Combat in Remnant 2 is covered on this page, including the basic and advanced combat mechanics helpful in advancing through the game. Remnant: From the Ashes featured many difficult Enemy and Boss encounters, where being familiar with the combat played a big role in completing them. Expect this to be the same case for Remnant 2. The page will provide more general information on Combat and will be updated once the game has been released.


Remnant 2 Combat

Health Bar in Remnant 2

The Health Bar represents the overall health of players. It will get lower and lower as they receive damage. When it is completely empty, the character is dead, and players will be taken to the last visited checkpoint. 

In Remnant 2, Gunfire Games have implemented a grey health system. This is when players get damaged in combat, half of the damage they get will convert into grey health. What this means is that players can recover that portion of their health naturally over time, or lean into Builds that benefit the grey health system. 

Players can find the health bar at the lower part of the screen.

health bar remannt2 wiki guide

Stamina Bar in Remnant 2

The Stamina Bar is the visual representation of the total amount of it players possess. Performing certain actions during combat, such as dodging, will start draining the bar.

Players will not have to worry about losing stamina outside of combat situations. Players' stamina will only be affected if you are in combat and will have to monitor your stamina bar more carefully. This will give players a bit more room to think about where you want to place your trait points to benefit your playstyle and your character as a whole.

The Stamina Bar can be found below the health bar, at the lower side of the screen.

stamina bar remannt2 wiki guide

Melee Playstyle in Remnant 2

There has been a huge focus to having more melee weapons and melee playstyles in Remnant 2 as new melee weapons will be added to the game. With the new weapons come new enhancement mechanism, alongside the Modification Slot, there will also be a Mutator Slot.

Gunfire Games have greatly improved the melee combat style. They've not only added more melee weapons, but also new melee types, melee attack animations, as well as dedicated traits to melee weapon wielding archetypes and more to cater to melee playstyles.

In addition, there are many new revamped weapons that players can choose at the start of the game, and more to find when exploring. This gives the players options to choose the weapons according to your playstyles.

Boss Combat in Remnant 2

A new feature with the boss fights is that it will be more focused on the mechanics and phases on how the boss engages with the players. That being said players will need to learn their move set and attack patterns and counter the attacks, instead of having the players get overwhelmed and get defeated by the exterior forces such as a mob of enemies.

 Status Effects 

Remnant 2 has a number of different status effects which the player can apply and have applied to them through various means.

Status Effect Affects Enemies or Players

Causes a slow damage over time effect whilst also halving the effectiveness of healing. Stacks up to 3 times.

Cured by bandages.


Causes a quick damage over time effect due to taking too much FIRE damage. Stacks up to 3 times.

Rolling repeatedly will put out the flames. Cured by Mud Rub.


Causes a damage over time effect as a result of taking too much ACID damage. Increases the amount of damage taken from all sources by 10%.

Cured by antidote 

Cursed Cursed is a blight usually caused by enemies in losomn. It's build up is caused through attacks which inflict curse. Once cursed the players Max health is reduced by 10%, stacking 5 times for a maximum of 50% Max health reduction. 
It can be cured by resting at the stone, using the purified salve or from drinking from the many golden fountains scattered through losomn.

The result of taking too much SHOCK damage. Causes an initial lightning explosion on the afflicted creature and again on subsequent damage. After a few seconds (time is denoted on the debuff) the creature will explode again. It is possible to prevent this damage by rolling at the correct time.

Fades on its own after the debuffs duration or cured by Ethereal Orb

Root Rot

Root rot is afflicted by root enemies and environmental hazards, usually from standing in pink clouds of gas left behind after an attack or explosion. It causes the player to randomly cough and become slowed for a few seconds, preventing dodging or attacking. 

Cured by Oilskin Balm


Supressed is a blight usually caused by enemies in N'erud. Skill Cooldown +100%. Mod Power Generation -50%.

Cured with Timeworn Unguent


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