Traits in Remnant 2 are special passive abilities that provide unique bonuses and buffs to a player. In Remnant 2, there are Core Traits, Archetype Traits, and regular Traits. There are currently 11 Archetype Traits, 4 Core Traits, and 17 Traits in the game. This page contains a full list of Traits available in Remnant 2 as well as their effects. 


How to Unlock Traits in Remnant 2

All players start with the same four Core Traits unlocked: Vigor, Endurance, Spirit, and Expertise.

  • Archetype Traits are automatically assigned based on which Archetype the player has equipped. If you have Dual Archetypes, you will have two Archetype Traits equipped. One for each Archetype.
  • The remaining Traits are obtained through various methods that can be discovered while playing through the game. 

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Remnant 2 Trait Mechanics

Levelling Up Traits

In Remnant: From the Ashes, Traits had to be levelled up by spending Trait Points. Levelling Traits up in Remnant 2, however, has changed, with Archetype Traits automatically gaining +1 when you level its corresponding Archetype. Traits are fully maxed out at level 10. Players can have up to a maximum of  110 Trait Points that benefit their playstyle and build. The player's Prime and Secondary Archetypes will automatically assign up to 10 Trait Points per Archetype based on the Archetype level. Prime Archetypes will assign an additional 5 Trait Points into Core Traits that can not be reassigned. There is a maximum of 85 remaining Trait Points available for players to distribute freely, but or a total of 295 Trait Points to choose from. Because of this, players will not be able to level all their Traits to the maximum level and will need to pick and choose which Traits they want to prioritize. Players can reallocate their remaining 85 Trait Points using Orb of Undoing.

Initially, Archetype Traits are only available when a specific item is equipped. When capped out at level 10, however, players unlock that trait for use with any of the other available Archetypes. Using an Archetype Trait in this way will require players to spend Trait Points.

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  • With the release of The Awakened King DLC, players can spent up to 85 Trait points. Previously it was 65.


How to Acquire Traits in Remnant 2?

Players can acquire Traits from Bosses, Quests and by completing various puzzles throughout the course of the game.

Trait Points

Players will start with the same 4 Core Traits unlocked as well as 1 Trait unique to each equipped Archetype. Each Archetype has a specific set of 5 points that it will allocate into Core Traits when equipped as your Prime Archetype.
Core traits and their effects are:

Vigor: Increase max health

Endurance: Increase Max Stamina

Spirit: Increase Mod Power Generation

Expertise: Reduces Skill Cooldowns

This section will be updated with more information on using Trait Points when more info is available.

How to Acquire Trait Points in Remnant 2?

Players can earn Trait Points by killing Bosses, finding Tomes of Knowledge on the ground, and finally, from taking down Aberrations, which are special super elite Enemies that randomly spawn and have their own particular rewards.

Loadouts in Remnant 2 - New!

Loadouts are a new feature added with the patch released on October 27th. This allows players to create a gear preset and then recall it with a single button press, reducing the whole process to mere seconds. This includes WeaponsModsMutatorsArchetypesSkillsRelics, Fragments, etc. Loadouts will also save and recall Traits, but will only recall them if you have the Orb of Undoing in your inventory.

Loadouts cannot be used in combat.


All Remnant 2 Traits


Traits Table



Quick Search of all Traits in Remnant 2




Max Level

ammo reserves gunslinger archetype trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px
Ammo Reserves

Archetype Trait Increases Ammo Reserves Increases Ammo Reserves by 50%

kinship handler archetype trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px

Archetype Trait Reduces Friendly Fire damage dealt and received Reduces Friendly Fire Damage Dealt and Received by 80%

longshot hunter archetype trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px

Archetype Trait Increases Weapon Ideal Range Increases Weapon Ideal Range by 600(cm)

potency alchemist archetype trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px

Archetype Trait Increases Consumable Duration Increases Consumable Duration by 100%

regrowth summoner archetype trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px

Archetype Trait Increases Health Regeneration Increases Health Regen by 1.5s

strong back challenger archetype trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px
Strong Back

Archetype Trait Decreases Encumbrance Reduces encumbrance by 10

flash caster archon archetype trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px
Flash Caster

Archetype Trait Increases casting Speed Increases casting speed by 50%

fortify engineer archetype trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px

Archetype Trait Increases Armor Effectiveness Increases Armor Effectiveness by 50%

untouchable invader archetype trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px

Archetype Trait Increases Evade Window Increases Evade Window by 30%

swiftness explorer archetype trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px

Archetype Trait Increases movement Increases all Movement Speed by 15%

triage medic archetype trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px

Archetype Trait Increases Healing Increases healing by 50%

endurance core trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px

Core Trait Increases Maximum Stamina Increases Max Stamina by 30%

expertise core trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px

Core Trait Reduces Skill Cooldowns Reduces Skill Cooldowns by -20%

spirit core trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px

Core Trait Increases Mod Power Generation Increases Mod Power Generation by 20%

vigor core trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px

Core Trait Increases Maximum Health Increases Max Health by 30%

amplitude trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px

Trait Increases AOE Size Increases AOE Size by +50%

arcane strike trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px
Arcane Strike

Trait Increases Mod Power Generation from Melee Damage Increases Mod Power Generation from Melee Damage by 50%

barkskin trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px

Trait Reduces ALL incoming Damage Reduces ALL incoming Damage by 10%

blood bond trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px
Blood Bond

Trait Summons absorb a set amount of damage taken by the caster Summons absorb 10% of damage taken by the caster

bloodstream trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px

Trait Increases Grey Health regen Increases Grey Health regen by 3.0/s

fitness trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px

Trait Increases Evade Distance Increases Evade Distance by +30%

footwork trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px

Trait Increases Movement Speed while Aiming Increases Movement Speed while Aiming by +50%

glutton trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px

Trait Increases the Use Speed of Consumables and Relics Increases the Use Speed of Consumables and Relics by +30%

handling trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px

Trait Reduces Weapon Spread and Recoil Reduces Weapon Spread and Recoil by 40%

recovery trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px

Trait Increases Stamina Regen Increases Stamina Regen by 30/s

resonance trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px

Trait Increases Aura Size Increases Aura Size by +50%

revivalist trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px

Trait Increases the Speed of Reviving and being Revived Increases the Speed of Reviving and being Revived by +50%

rugged trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px

Trait Increases the Health of Archetpye Summons Increases the Health of Archetpye Summons by +100%

scholar trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px

Trait Increases Experience Gain Increases Experience Gain by +15%

shadeskin trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px

Trait Increases Resistance to Elemental Status Effect Damage Increases Resistance to Elemental Status Effect Damage by 20%

siphoner trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px

Trait Increases Lifesteal Increases Lifesteal by +3.0%

wayfarer trait remnant2 wiki guide 100px

Trait Increases Enviroment Movement Speed

(Vaulting, Ladders, Wading)
Increeses Traversal Movement by +50%

dark pact trait remnant2 wiki guide 200px
Dark Pact

Trait Reduces Grey Health Regen Rate Reduces Grey Health Regen Rate by 90%

affliction remnant 2 wiki 200

Archetype Trait

Increases STATUS EFFECT duration against enemies

Increases STATUS EFFECT duration against enemies by 100%



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    • Anonymous

      Note: The DLC increased the trait point cap by at least at least 10. I knew that the total was too low and that it would expand!

      • Anonymous

        did anyone else notice the Dark Pact archetype trait under general traits with after the Awakened king DLC releasing

        • Anonymous

          I love the game by all means, in fact I think it should win game of the year. But I do believe they got skimpy on the traits. In from the ashes there were sooo many traits. Idk why they wouldn't have added a good amount of those in this sequel. That way, they actually could increase the limit to 80 or 100.
          And I somewhat get what they were trying to accomplish with implementing a limitation on trait points. But I do somewhat agree with the one dude on here. You reach a point where multiple playthroughs is less and less rewarding. Especially once you have a few builds/loadouts and leveled up a few archtypes.

          I think an easy fix would be adding about 20-30 more traits and then get rid of the capped trait points. There's no PVP, so who cares if you overplay the game cuz you enjoy it and inadvertently become completely OP

          • Anonymous

            the trait limitation is awful, too many traits, not enough points, and investing like 1-2 pts in a trait is useless cause the bonuses are so low

            i had basically reached the trait cap with 1 story playthrough and 2 adventure playthrough, at that point there feels like 0 progression because you cant upgrade armor, once you max out the weapons you like no need to upgrade those, trait limit is so low so its hugely disappointing when you find a trait book and it gives you nothing

            at this point all i have left is leveling classes, which itself is not useful as hitting 10 unlocks, guess what, a trait you dont have points to fill out because your capped, so theres no point in maxing out all of the classes either

            the trait limit sucked all of the fun out of this version of remnant because once you hit the cap, there is no more progression

            • Anonymous

              i dont mind the cap, ive already completed the game and messed about in some of the rerolled worlds and ive still only got 57 points so the cap doesnt bother me as ive not reached it yet.
              this is a hard game but a simple thing to do is to leave the gun leveling to 1 below the vanilla area level as the areas slowly level up as u go through the game so the more u level up the harder your making it, until necesery for the world bosses (enter the boss arena and if your getting clubbed then u can level up to the boss level) as leveling up the weapons increases the area levels to 1 passed your level maxing at 21 so in most senerios it hinders u to level up.
              i think my annihilator fight was level 15 lol got clubbed so i level`d up and still got wrecked but it made it more manageable :)

              • Anonymous

                Builds all but didn’t exist in Remnant 1 because unlimited points mean you aren’t making any choices. And adding in damage traits just means those will be mandatory for every character. The point limit is fine as is for people who actually want to make choices and meaningful builds and not just have everything

                • Anonymous

                  I think they are afraid to add in crit change/damage traits because of how busted hunter/gunslinger can be.

                  • Anonymous

                    For tanky summoner, I'm leaning towards these 9:
                    Class: Fortify, Regrowth, Triage, Untouchable.
                    Non-class: Bloodstream, Rugged, Amplitude, Shadeskin, Vigor(5pts.)
                    Did I overlook something?

                    • Anonymous

                      So many complaining about traits. Traits are NOT the primary way of creating a build. The huge amount of rings/amulets and archetype perks are the bread and butter. Traits are nothing more than a passive way to further buff and synergize the powerful stuff. None of the traits are absolutely necessary, they're meant to add a finer layer of tuning.

                      • Anonymous

                        When you haven't got NG+ gear the trait cap is a bit of a pain in the backside suposidly.
                        Have players explored enough to get the right rings, amulets, mods, guns and armour to fill in the missing extra trait points???
                        Probably not. One ring can make any weight load fast roll, yes even Letto Mk2 full gear (vigor, armour and damage reduction traits fixed)
                        If in doubt use this Wiki and youtube to find what you are missing.

                        • Anonymous

                          Looking to level Archetypes fast to unlock their traits? Here's how you can increase your XP gain:

                          - Max out the "Scholar" trait (requires beating the game)
                          - Equip the "Sagestone" ring (Yaesha random world drop)
                          - Buy a bunch of "Mudtooth's Elixir" from Mudtooth

                          I think that's everything but if there's more just add them in the replies.

                          • Anonymous

                            Why we dont level up the core traits without using points those are base game traits is stupid to spend points to better my life pool or stamina

                            • Anonymous

                              Once you allocate to the skills needed for survival, you are left with only a few points to end up with those that enhance the direct numbers needed from the archetype combination. there is no build as Traits, you allocate more to what you allocate in common, and the rest is determined from the archetype combination. But even if the cap goes up, you'll still only be shifting more to the next most useful skill, and it still won't be a build for Traits. Not only is the cap a problem for building, but there are no Traits that enjoy synergy or combination. If there were some caps to choose from after the base stats are all set, and if there were less than a ring, even a small multiplier, such as critical chance, weakness multiplier, mod charge rate on weakness, mod charge rate on crit, etc..., I think there would be room to choose and enjoy as a build if there were such things as

                              • Definitely disappointed by the lack of offensive traits. I suppose with the new level cap they would be auto-include and reduce the options you can pick between even further, but still I get way more excited putting points in headshot damage or crit chance than I do about the other stuff on this list. Not really sure why the level cap exists if I am honest.

                                • Anonymous

                                  For anyone that has problem with unlocking the achievement for 20+ traits, I think the one that triggers it cannot come from maxing archetype. I had 26 traits unlocked, but "Resonance" was the one that triggered the achievement even though I already had 20 new ones (and still less than 20 of non-archetype ones).

                                  • Anonymous

                                    So, my friend and I beat the game with 60 total, but I just (on a re-roll of Yaesha) found a random book, and got to 61... not sure if this is because "it's new to me", or if they recently patched the game and pushed it further...?

                                    But the Wiki is serverely lacking on "Which methods are most-effective at reaching the cap for Trait Points".

                                    • Anonymous

                                      My proposal - raise the trait cap to 80 and increase the strength of the weaker traits.

                                      The latter is easier said than done, because no matter how high of a number you assign to "traversal movement" it will still never compare to something like health or damage reduction. So I have another idea - give each trait a bonus when maxed, and give the weaker traits more impactful bonuses.

                                      For example, maxed Wayfarer could also give you a big move speed and evasion window buff after vaulting, while a stronger trait like Vigor would just give 0.1 hp regen when maxed.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        What are y'all's staple traits?

                                        I haven't unlocked them all yet but right now I'm using Vigor, Endurance, Expertise, and Spirit (the 4 core traits) and more specific to my build, Rugged and Blood Bond (might swap out Blood Bond for Barkskin when I find Meidre again).

                                        • Anonymous

                                          There’s 32 traits and you can only max out 6 lol that includes health and stamina so basically only 4. What the hell was they thinking with this bad decision ?

                                          • Anonymous

                                            According to the Devs they are reviewing raising the trait cap limit, also they did mention adding more traits later on. I think a few traits might need to be improved, like strong back is a nice trait idea but its too easily replaced by accessories. If it was 15 or 20 points at rank 10 then I think it would be a great perk as it frees up an accessory slot.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Diversity of builds? That's just for the fun of building in synergy with mods and perks. All you get are direct numerical enhancements with no fun. They only choose to increase the essential statuses. Considering the combat aspect, there is no room to allocate a Trait for QOL, which is only used when running through low difficulty levels. The cap system only works to show off skills that practically increase comfort, but only to keep us from using them.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                I don't mind the cap, it makes builds feel more diverse. But I do agree with a lot of people that most of these traits are pretty lame. Remnant 1 had a lot of cool traits, while here we are stuck with... these. I do hope the devs will make cooler traits in either DLCs or updates.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Wish unlocking a trait at least gave us a point in it so we had that feeling of progression for collecting them. Even the less desirable ones.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    The trait limit isn't bad, but the investment you need for each trait to be effective is. There is no reason that I should be able to put 10 points into fitness in the first place, lower that to a smaller number and scale the benefits.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      They put a 10% damage reduction trait behind choosing the submissive doe answers and they don't even have the courtesy of giving a flat hp regen trait to ravagers, just some stupid, "regen gray hp," garbage. If I had known I was going to need a guide to play this without having to remake my character after 50 hours I wouldn't have even started playing it.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        Simple traits worked in "Remnant From the Ashes" exactly BECAUSE there was no limit. It was a game of "catch em all", so to speak. And it seems developers can't decide whether they want to have their cake or eat it. I don't consider simple stat increases to be something worthy of a limitation. Especially when there are options on the list that are objectively better than others and can be utilized by ALL archetypes. If devs want to keep the trait limit they should probably rework all the traits. As in, an actual overhaul instead of nerfs and buffs that would decrease or increase existing trait stats by 2,539%. If they want us to treat traits like something build-defining, they should probably make traits that have synergies with certain Archetypes. Perhaps give them negative effects, similar to what games like Fallout New Vegas do with their traits. Make it so that I actually have to make an interesting choice when selecting traits, instead of making me spec into Health/Stamina/Life Leech every time because its the obvious choice. Boring stuff like that should be handled by Archetype level ups now that we have them.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          People complaining about trait cap just want to be amazing at everything. The game is deeper than ever now, you can two classes you can equip. Many of the traits from the game have become passive perks for the classes. Not to mention mutators, relic shards, more rings and amulets than you could ever need, active skills from each class. I do agree that 60 is on the low side maybe 80 would be the sweet spot. I imagine they will increase the trait cap with the expansions as new traits become available.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            what about crit %, crit dmg etc like in the first game? most of these traits and uber boring and not to mention we get the exp boost trait after the final boss?? this is such a downgrade from the first game imo

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              I don't think it is a problem that he have a cap on trait points. The game has RPG elements and this is what RPGs do. The problem is how very obvious the difference in some traits is. Most people will just put the points in the same traits, because there is no reason to pick something like lets say Wayfarer. It's sure QOL, but it doesn't help you getting stronger really.

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                Damn I hate the trait cap limit of 60, wish at least it was double the amount. I miss taking my time and maxing everything out in Remnants 1, gave me so many hours!

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  how can you say there is a cap when you say nothing about tomes of knowledge or if there is a cap on them? what is to stop me from farming adventure mode and capping whatever i want?

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    Most traits are useless. Core traits , Siphoner have highly investment Benefits . So you may have less than three traits to choose from.

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      hope they make it so we can have more then 60. being capped makes it feel like 80 % off the traits is useless and force u into picking the 6 u think u get the most out off.

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