlock the Archon for them when it ready, play what ever.

                                              ACCESORIES - all optional
                                              Necklace: Scavenger's Bauble - It will auto pick up scrap for you and your friend (Also you get more scrap for yourself)
                                              Ring 1: Burden of the Divine - 50% of self healing is great for them ( you also swap the other rings for faster regen rings
                                              Ring 2: Band Band - Faster revive speed for your friend (or you), pair with medic it might look like they never fell.
                                              Ring 3: Vacuum Seal - Bigger scrap pickup range for you
                                              Ring 4: Anastasija's Inspiration - Best ring just use it and recommend your friend buy it as well.

                                              Traits - all optional
                                              Use what you have, traits do make a difference but its also expensive to respec. no point in matching trait points it will not change your friends experience just cause you have more points in vigor than they do.

                                              RELIC - ANY
                                              Recommended: Dragon heart, Blooming Heart, Pulsing heart, Resonating Heart
                                              Runes: Healing Amount, Skill Cooldown, Skill duration - really anything you like

                                              • Anonymous


                                                TH-300 (300 Armor)
                                                1st Archetype: Medic
                                                2nd Archetype: Challenger
                                                Skill: Any
                                                Weapons: Any
                                                Armor: Leto Mark II Set
                                                Amulet: Twisted Idol
                                                Relic: whatever you like to heal
                                                Ring of Grace
                                                Fae Shaman Ring
                                                Reserve Boosting Gem
                                                Burden of the Divine

                                                Vigor - 10 Points
                                                Barkskin - 10 Points
                                                Regrowth - 10 Points
                                                Fortify - 10 Points
                                                Shadeskin - 10 Points (Only If you think you need it)
                                                Expertise - 10 Points (If you plan to use skills)
                                                Remaing points what ever you need
                                                "You keep you Teammates alive in exchange for Damage output"

                                                TH-200 (200 Armor)
                                                1st Archetype: Any
                                                - Summoner or Engineer you get more Trait Points and more firepower
                                                2nd Archetype: Medic
                                                Skill: Any
                                                Weapons: Any
                                                Head Armor: Fae Royal Headcover
                                                Body Armor: Fae Royal Bodyplate
                                                Gloves: Leto Mark II
                                                Leg Armor: Leto Mark II
                                                Amulet: Nimue's Ribbon or Red Doe Sigil
                                                Relic: Tranquil Heart
                                                Ring of Grace
                                                Ring of the Forest Spirit or Fae Shaman Ring
                                                Reserve Boosting Gem
                                                Burden of the Divine

                                                Vigor - 10 Points
                                                Barkskin - 10 Points
                                                Regrowth - 10 Points
                                                Fortify - 10 Points
                                                Shadeskin - 10 Points (Only If you think you need it)
                                                Expertise - 10 Points (If you plan to use skills)
                                                Remaing points what ever you need

                                                This is not Perfect, because healing stats are hidden you can only calculate what it is for you and your Teammates.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  The Labyrinth Wanderer
                                                  This build is focused on tanking damage while dishing out an onslaught of volts to blast at your enemys,also being focused on the gear you get from the Labyrinth you can the get ball rolling for this build pretty early on if your a new player or is looking to spice up a new run-through of the game on a fresh character
                                                  Do note that i haven't tested this greatly in Nightmare difficulty or above nor have i messed around with concoctions all that much so if this sucks in higher difficulties please show mercy
                                                  Primary Gun:Chicago Typewriter
                                                  Primary Gun Mod:Overflow
                                                  Primary Gun Mutator:Bandit
                                                  Hand Gun:Enigma
                                                  Hand Gun Mutator:Harmonizer
                                                  Melee:Labyrinth Staff
                                                  Mutator doesn't matter all that much but i opted for Steadfast
                                                  Armor Set, exluding the legs:Leto mark ll
                                                  Leg piece:Bruiser Boots
                                                  Amulet:Indignant Fetish
                                                  Rings:Grounding Stone,Encrypted Ring,Hardcore Metal Band,and Ring of Grace
                                                  Traits:Vigor x10,Spirit x10,Expertise x10,Siphoner x10, Regrowth x10,Strong back x7, Barkskin x6
                                                  Relics:Tranquil Heart
                                                  Relic Ruins:Solid Skill Duration,Solid Skill Cooldown,Solid Elemental Damage
                                                  This is a build i slapped together with both me just progressing through the game and going off of some other build templates so let me know if theres any improvements to be made,aside from that hope you enjoy the build and happy zapping!

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    1st Archetype: Medic
                                                    2nd Archetype: Alchemist
                                                    Skill: Healing Shield & Vial: (Of Choice)

                                                    Triage & Potency (10 Free Points)
                                                    Vigor & Barkskin (10 Skill Points) - For Increased Health and Tankiness
                                                    Glutton & Revivalist (5 Skill Points) - For Speed in Clutch Situations
                                                    Resonance & Amplitude (5 Skill Points) - To increase Utility Potency

                                                    Long Gun: XMG57 Bonesaw
                                                    Hand Gun: Enigma (For Clearing)
                                                    Melee Weapon: (Any)
                                                    Head Armor: (Whatever Suits your Needs)
                                                    Body Armor: (Whatever Suits your Needs)
                                                    Gloves: (Whatever Suits your Needs)
                                                    Leg Armor: (Whatever Suits your Needs)

                                                    Ring of Crisis & Excess Coil
                                                    Burden of the Devine
                                                    Fae Shaman Ring or Generating Band

                                                    Short Description: A full Time Support Heal Tank Providing crazy regen to your team and a constant stack of relic buffs from the alchemist Relic skill. Fully capable of laying down meaningful damage in a boss fight if needed and making up for any short comings by being a clutch last man standing to rely on

                                                    • Fae Stalker

                                                      Fae Stalker is built purely around Crescent Moon and Survivability.
                                                      it brings devastating damage and large self heals and is suited for both solo combat and co-op.
                                                      Can you master the art of the bow?

                                                      Archetypes: Alchemist/Hunter
                                                      Long Gun: Crescent Moon
                                                      Weapon Mod: Moonlit Barrage
                                                      Mutator: Supercharger
                                                      Hand Gun: Silverback Model 500
                                                      Weapon Mod: Soulbinder
                                                      Mutator: Timeweave
                                                      Melee Weapon: Any
                                                      Head Armor: Fae Royal Headcover
                                                      Body Armor: Fae Royal Bodyplate
                                                      Gloves: Fae Royal Vambraces
                                                      Leg Armor: Fae Royal Greaves
                                                      Amulet: Full Moon Circlet
                                                      Rings: Outcast Ring, Defensive Action Loop, Zania's Malice, and Probability Cord.
                                                      Skills: Stone Mist, Hunter's Shroud.
                                                      Traits: Fortify x10, Longshot x10, Potency x10, Endurance x10, Spirit x10, Barkskin x10, Siphoner x10, Fitness x5, footwork x5,
                                                      Relics: Tranquil Heart
                                                      Relic runes: Mythic Ranged Crit chance, Crit Damage, and Weakspot Damage
                                                      Concoctions: Bark Extract, Dark Cider, Strong Drink, and Verdant Tea

                                                      Rough Damage Values.
                                                      Zania Malice x3 + Moonlight Barrage + Hunters shroud: Weakspots - 5600+
                                                      Zania Malice x3 + Moonlight Barrage + Hunters shroud + Crits: Weakspots - 11,000+

                                                      Damage Reduction Value.
                                                      Passive - 70%
                                                      Reloading - 80%

                                                      • Anonymous


                                                        1st Archetype: Handler/Summoner
                                                        2nd Archetype: Summoner/Handler
                                                        (Choose based on preferred prime perk)

                                                        Handler Skill: Any handler skill, although I prefer Guard Dog because it increases both the dog's survivability and your own.
                                                        Summoner Skill: Hollow or Flyer, since they give you two summons instead of one. I personally prefer the Fliers.
                                                        Traits: Rugged and Blood Bond, to make your summons and yourself more durable.

                                                        Long Gun/Hand Gun: Preference
                                                        Weapon Mods: Rootlash and Healing Shot
                                                        Head/Body/Gloves/Leg Armor: Any
                                                        Amulet: Ankh of Power. It increases your summons' damage as well as your own, and the increased buff after using a relic stacks with the Handler/Summoner relic traits.
                                                        Rings: Soul Guard and Soul Link (as of right now my two other rings are Anastasija's Inspiration and Stone of Balance)

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          Shadow samurai of destruction

                                                          1st Archetype: Challenger
                                                          2nd Archetype: Invader
                                                          Skill: Any of the challenger skill // to clear maps wormhole/ for bosses i'd do void cloak
                                                          Traits: Expertise (skills kinda have a long cooldown period), fitness, siphoner (helps the loophole perk)

                                                          Long Gun: Crescent moon bow
                                                          Hand Gun: Preference Based (Enigma does too much to be contested)
                                                          Melee Weapon: spectral blade
                                                          Head Armor: Any light to med
                                                          Body Armor: any light to med
                                                          Gloves: any light to med
                                                          Leg Armor: any to mid
                                                          Amulet: Stalkers brand
                                                          Rings: assassins seal, encrypted ring, dran momento, (and any other you feel would fit)

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            Vampire Cosplay

                                                            1st Archetype: Alchemist
                                                            2nd Archetype: Gunslinger
                                                            Skill: Elixir of Life or Frenzy Dust // Bulletstorm
                                                            Traits: Fortify, Fitness, Spirit, Barkskin, Siphoner 10/10 Last 4 Points are free to specc as wanted but Handling isnt a bad choice.

                                                            Long Gun: Nightfall w/ Deadly Calm Mutator
                                                            Hand Gun: Preference Based (Enigma does too much to be contested)
                                                            Melee Weapon: Preference Based
                                                            Head Armor: Fae Royal
                                                            Body Armor: Fae Royal
                                                            Gloves: Space Worker
                                                            Leg Armor: Fae Royal
                                                            Amulet: Nightmare Spiral
                                                            Rings: Stone of Expanse, Burden of the Follower, Zania's Malice, Probability Cord

                                                            The goal of the build is simple and straightforward. Abuse your in game wallet to buy 4 concoctions, the only required one being Bark Extract for +30 Armor, and reach an effective Armor of 196 with the extra durability from Bark Extract leaving you at roughly 69% Total Damage Reduction. The main offense comes from using either Frenzy Dust or Bulletstorm to buff your Nightfall before activating its mod, Dreadwalker, to unload on enemies and bosses alike while healing yourself to full. Some boss attacks, you don't even have to dodge if they dont stagger or one shot you, as you can simply heal to full hp before being hit again. This build is a fine line between survivability and damage but heavily relies on attaining the Nightmare Spiral from Reggies Shop when it appears for 1,000 Scraps. The build can flex pretty well as long as you keep Alchemist primary, allowing you to swap between Gunslinger, Hunter, and Challenger effectively. Any class that can buff you before activating Nightfalls Dreadwalker is a possibility for the second archetype and fits in with little to no issue. Aside from Nightfall, the Enigma now does everything it does and heals you like crazy when mobbing. The 4 concoctions usually used are: Dark Cider, Bark Extract, Verdant Tea, and Dark Fluid (which is interchangeable to whatever you would prefer.) As far as relic choices go, I would advise using Siphon Heart to further increase your lifesteal but it was never needed to clear Apocalypse Difficulty or at any point in general, as it is usually faster and safer to just continue shooting away at the enemies to heal yourself while also dealing damage and getting closer to killing whatever hurt you. Since damage is our healing, taking advantage of Deadly Calms increased crit rate at level 10, as well as the Ranged Crit Chance, Ranged Crit Damage, and Ranged Weakspot Damage relic Fragments, we can get a good number of critical hits in within our Dreadwalker DPS window and just from general use. The strange armor combination is to ensure that we can get ourselves at a flat 50 weight for medium roll while having enough base armor to make Fortify Trait worthwhile. If you're confident in your dodging, you can respec Fitness as you see fit for pretty much whatever you desire.

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              Class 1 Hunter
                                                              Class 2 Anything

                                                              Amulet Necklace of Supremacy

                                                              Ring 1 Faerin's Sigil
                                                              Ring 2 Stone of Continuance
                                                              Ring 3 Vestige of Power
                                                              Ring 4 Zania's Malice

                                                              Long Gun NightFall
                                                              Mod Dreadwalker
                                                              Mutator Battery +10

                                                              Hand Gun Anything
                                                              Mod Anything
                                                              Mutator Anything

                                                              Melee Weapon Anything

                                                              Recomended Traits
                                                              Vigor +10
                                                              Spirit +10
                                                              Expertise +5
                                                              Bloodstream +10
                                                              Glutton +8
                                                              Recovery +10
                                                              Siphoner +10

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                Literally dont dodge just deal damage once you run out of the buff place your heavy weapon as a turret.
                                                                When you are on cooldowns try to finish enemies using your melee weapon to reduce the time needed for your skill timers.

                                                                (Currently tweaking but as for now I can solo the final boss without hardly using any hearts and only using my weapons and skills/in multiplayer its really effecient when you need to revive since the stone mist grants -1 stagger)

                                                                Primary Archetype: Engineer
                                                                Secondary Archetype: Alchemist
                                                                Primary Skill: Heavy Weapon: Vulcan or Heavy Weapon: Impact Cannon
                                                                Secondary Skill: Vial: Stone Mist Alchemist
                                                                Long gun: Nightfall (Ghost Shell)
                                                                Hand gun: Tech 22 (Bandit)
                                                                Melee weapon: Atom Splitter (Dervish)
                                                                Armor: Leto Mark II Set
                                                                Amulet: Full Moon Circlet
                                                                Rings: Amber Moonstone, Hardened Coil, Zania's Malice, Reserve Boosting Gem
                                                                Relic: Crystal Heart

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  Assassin Build:
                                                                  1st Archetype: Invader
                                                                  2nd Archetype: Challenger or Alchemist

                                                                  Skill 1: Worm Hole
                                                                  Skill 2: Juggernaut (Challenger) or any of the 3 Alchemist skills depending on situation

                                                                  10pts Vigor (Health)
                                                                  10pts Expertise (Skill CD)
                                                                  10pts Endurance (Stamina)
                                                                  10pts Barkskin (Dmg reduc)
                                                                  10pts Fitness (Evade Distance)
                                                                  10pts Siphon (Lifesteal)
                                                                  10pts Recovery (Stam Regen)
                                                                  Remaining 15 points can be spent on a Trait of your own choice. Recommended: Shadeskin (Status Resist), Glutton (Consumable use speed), Arcane Strike (Mod Power from Melee attacks)


                                                                  Long Gun and Hand Gun:
                                                                  Any rapid fire weapon of choice with Corrosive Rounds and
                                                                  Any weapon with Energy Wall (Defensive), Root Blades (Bleed), Time Lapse (CC) or Healing Shot (Self/Group Heal)

                                                                  Melee Weapon:
                                                                  Assassin's Dagger

                                                                  - Dervish (Increases Melee Damage by 20% for 10s when activating a Skill)
                                                                  - Shield Breaker (Melee Attacks grants a Shield for 2% of Max Health. Max 20%. Last 10s)
                                                                  - Striker (Melee Hits increase Melee Damage by 3% for 10s Max 5 Stacks)

                                                                  - Timewave (Mod Use applies SLOW status on all enemies within 7.5m for 5s)
                                                                  - Harmonizer (Mod Damage + 25% extra Mod Power generated for Stowed weapon)

                                                                  Without set bonusses you can wear whatever you think looks cool. Because this build is about being all up in an enemy's face, dodging is crucial but facetanking is also possible. Recommended is either a Light set, but if you run Challenger as secondary Archetype a Medium or Heavy set works aswell. It comes down to fashion and playstyle.

                                                                  - Siphon Heart (On use, grants 10% of dase damage dealt as Lifesteal for 10s)
                                                                  - Void Heart (On use, reduces incoming damage by 50% for 4s. When buff ends, heals 100% of missing Health over 0.75s)
                                                                  Honestly, Relics are all down to your personal preference.

                                                                  There are lot of viable options. Comes down to what you end up finding. I will list a few that work well with this build:
                                                                  - Ankh of Power (Passive 15% dmg increase, doubled for 15s after consuming a Relic)
                                                                  - Chains of Amplification (20% dmg vs enemies with a Status effect)
                                                                  - Death's Embrace (20% dmg when not on full life, HASTE when below 50% health)
                                                                  - Decayed Margin (Lifesteal, increased with missing health, 25% Melee damage when on full life)
                                                                  - Matriarch's Insignia (Increases Melee Damage by 35% and causes all successful Melee Attacks to restore 10 Stamina)
                                                                  - Navigator's Pendant (Grants 20 Health, 20 Stamina, and -10 Armor Encumbrance - USE WITH HEAVY ARMOR)
                                                                  - Ravager's Mark (Increases all damage dealt to BLEEDING targets by 20%. Bonus increases to 30% for targets with 50% or lower Health)

                                                                  Personal preference: Matriarch's Insignia and Decayed Margin

                                                                  Same deal as Amulet. Many options, lots of viable rings that work perfectly for this build. Pick any combo that you like!
                                                                  - Akari War Band (Perfect Dodges increase Critical Chance by 15% and Critical Damage by 15% for 15s)
                                                                  - Berserker Crest (Increases Melee Charge Speed by 20% and reduces Melee Stamina Cost by 25%)
                                                                  - Black Pawn Stamp (Reduces Cooldowns of Skills by 10% which is an extra 3 seconds off the CD of Worm Hole)
                                                                  - Blood Jewel (Charged Melee Attacks apply BLEEDING, dealing 460 BLEED damage over 20s)
                                                                  - Booster Ring (Increases all Status Resistances by 10)
                                                                  - Burden of the Destroyer (Decreases Ideal Range of all Firearms by 25%. Increases all damage dealt by 15%)
                                                                  - Burden of the Rebel (Reduces Skill Cooldowns by 15% but increases Relic Use Speed by 25%) - This is where Energy Wall, Time Lapse and Healing Shot come in
                                                                  - Burden of the Stargazer (Reduces Skill Cooldowns by 15%. Activating a Skill costs 15% Health) - Use at your own risk, preferably only after maxing out Siphon and using other sources of healing or Lifesteal
                                                                  - Celerity Stone (Increases Consumable and Relic Use Speed by 20%) - When using consumables often
                                                                  - Dran Memento (Increases Max Stamina by 20 and reduces Encumbrance by 5)
                                                                  - Dying Ember (Gain 5% of base Melee damage dealt as Lifesteal)
                                                                  - Encrypted Ring (Casting a Skill or Mod grants a Heal over Time that heals 10% of max HP over 10s. Reapplication increases duration up to a max of 30s) - Perfect when combined with Burden of the Stargazer
                                                                  - Excess Coil (Activating a Skill grants a SHIELD for 25% of Max Health. Cannot stack with itself. Lasts 10s)
                                                                  - Fae Bruiser Ring (Dealing Melee damage grants 2 Stack of BULWARK for 7s. Does not stack with itself)
                                                                  - Fae Protector Signet (Increases Max Health and Stamina by 10 and Reduces Encumbrance by 5)
                                                                  - Fae Warrior Ring (Increases Melee Damage by 15%)
                                                                  - Flyweight's Sting (Increases Melee damage while Armor Encumbrance is below 50. Damage bonus increases with lower Encumbrance, up to 25% at 0 Weight)
                                                                  - Frivolous Band (Increases Evade Speed by 10%. Perfect Evades increase Fire Rate by 10% and Melee Speed by 10% for 10s)
                                                                  - Ring of the Robust (Increases Max Health by 10, and Armor Effectiveness by 15)
                                                                  - Slayer's Crest (Increases Melee damage by 25% when attacking enemies from behind)
                                                                  - Stone of Balance (Increases all damage by 7%)
                                                                  - Stream Coupler (Using a Skill regenerates 10% of Max Health over 5s) - Another ring that's perfect with Stargazer

                                                                  Personal preference: Burden of the Rebel and Burden of the Stargazer with either Dying Ember (general) or Encrypted Ring (depends on enemies) and either Fae Warrior Ring or Excess Coil (depends on enemies)

                                                                  GENERAL HOW TO PLAY:
                                                                  Spam Worm Hole. That's it. Find enemy, hold Worm Hole to teleport behind enemy, stab.
                                                                  Once you obtain the Assassin's Dagger it's slightly different. You'll want to Charge Attack, Worm Hole, Charge Attack.

                                                                  • Unarmed Build

                                                                    Primary Archetype: Challenger
                                                                    Secondary Archetype: Invader
                                                                    Primary Skill: Juggernaut
                                                                    Secondary Skill: Worm hole
                                                                    Long gun: None
                                                                    Hand gun: None
                                                                    Melee weapon: None
                                                                    Armor: Leto Mark II Set
                                                                    Amulet: Decayed Margin
                                                                    Rings: Meteorite Shard Ring, Tarnished Ring, Haymaker’s Ring, Dying Ember
                                                                    Relic: Void Heart

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