Multiplayer Coop and Online for Remnant 2 contains information on the various mechanics present when playing locally or online with other people. Remnant 2's campaign can be played with up to 2 other players. This page will be updated with more information on Remnant 2's Multiplayer mechanics when the game has been released.


Coop Experience

Up to 3 players can team up online to experience the world of Remnant 2. Both Story Mode or Adventure Mode can be experienced with a 3-person team. Remnant 2 DOES NOT support Crossplay.

Does Remnant 2 have Local Co-op?

No, Remnant 2 does not support local co-op in any of the available versions (Consoles or PC)

Remnant 2 Multiplayer Guide


Balance your Team

There are plenty of Archetypes to choose from in Remnant 2, and when playing online, you may want to have a well-rounded team to face the Root. Try to balance your team and not excel in only one area, leaving you vulnerable in others. Balancing your team is a fun way to play to each players' strengths


While there are a limited a amount of emotes that can be accessed, as well as a map "ping" system, just like the first Remnant game, there is no in-game mechanism for communication. Players will need to utilize external services such as Discord, Steam chat, etc., in order to communicate with their teammates. 

How to Unlock Co-op in Remnant 2

Players can unlock co-op in Remnant 2 as soon as they finish the prologue/tutorial area and reach Ward 13. Touch the World Stone for the first time and you will be able to invite up to two other players.


Remnant 2 Coop Loot Sharing

Most loot in Remnant 2 is shared between the group. This means that anything that is dropped and pick up, will immediately appear in each team member's inventory.

Notably, ammunition drops are not shared by default.

Quest items are tied to the host's campaign or adventure, and will not be retained when you leave.


Know your Role

Something equally important as balance is knowing your role. Players have to know their strength and weakness, and specially the role they fulfill in the battlefield. This allows you to complement better with your teammates, and know what is your part (specially in tough Boss fights), and what are the rest of the team parts. 

How to join a Public Match in Remnant 2

Players can access and join any public match by selecting the "Join Game" option. New options will be shown to players, select the Difficulty setting in which you want to play and all available public matches in the selected difficulty will become available.

Note that clicking a match does not grant you immediate access. Players will have to wait until the host heads to the World Stone and revives them, allowing them to join the game.

How to Host a Public Match in Remnant 2

In order to host a Public Match, you only have to change your invite setting to PUBLIC from the main menu at any time. When you enter a Dungeon, your game will automatically appear on the "Join Game" screen for other players, and they will be able to invite themselves into your match. Note that you should receive a notification alerting you of a player joining. This is your cue to head to the World Stone to revive them, granting them access to your hosted public match

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    • Anonymous

      If i'm playing with 2 friends on my world and we unlock a new archtype, it will be unlocked for everyone? or just to me as the host?

      When picking an item like the iron ciclindrer from mudtooth after finishing 2 worlds, they will be able to pick it up to?

      • Anonymous

        Explosive builds are fun, easy to put together, and have firepower, but you should be careful about competing with allies of close combat builds such as the Shotgun Challenger, allies of follower builds, and allies who use anything else destructible grounding type. Even if you alone are comfortably doing a lot of damage, it does no good in multiplayer if your allies' firepower is reduced because the enemy is enhanced by the number of people you have. It is a good single player build, but in multiplayer it is better to use only friends, or look at the builds of your allies and find other hosts if they are not compatible with your build.

        • Anonymous

          This game needs option for region lock. Already in general to much ping and then you join some chinese or some other player out side your region and multiplayer becomes a **** show.

          • Anonymous

            They say communication is key. Coordinating with your teammates is vital for successful in multiplayer games, and Remnant 2 is no exception. Effective communication allows you to strategize, share enemy locations, plan attacks, and watch each other's backs during intense battles.

            How to communicate when the gmae doesnt have any ingame chat or voice.

            • Anonymous

              Sad that they didn't put in some chat function. Sometimes totally impossible to explain random players what is the plan.

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