Patch Notes for Remnant 2 covers information on content updates, bug fixes, performance improvements, and other changes made by Gunfire Games on the game. Once the game has launched and patches are live, Remnant 2 Patch Notes will be listed on this page in order of newest to oldest.


Remnant 2 Patch Notes

Patch Notes: 08.04.23

--Performance and Crashes--

Initial optimizations to improve overall performance.
Updates to improve hitching and potential crashes.
Fixed multiple reported crash bugs.
High detail shadows have been moved to a separate option and can be enabled in the options on PC.

--Quality of Life--

QOL OVERVIEW: While we still have quite a few things we are working on regarding Traits and long-term grinding (for those that wish to partake), we wanted to make a few changes in this patch to ensure players had more freedom to experiment. Players should find it much easier to Respec and they should also end up with more Scrap overall. We aren't done here by any means, and these are not the larger changes we've mentioned on Discord and Reddit, but in the short term, they should help to ease the burden or reconfiguring your build and experimenting with different options.
Increased Trait Cap by +5.
Tome of Knowledge now grants Scrap and EXP when the player has reached Trait Cap.
Orb of Undoing now has unlimited uses. Players can sell any extras for Scrap.
Removed the Trait Requirement for equipping a second Archetype. Players may now slot their second Archetype as soon as they obtain / convert another Engram at Wally.
Removed the Scrap Cost for converting a Mysterious Item into an Engram (1000 to 0).
Lowered the Lumenite Cost for converting a Mysterious Item into an Engram (10 to 5).
Slightly Increased Scrap Gain from Breakables.
Increased Scrap Gain from Regular and Rare Chests.
Increased Scrap Gain when killing Aberrations.
Reduced the cost of Bloodroot.


[ Archetypes ]

Explorer Archetype
Increased the duration of Explorer's Scavenger Buff per pickup from 15s to 20s.
Increased the duration of Explorer's Gold Digger Buffs from 15s to 20s.
Increased the healing amount of Gold Digger Healing Fountain from 1.5 to 2.0 HP per second.
DEV NOTE: We wanted to make sure Explorer could maintain Scavenger longer between fights and give them more freedom while Gold Digger Fountains were active. We increased the durations by 5s each and boosted the Healing Fountain to be more enticing.

Archon Archetype
Increased Archon Havoc Form Lighting Hands damage from 28 to 56.
Increased Archon Havoc Form Blink damage from 100 to 150.
Reduced Archon Havoc Form Cooldown from 120s to 90s.
DEV NOTE: These changes are in response to bug fix that allowed Havoc Form Lighting Hands to deal ridiculous damage. We made some overall adjustments to compensate.

Challenger Archetype
Adjusted the damage falloff for Challenger's Close Quarters perk. At maximum range, Challenger will always maintain a 10% damage bonus to All Damage.

Handler Archetype
Increased the Handler's Pack Hunter Range from 25m to 40m.
Increased the Base Max Health of Handler's Very Good Boy Companion.

Summoner Archetype
Increased the Base Max Health of Summoner's Hollow and Flyer Variants.

[ Weapons ]

Switched Aphelion scaling to Boss/Special Damage Scaling instead of Standard.

Increased the Fire Damage for Shatterstar (Savior Mod).

Reduced the Fire Rate on Nightfall in Standard and Dreadwalker Fire Modes.
DEV NOTE: Nightfall was dealing far more damage than other weapons in both modes (almost 20% more w/ Dreadwalker active compared to other guns with their Mod active). When considering damage and the Mod ability (harder to hit, life siphon, and fire rate), it was pushing Nightfall too far above every other Long Gun. It now sits closer in line with other high-damage weapons.

Reduced the AOE Burst Damage of Enigma's Overload Application from 40 to 30.
Reduced the Subsequent Tether Damage of Enigma Primary Fire from 75% to 65%.
Reduced the Magazine Capacity of Enigma from 30 to 25.
Increased the total Reserve Capacity of Enigma from 120 to 125.
DEV NOTE: Enigma was performing too far above our goal for AOE clear, so a few adjustments were made. There is still an issue with it ignoring Armor which will be addressed in the future. However, when that happens, we will reevaluate the numbers.

[ Enemies ]

Reduced damage on Nightweaver’s grab attacks (Wall and Lunge).
Adjusted the hitbox of Magister Dullain's tongue attack to better match the visuals.

[ Multiplayer ]

Reduced incoming damage in Multiplayer from 25% per additional player to 15% per player.

--Bug Fixes--

[ Progression & Rewards ]

Fixed multiple reported crash bugs and instability issues.
Progression Blocker: Fixed an issue that prevented players from completing tutorial if a crash happened when interacting with Ford.
Progression Blocker: Fixed infinite loading screen issue present for some players when selecting “Skip Tutorial” on character creation screen.
Progression Blocker: Fixed an issue with Plasma Cutter preventing the Final Boss from transitioning into its second phase.
Progression Blocker: Fixed Tal’Ratha boss fight lockout if game was exited during cutscene dialogue.
Progression Blocker: Fixed the Astropath boss fight failing start if game was exited during cutscenes.
Addressed issue with Trait points going negative. Negative Trait points have been flipped to positive. This will also fix issues with the Second Archetype being locked out.
Addressed issue player’s not receiving achievements in multiplayer games.

DEV NOTE: This will not retroactively reward ones that should have been previously unlocked. In future patches we will look into attempting to retroactively award as many as we can, however some will likely not be able to be awarded this way and will need to be reacquired.
Players who completed Oracle’s quilt will now receive Half Quilt award as well as Full Quit Reward if they had not previously received it.
Fixed an issue with Weapons not unlocking after Hardcore playthrough.

DEV NOTE: Unfortunately, hardcore awards will not be retroactively awarded for previous completions of Hardcore mode.
Fixed an issue with Weapons not unlocking after completing playthroughs at different difficulties.

DEV NOTE: Unfortunately, difficulty-based rewards will not be retroactively awarded for previous completions of the game.
Players who listened to all Mudtooth’s stories but did not receive all of the rewards can visit Mudtooth to receive their rewards. Players who did not receive the Iron Cylinder (Gunslinger’s Engram) from listening to all his stories will now find it in his store.
Fixed an issue preventing Explorer and Archon Armor from appearing on the vendor. Players will need to first convert the appropriate Mysterious Item into an Engram at Wally
Fixed an issue preventing Mudtooth's Elixir from appearing in his inventory. After completing the game, players will need to first unlock Explorer (Golden Compass) at Wallace.
Fixed issues where Clementine would stand in random locations in Ward 13 after the cutscene in Blackened Citadel.
Fix for Achievement when meeting the Flautist if co-op player was spectating at the time where the Flautist was met.
Fixed an issue preventing Revivalist Trait from being awarded. It should now be rewarded after reviving another player 15x.

[ Archetypes ]

Fixed an issue with Archon's Havoc Form Lighting Hands. Casting Speed now properly ramps up the Lighting Hand without going infinite.
Fixed an issue causing Hunter's Focus not granting the proper Weakspot Damage Bonus
Fixed an issue causing Hunter's Shroud granting multiplicative damage bonus
Fixed an issue causing Invader Perk S.H.A.R.K. to not apply its damage bonuses
Fixed an issue with Gunslinger's Bulletstorm Sound not terminating.
Fixed a bug allowing Male Engineer to ignore falling transition when Overclocking.

[ Gear / Items ]

Fixed VFX alignment for Nebula and Hellfire primary fire.
Fixed an issue preventing Plasma Cutter from dealing the correct damage type to certain enemies.
Fixed an issue causing Shieldbreaker Mutator to not grant the correct amount of shield.
Nightfall Mod visual effects terminate correctly now.
Fixed an issue allowing Dreamcatcher to trigger Dreamwave before it was properly earned.
Fixed an issue that allowed Crystal Heart from stacking with itself.
Fixed an issue causing Ring of Flawless Beauty not granting the proper Weakspot Damage Bonus
Fixed issue with Anastasija's Inspiration causing infinite damage stacking on Summoner's Minion.
Fixed an issue preventing some Boss & Special Melee Weapons from receiving proper scaling.
Fixed an issue preventing Godsplitter from triggering “Was this supposed to happen?” Achievement

[ Enemies ]

Fixed issue with Primogenitor health bar incorrectly tracking and causing players to become stuck.
Fixed issue with Root Knight’s puddle projectile dealing damage on hit.
Fixed issue with Nightweaver projectiles homing in on player incorrectly.
E.D. Alpha (Aberration) in Tower of the Unseen now respawns after player dies and re-enters the aberration room area.
Fixed issue with Block Ruin (Labyrinth Enemy) sound effects
Fixed issue where players could defeat the Gwendil: The Unburnt without taking any damage by standing on the stairs under the wooden bridge
Fixed issue where killing the Many Faces (Corruptor World Boss Golem) when it's jumping between platforms would cause it to fall off world in The Great Bole.

[ Misc Fixes ]

Fixed multiple location on final level where player could get out of bounds of the level.
Fixed issue with player’s not receiving fall damage by holding throwable consumables or melee weapons in throwing position.
Fixed collision issue causing players to get trapped along some edges in Morrow Sanatorium.
Fixed issue when using certain melee weapons, the character’s face distorted
Fixed issue where Player could be locked out of Postulant's Parlor when application was closed after playing the board game.
Fixed issue where Player was unable to open door to Sentinel's Keep when exiting game while inputting the Seeker's Key last acquired first in N'Erud
Fixed an issue where players were trapped when attempting to vault through a wall in Cotton’s Kiln.
Fixed an issue that allowed players to skip siege fight in Tiller's Rest.
Fixed an issue with player’s falling into gap between boat and wall in Tiller’s Rest
Fixed floating doors in Cathedral of Omens.
Fixed an issue in The Great Hall that allowed repeated EXP rewards during Feastmaster's event.
Fixed multiple scenarios that allowed players to transition through walls using interactives.
Fixed an issue that caused players to get stuck in Throw Animation in certain situations.
Adjusted the kill volume height in the Custodian Eye arena.

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    • Anonymous

      I just had a bug where i didnt talk to the custodian before and completed the seeker keys, killed the boss and then had to kill it again

      • Anonymous

        Hola me encanta el juego pero como fan hay cosas que pasan 1 cuando seleccionó un anillo mi muñeco se toma una poción y dos deberías poner todos los puntos para todos los rasgos no solo 70

        • Anonymous

          A quand sur Xbox le jeu est plein de bug les succès ne se débloque pas les marchands ne vendent pas les armures d'explorateur ni de l'archonte merci de faire au plus vite

          • Anonymous

            Seems like even with the update some trophies are still bugged. I collected melee weapons # 10, 11 and 12 as well as guns # 16 & 17 today and still no trophy. (was playing offline at the time) Also Cass hasn't updated her shop a single time for me so far, still offering the same two rings (in both campaign and adventure) as when I started the char three weeks ago. :(

            • Anonymous

              I’m confused i finished the game on apocalypse mode post patch and yes i started it pre patch does this mean i have to redo the entire campaign in which if i do I’d rather delete the game…

              • Anonymous

                Does anyone know when this patch went live? Because I'm on PS5 and I didn't get the August 4th patch. My game file is saying the last update was July 25th. Even when I search for update nothing shows up.

                Is anyone else experiencing this?

                Game Version Reads: 1.000.005

                • Anonymous

                  PLEASE PATCH THE NEGATIVE TRAIT POINT BUG. I have -60 trait points. I cannot respec my character with the orb because I’ll lose everything, and I lost my second arch type.

                  ALSO, while progressing my campaign, I beat the final boss ( “the source” mission in the Black Citadel ), but yet I got disconnected during the credits. My game then loads back up showing that I STILL HAVE TO BEAT THE BOSS, yet the boss is gone, and none of the post-campaign gear is available to me.

                  I have to now replay the entire campaign after 60-hours. Massive waste of times fix the disconnection issues and story progress bugs. Pleasssse.

                  I love this game, but JEEZ these bugs are game breaking. You’d think these two bugs would have been fixed during alpha play testing…… so many people reporting the same issues.

                  • Anonymous

                    Need better performance on the PS5 when playing with friends. There’s time where there is a lot of visual effects on the screen and causing it to lag alot and can cause the game to crash with friends. Also the realmwalker armor bug really sucks because a lot of people want to get the realmwalker armor

                    • Anonymous

                      Will there ever be a performance fix? Because this game is truly badly optimized. My PC ain't the best but I can usually play most games at 1080p with Medium settings, but this game I have to play at 720p with Low settings + FSR set on Performance so I can get 60fps.....and the graphics of Remnant 2 isn't much different from Remnant: From The Ashes yet that Remnant played perfectly fine at High settings. I sure as hell ain't gonna go buy a new PC to play games that are horribly optimized, I'm not gonna give more of my hard earned cash to greedy companies like AMD, Intel and Nvidia just to be forced to buy another new PC 2 years later due to trash optimized games. Fix this nonsense

                      • Anonymous

                        Je ne comprends pas j'ai tué le boss de fin mais mon service 13 est toujours noir. Les PNJ ne me vante pas les récompenses de fin du jeu.

                        • Anonymous

                          Bug en PS5, estación de tren, no se abre la segunda puerta ni comienza el diálogo al abrir la primera compuerta.

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