Game Progress Route for Remnant 2 covers a recommended progression path for completing the main campaign. This progression guide maps out the best path to take to avoid missing objectives, Locations, important NPCs, useful Items, and much more. This Game Progress Route for Remnant 2 will be updated once the game has been released.


Remnant 2 Game Progress Route


Given the nature of the game, Remnant 2's Game Progress Route will be impossible to create for each playthrough. However, there are a few things that will remain the same for each playthrough, and that's it the order in which the over arching plot takes place. Having this into consideration, all players will experience the game's story mode in the following order:


Prologue → Ward 13 → First World → The Labyrinth → Second World → Third World → Root Earth


It is impossible to determine in which order you will face the three available worlds in the game, as well as the Events and Items. The Labyrinth and Root Earth are not as random as the other worlds, and don't have branching or multiple storylines.


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The One True King Storyline
  1. Obtain the Faelin Mural Piece
  2. Obtain the Magic Quill from Jester
  3. Travel to the Dark World and obtain the Faerin Mural Piece
  4. Return to the Ornate door and inster both mural pieces to open the door.
  5. Meet Faerin or Faelin, and kill one of them to finish Losomn's storyline
The Asylum Storyline
  1. Enter the Asylum in Morrow's Parish
  2. Obtain all three Stone-Carved Doll I, Stone-Carved Doll II and Stone-Carved Doll III
  3. Obtain the Soulkey Tribute
  4. Use the Soulkey Tribute in the Asylum Basement's Web
  5. Defeat The Nightweaver

The One True King Storyline

Players will have to open a giant, ornate door, but will have to find two items first in order to do it. The Faelin Mural Piece and the Faerin Mural Piece. The first one will be found once players enter the Palace, and the second one will be found after finding a Dark Portal that allows players to access the Dark World. Players will also find Jester, who will give players the Magic Quill, an item that allows traversal using painted walls.

Return to the Giant, ornate door and use the Mask pieces to open it. You will reach the chambers of Faerin or Faelin. You will have to face one of them, in order to finish the world. Note that you won't be able to kill the one that is alive after you have dealt with the first one.

After this, you will learn that Clementine is not in Losomn, and will move out to the next world.


The Asylum Storyline

Players find a seemingly abandoned asylum in Morrow Parish. They can gain access to it by traversing one of the side or back areas of the building. Once inside, they will learn about The Nightweaver, and notice that all patients have been released from their rooms. However, the head doctor, has been locked up by her own staff. She is carving small statuettes that players can find all around the asylum, called Stone-Carved Doll. There are three in total (Stone-Carved Doll I, Stone-Carved Doll II and Stone-Carved Doll III), and bringing them back to her, will reward players with lore regarding the situation and the Nightweaver Stone Doll.

Players will have to interrupt a Nightweaver's attack in the Gilded Chambers, causing her to flee and obtaining the Soulkey Tribute

Using the Soulkey Tribute in the Aslylum basement's strange web allows players to access The Tormented Asylum. There, players can face The Nightweaver. Once defeated, players will learn that Clementine isn't there and move on to the next world.


The Labyrinth

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  1. Complete the Energy Event to obtain the Master Portal Key
  2. Place the Master Portal Key in the altar to create a new path
  3. Defeat the Labyrinth Sentinel
  4. Reach the Inner Sanctum checkpoint and meet with Clementine and The Keeper.
  5. Obtain the Biome Portal Key and leave the area.

Exploring The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is a fixed area, unlike the other worlds. (Except Root Earth). Meaning that in any playthrough it will always remain structured in the same way.

Your first objective would be to find the Master Portal Key, a quest item that can be obtained after completing the Energy Event, which asks you to face many golem-like enemies.

Keep advancing and you will find an altar in which you can use the Master Portal Key. Use it to create a new path, and face the Labyrinth Sentinel.

After the fight, continue forward to reach the Inner Sanctum checkpoint. Head to the stairs and you will meet Clementine and The Keeper there. He will tell you to retrieve the segments from other words and also reward you with the Biome Portal Key, an item that allows you to travel between realms.



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Travel to Alepsis-Taura Storyline
  1. Obtain the 3 Seeker's Keys
  2. Travel to Timeless Horizon
  3. Face Sha'Hala: Spectral Guardian of N'Erud
Tal Ratha and the Shining Essence Echo Storyline
  1. Interact with the voice from the communicator and look for the Soul Sparks
  2. Meet The Custodian, and learn about Tal Ratha
  3. Obtain the Soul Spark Cylinder
  4. Travel to the Forgotten Prison, and finally meet Tal Ratha
  5. Let him eat you or don't.
  6. Obtain the Shining Essence Echo

Travel to Alepsis-Taura Storyline

In this storyline, you will have to find three Seeker's Keys. You will start in Seeker's Rest and obtain your first Seeker's Key. Eventually, you will meet The Custodian

The Seeker's Keys you need to continue can be found inside the following:

The entrance to this tower is found in Timeless Horizon. It can be easily recognizable as it's a very tall tower with a white sphere on top. You will need to place all 3 Seeker's Keys to open the gate. Go through the gate, you will enter the tower that has a big hall with an elevator in the middle. There's nothing to loot around, so simply jump on the elevator as you hear The Custodian talking to you about the Core, N'Erud, his purpose and the Drzyr. Once you reach the top, he will ask you to interact with the console that can be easily found. This will trigger a cinematic scene where a huge Phantom comes out from the core.

Defeat Sha'Hala: Spectral Guardian of N'Erud, so you get rewarded with the Eidolon Shard and the Segment. Afterward, The Custodian will be thankful, you can return to him and claim additional rewards from him.


After leaving the planet, The Custodian will plunge it into the dark hole, leaving nothing behind. You can return a last time to Alepsis-Taura which looks like endless empty space and claim the relic called Void Heart. Once you reach the Alepsis-Taura you won't be able to fast travel into any location in N'Erud


Tal Ratha and the Shining Essence Echo Storyline

As soon as you arrive at the Forgotten Prison, a voice through a communicator will ask you to retrieve the Soul Sparks in order to help the Drzyr. You will have to find the Soul Spark Cylinder, in The Eon Vault. You will also learn about The Custodian during this playthrough. He will ask you to defeat Tal Ratha, an Astropath that has the Shining Essence Echo an item he needs to save the Drzyr. But he believes Tal Ratha won't be willing to part with the item, and will probably have to be killed in order to be obtained.

Grab the Soul Spark Cylinder and return to the Forgotten Prison. The voice in the communicator will reveal to be Tal Ratha himself. He will tell you about the Drzyr and how he believes The Custodian is wrong. After this, you will presented with a choice. Tal Ratha will tell you that if you allow him to eat you you will leave for all eternity and will be saved, and if not you will perish. Either way, prepare for the final world boss of this storyline.

  • If you decide to be eaten, you will fight Tal Ratha (Metaphysical).
  • If you refuse to be eaten, Tal Ratha won't like that decision and attempt to fight you. You will have to fight him.

Either way, once you are done, you can take the Shining Essence Echo to The Custodian. If you refuse to give the item to him, you can use it as a crafting material to create the Void Idol at the Drzyr Replicator.



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The Corruption of the Thaen Storyline
  1. Meet The Eternal Empress
  2. Find The Flautist
  3. Kill the Corruptor
The Doe and the Ravager Storyline
  1. Meet Bedel of the Vaunnt
  2. Find the lair of the Ravager
  3. Kill the Ravager

The Corruption of the Thaen Storyline

Introduction to the Empress
When you first arrive at The Red Throne, you will meet The Eternal Empress and her assistant, they will task you with killing the Corruptor, an entity that tainted the holy tree of the Pan
 and infected their once great Guardian.

Meeting the Flautist
You will eventually reach a door where a Pan musician is playing, The Flautist. He tells you the location of the “god of many faces” (another name for the Corruptor) and sends you on your way to kill it.

The Corruptor
When you finally reach the Thaen you'll see that the Guardian is completely infected by the Corruptor, a gigantic root entity. Kill it to obtain this world's Segment and complete the main storyline in this location.


The Doe and the Ravager Storyline

Bedel of the Vaunt
When you first enter the Forbidden Grove you will find Bedel a Pan whose Root Rot is so advanced that he is covered in Root Mushrooms. He will urge you to kill the Ravager a once deity of the pantheon, that is now corrupted by the Root.

Lair of the Ravager
There will be many permutations available to kill the Ravager, each one will grant you a different item. Once killed he will drop a Segment and allow you to continue with the global storyline.



Root Earth

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  1. Advance while facing the Root force
  2. Fight Cancer
  3. Reach the Corrupted Harbor Checkpoint
  4. Defeat Venom
  5. Reach the Blackened Citadel checkpoint
  6. Defeat Annihilation

Root Earth

Root Earth, like The Labyrinth, is a fixed area and doesn't have much going on regarding objectives. Root Earth is probably the most linear area of the game. Once you manage to reach it, you just have to keep moving forward dealing with all the Root enemies that appear.

During your playthrough you will face some powerful Bosses, before reaching the end. Cancer and Venom will be found, in that order, as you progress through this area.

Once beaten, you will reach a giant red door. This will trigger a cutscene in which Clementine and The Keeper appear They will tell you that if you head beyond, there is no turning back. After the scene, you can assure her about being ready and head to face the Annihilation


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