Locations for Remnant 2 features all discoverable locations, areas, and regions in the game. Remnant 2 will take place across multiple worlds, each with different types of Enemies, Weapons, and Items. Once more has been discovered, this page will be updated with more information on Remnant 2 Locations.

  • If you have any Deluxe Edition or Ultimate Edition equipment bonus, you will receive their benefits as soon as you enter your first world, after leaving Ward 13.

Power Level

Above your mini-map, next to the Location's name, players will spot a number that tell the power level of the zone you are exploring. This means the enemies you will encounter in this area will be of that level, and if your gear level is below that number or significantly below that number, you will find the area very difficult.

Players will have to upgrade their gear, in order to be up to level with the challenges presented throughout the area. This doesn't mean that you can't do it if you have a lower Power Level, but it will be much more challenging.

World Order in Remnant 2

One of the most distinctive characteristics of Remnant 2 is the randomness of events and worlds. Every time you start a new game, the world order may differ from your previous playthrough. The order in which worlds are tackled is not fixed, meaning that there is no such "first world". In a playthrough your first world may be Losomn, and as you start another one it may be Yaesha or N'erud. The only ones that are locked behind story-driven parts are The Labyrinth and Root Earth.

Even Events or main stories within each world may differ from playthrough to playthrough. This elevates the amount of replayability and unpredictability of Remnant 2, making it a different experience every time a new game is started.


Remnant 2 Locations Guide 


Ward 13
ward13 location remnant2 wiki guide 300px

The inhabitants of Ward 13 emerged from behind its walls and created a sanctuary of safety and hope.

losomn location remnant2 wiki guide 300px

The Dran and Fae worlds merging into one world has caused chaos and confusion.

Beatific PalacePostulant's Parlor ♦ Brocwithe Quarter ♦ Butcher's QuarterCotton's Kiln ♦ Council Chamber Council Tribunal ♦ Ironborough ♦ Malefic Gallery ♦ Malefic Palace ♦ Nimue's Retreat ♦ Postulant's ParlorTiller's Rest

yaesha location remnant2 wiki guide 300px

The citizens of Yaesha have attempted to stem the tide, fighting back against the unrelenting forces of the Root, but this has proven to be a futile endeavor. The Red Throne ♦ The Withering Weald ♦ The Chimney

Kaeula's RestThe Far WoodsThe Widows CourtThe Great BoleForgotten FieldThe Nameless NestThe LamentThe Forbidden GroveCathedral of OmensRavager's Lair

nerud location remnant2 wiki guide 300px

N'Erud denizens, the Drzyr, discovered a supermassive black hole that may hold the mysteries of creation.

Seeker's RestPhantom Wasteland ♦ Vault of the Formless ♦ The Hatchery ♦ Tower of the Unseen ♦ Timeless Horizon ♦ Void Vessel Facility ♦  Astropath's Respite ♦ Alepsis-Taura ♦ The Eon Vault ♦ Spectrum Nexus ♦ The Dark Conduit

The Labyrinth
labyrinth location remnant2 wiki guide 300px

The Labyrinth continues to collapse, causing abnormal aberrations to appear on other worlds.

Root Earth
root earth location remnant2 wiki guide 300px

The end of the journey, the origin of it all



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    • Anonymous

      I beat final boss, but i can't find other bosses and other option locations...
      some locations are can't find, can't go, how to go these areas ?
      for example... i can't fine The Huntress in my world
      storyline & character classes are linked in this game ?

      someone can explain me ?

      • Anonymous

        Haven't beat the game but there really should've been at least one more full sized world, considering earth and yaesha are repreat biomes. I get the labytinth has more going on but who cares about that, and Losomn having two biomes mashed doesn't count IMO. Real good game so far though

        • Anonymous

          Why are there 3 variables for some dungeons when you have to be even lucky enough to get them in the first place, without pinpointing it makes this rng process longer than it actually should an makes most players lose drive to continue with the game, especially with serious bugs an disconnection issues on top of that.

          • Anonymous

            Please, inside each dungeon page, add the zone where they are found to speed up the reroll and pinpoint the spawning tendency for each zone. For example, I want to reroll Yaesha for The Chimney. If I know what zone has a chance for it, if that zone is in the first map I rolled, I can just reach it or keep rerolling that zone instead of fighting a boss to get to the next area that may not have it if it’s not the right zone.

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