Gilded Chambers

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Home of the Red Prince. Always pay tribute to him, or face the consecquences

Gilded Chambers is a Location in Remnant 2. Gilded Chambers is one of the many subareas of Losomn and one of the many worlds that can be explored in Remnant 2Each Location in Remnant 2 will feature unique landscapes, events, dungeons, Bosses, Enemies, and Items.


Remnant 2 Gilded Chambers Items

Items in Gilded Chambers are as follows:

Consumables & Materials
 Quest Items

Randomly placed within the location will also be the following:

Remnant 2 Gilded Chambers Enemies

Enemies in Gilded Chambers are as follows:


Remnant 2 Gilded Chambers Bosses

Bosses in Gilded Chambers are as follows:




Remnant 2 Gilded Chambers Walkthrough

The Gilded Chambers are one of several locations that can appear as the Fae boss area of Losomn. During the "Asylum" storyline it will be mandatory for world completion, but during the storylines "The Imposter Kings" and "The Awakened King" it will be optional.

The location is a Fae Palace of the Golden Halls variant. Uniquely, elite enemies in this location have a higher chance to be Fae Golden Knights, which in this location will always drop Crimson King Coins.

Proceed through the location until you reach a worldstone checkpoint at the bottom of some stairs. Ascend and you will find yourself in the throne room of The Red Prince. He will start a conversation and demand tribute.

Give him at least 3 Crimson King Coins to skip his boss fight and receive the Bloody Steel Splinter. During the storyline "The Awakened King" this is also a prerequisite to receive the Crimson Guard Set.

If you instead offer too few coins, outright defy him or even wear the Crown of the Red Prince in his presence, he will begin his boss fight. After defeating him, you receive the Forlorn Fragment, and if the Assassin's Dagger was used to deal the final blow, you are also granted the Crown of the Red Prince.

During the Asylum storyline, you will find The Nightweaver after. Feeding on a single person, she will retreat when spotted. You can find Soulkey Tribute from the body.


Finding Gilded Chambers in Losomn

Many players struggle to roll Gilded Chambers. Finding this Location can take multiple tries, as it is possible to not have it spawn during your Losomn campaign.

The following is the best way, so far, to find the Gilded Chambers:

  1. Re-roll adventure mode under Losomn until you get the Beatific Palace
  2. Go to the Jester and interact with him to unlock the Magic Quill
  3. Open and enter one of the following doors, now accessible thanks to the Magic Quill
    1. The door located next to the Jester
    2. The door located upstairs, in the library, after jumping across some book shelves
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 until you find the Gilded Chambers

 Finding it on the Forlorn Coast in The Awakened King DLC requires players to complete the Dran boss area and reach the Mournful Promenade, as the Fae boss area can only appear in the cave underneath the One True King's Palace.


Locations in Fae Palaces will randomly contain one of the following rooms:


Remnant 2 Gilded Chambers Gallery, and Notes

  • Other Notes for the Gilded Chambers go here



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    • Anonymous

      **** never spawns. Run the ****ing adventure reroll in the god damn palace, 30 times already, checked the top library door. ITS THE ****ING SHATTERED GALLER ****ING MAP EVERY ****ING TIME.

      • Anonymous

        Quickest way to find this and/or Gold Ribbon is Beatific Palace, run to jester, grab quill, first door next to jester can be Council Chambers. In the big library, upstairs, run across shelves and open doors, this can roll Gilded Chambers.

        • Anonymous

          This location yields the highest XP per run on apocalypse, use enigma handgun, run through the corridors while pulling the mobs behind you, look back, shoot, avoid their melee while you're at it, I got 3 levels from 7 to 10 in like maybe less than 40 mins run. with all XP buffs, ring, trait, concoction, half the level gets you 3k in like 3 mins or less.

          • Anonymous

            To anyone having issues finding this, remember to use the quill on the mural in the library by jumping on the bookshelves through the broken fence.

            • Anonymous

              Just a tip for anyone rerolling to try and get this. I found the quickest way is to get Morrow Parish (it can also spawn on the palace version but idk where it is) then rush through to the first quest dungeon then the asylum and kill the corrupted dude. Then when you get to Forsaken Quarter (the final area after you talk to Nimue) look for a big tall castle in the distance, thats your destination, its a dungeon that either has a chance to be Shattered Gallery or Gilded Chambers.

              Now if youre quick and running through everyone but the two bosses you have to kill it should only take you 10-15 minutes.

              Also FYI this is a great Simulacrum farm as they like to spawn im the basement of the asylum by the weave on the left side or inside the shack with the corrupted boss.

              • Anonymous

                If you kill the Prince dealing the final blow with the Assassin's Dagger you get his Crown as a head armor instead

                • Anonymous

                  I finally got gilded chambers after 10 rerolls and running around beatific palace. Also got harvesters reacher and council chambers in same world so I can finally complete the quilt with oracle for that sweet unlimited consumable

                  • Anonymous

                    **** ****ing game design, i shouldnt need to reroll a map over 50 times and still not get the ****ing zone

                    • Anonymous

                      For the life of me i cant get this place to appear in the my game. I've re-rolled 30 times and am only getting great sewers, and the areas that are on fire. I just want my Chain mod!!!!!

                      • Anonymous

                        You need to give him FIVE of the coins in order to get his other reward. If you give him any less he takes it as an insult. Also if you decide to fight him instead of give the coins then you can give your coins to the nightweavers web if she spawned in your roll. When I gave mine to the web I got relic fragments

                        • Anonymous

                          In one of my plays I didnt get Teleport Fae elites at all. Reseted dungeon 3 times and searched everywhere. Had to kill the bozo at the end

                          • Anonymous

                            There is a bug where the teleport fae get stuck in the the small space with the flame pillars and cant get out and are very hard to hit

                            • Anonymous

                              There’s an another secret room I found when I couldn’t find the flames event anywhere. A room with charred statues has a painting on the ground you can shoot and reveal a hidden passage

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