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The Remnant 2 Wiki covers all you need to know about the sequel to Gunfire Game's Remnant: From the Ashes published by Gearbox Publishing. Find all you need to know from Combat basics, downloadable content, Weapon and Armor Lists, Traits & Skills, to a game completion Walkthrough, Builds for all playstyles, how to beat all Bosses, and more for Remnant 2. The Remnant 2 Wiki will keep you up-to-date on news and data for the next installment in the Remnant Series.

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What is Remnant 2?

Remnant 2 is the sequel to the best-selling game Remnant: From the Ashes which pits survivors of humanity against new deadly creatures and god-like bosses across terrifying worlds. Play solo or co-op with two other friends to explore the depths of the unknown to stop evil from destroying reality.

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To succeed, players will need to rely on their own skills and their team to overcome the most demanding challenges and stave off humanity’s extinction.


When was Remnant 2 Announced?

Remnant 2 was announced at The Game Awards 2022 show with its announcement trailer. Remnant 2 evolves the co-op survival shooter with new unseen worlds filled with deadly surprises and encounters.

Join the battle to save humanity in a dynamically generated world filled with branching quest lines, unique loot, and overwhelming odds that encourage exploration and replayability either alone or in a three-person co-op.

Remnant 2 is released on 25 July 2023 and it is available on PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC


Remnant 2 PC System Requirements

Recommended Specs

  • OS: Win 10
  • Directx Version: TBC
  • Processor: Intel i5-10600k / AMD R5 3600
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: GeForce RTX 2060 / AMD Radeon RX 5700
  • Storage: 80 GB available space

Minimum Specs

  • OS: Win 10
  • Directx Version: TBC
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-7600 / AMD Ryzen 5 2600
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 1650 / AMD Radeon RX 590
  • Storage: 80 GB available space

Remnant 2

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Initial Release Date 25 July, 2023
Publisher Gunfire Games
Developer Gearbox Publishing

Standard Edition: $49.99

Deluxe Edition: $59.99

Ultimate Edition: $69.99

Platforms PC, PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S
Genre Survival Action-shooter RPG
Modes Single-player, Multiplayer

Remnant 2 News and Updates

Remnant 2 DLC Out Now
Remnant 2 - The Gunslinger Archetype Announced!
Remnant 2 - The Handler Archetype Announced
Remnant 2 Announced at TGA 2022!!!

Remnant 2 Game Editions

Standard Edition:

  • Base Game - Enjoy Remnant 2 when it released on July 25th

Deluxe Edition:

  • Standard Edition content
  • Three Remnant: From the Ashes *armor sets in Remnant 2 - Elder, Void, Radiant

Ultimate Edition:

  • Deluxe Edition content
  • Early Access - Start playing Remnant 2 on July 21st ahead of the official launch of the game
  • Survival Pack - Start the game with 2 Mudtooth Elixir (EXP Bonus), 5 Bloodroot, 3 Ammo Boxes, 1000 Scrap, 10 iron
  • DLC Bundle - Receive three DLC packs for Remnant 2. More details regarding the DLC packs will be announced at a later date. All DLC is expected to be available within one year of launch.

*All Archetypes and armor sets can be unlocked through normal play.


Remnant 2 New Features

Remnant 2 plunges players deeper into a devastated world requiring a mix of methodical and frenetic ranged and melee combat against cunning enemies and punishing boss battles. Enter the fray as a lone wolf or even the odds by teaming up with two friends to overcome daunting challenges. Each time players start a new playthrough of Remnant 2 they will be brought into a new world built from a wide pool of locations, enemies, NPCs, bosses, and weapons. These dynamically built levels allow for unique experiences as elements are woven organically into the world and narrative.

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Intense Combat Experience

A mix of methodical and frenetic ranged/melee combat returns with cunning enemies and large-scale boss battles.

Choose specific gear and weapons to optimize for the different biomes and battles ahead. Bosses will bring high-level players to team up to overcome the challenge and try to obtain the biggest rewards.

New Worlds to Explore

Players can travel alone or with friends as a team through strange new worlds and beyond, overrun by mythical creatures and deadly foes while trying to stay alive.

There are multiple worlds to explore with different types of creatures, weapons, and items. Utilize and upgrade discovered items to take on tougher challenges.

Endless Replayability

Branching quest lines, augments, crafting, and loot rewards will test the resolve of even the most hardened players in dynamically generated dungeons and areas.

Playthroughs will feel challenging, varied, and rewarding as players succeed against unrelenting odds. Various stories are woven throughout the different worlds, encouraging exploration and multiple revisits.

New Archetypical Progression

Expanded Archetype system provides players with unique passive bonuses and stunning powers.

Multiple Archetypes can be unlocked during play, leveled up, and equipped together for a variety of play styles.


New Combat Experience in Remnant 2

Health and Stamina

In Remnant 2, Gunfire Games have implemented a grey health system. This is when players get damaged in combat, half of the damage they get will convert into grey health. What this means is that players can recover that portion of their health naturally over time or lean into builds that benefit the grey health system. 

On top of the grey health system, players will not have to worry about losing stamina outside of combat situations. Players' stamina will only be affected if you are in combat and will have to monitor your stamina bar more carefully. This will give players a bit more room to think about where you want to place your trait points to benefit your playstyle and your character as a whole.

Playstyles and Combat

There has been a huge focus to having more melee weapons and melee playstyles in Remnant 2 as new melee weapons will be added to the game. With the new weapons come new enhancement mechanism, alongside the Modification Slot, there will also be a Mutator Slot.

Gunfire Games have greatly improved the melee combat style as they've not only added more melee weapons, but also new melee types, melee attack animations, as well as dedicated traits to melee weapon wielding archetypes and more to cater to melee playstyles.

Another change with the boss fights, is that it will be more focused on the players skill and countering the attacks instead of having the players get overwhelmed with exterior forces such as a mob of enemies.

In addition, there are many new revamped weapons that players can choose at the start of the game, and more to find when exploring. This gives the players options to choose the weapons according to your playstyles.


Remnant 2 New Locations


losomn locations remnant 2 wiki guide 300px

The Dran and Fae worlds merging into one world has caused chaos and confusion.


dran losomn locations remnant 2 wiki guide 300px

The once Human-like Dran have become hive-minded and are easily provoked into frenzies. The Awoken Dran, those who have remained unchanged after the merger, are seen as troublemakers by the rest of Dran society and have been punished for speaking out against the chaos.


n'erud 1 locations remnant 2 wiki guide

N'Erud denizens, the Drzyr, discovered a supermassive black hole that may hold the mysteries of creation.


Remnant 2 New Archetype Classes

The Gunslinger

gunslinger archetype homepage remnant 2 wiki guide

Lock and load! When it’s time to bring GUNS to a gunfight, it’s time for the Gunslinger. They’re the master of High Fire Rate, Weapon Handling, and Ammo Efficiency.


The Gunslinger in Remnant 2 is the first new archetype that was announced. The Gunslinger is a master at a high fire rate, weapon handling, and ammo efficiency, the sole role of a Gunslinger is pure damage. As a Gunslinger, players must prioritize customizing the value of their DPS and unlocking bonuses such as quick reloads, swapping of weapons, and more.

The Gunslinger is unique in maintaining a flow of damaging enemies with the help of the Loaded perk, by activating any Gunslinger ability, this perk triggers, automatically reloading both weapons that are equipped. The Gunslinger also has various traits like Ammo Boost that increases total ammo capacity — if you prefer to play aggressively and to constantly pressure your enemies, the Gunslinger in Remnant 2 is your best pick.


The Handler 

the handler archetype homepage remnant 2 wiki guide

A support class in Remnant 2 that will make combat and exploration better with the help of your trusty companion, a trained and extremely handy canine.


If you prefer to play solo in Remnant 2, you may want to pick up The Handler Archetype since this class comes with a trained canine. This archetype was revealed by the developer Gunfire Games who shared that the Handler won’t be going it alone. Accompanying the Handler is a dog who will join players in fights, so they won’t be alone even when playing solo. Lead designer Ben Cureton shared in an article with IGN that the idea behind this new archetype so that if you’re planning to play the game in single-player, you still have a fighting chance and it’s just as practical when teaming up in a group.

This canine friend has three modes to utilize. Guard will make it howl to draw aggro from enemies, Support to heal the player and allies in the group. Finally, in Attack mode, the dog will go on the offensive with a damaging focus. In order to keep track of the dog’s mode, the bandana it wears around its neck will change color depending on the mode. You can also order the dog’s location using a ping system.

If you find yourself on the brink of death and have a Dragon Heart potion on you, your doggo can revive you, letting you continue your fight. This companion sounds like a handy one to have around, especially when playing without teammates. A revival pup sounds like a great addition to keep you in the game when there aren’t allies around.


The Challenger

the challenger remnant 2 wiki guide

You'll often find yourself in dangerous combat scenarios. When you want to stare death in the face and laugh, it's time for the CHALLENGER.


The Challenger is a perfect choice for those who prefer an aggressive and dynamic playstyle, with a mid-range combat. This archetype is a flexible fighter and can easily be tailored to ones playstyle. The Challenger are designed to wear heavy armor and deal heavy damage with the swing of their great sword or the impact of their grenade gun.

Their perk system allows support on heavy armor usage, reducing incoming damage, as well as giving players a second chance at life. While their skills allows players to handle mobs of enemies, from sending a high-impact shock wave to the ground with a stomp towards their foes dealing damage and staggering elites, to turning into a unrelenting, unstoppable force that buffs movement speed, melee speed, and melee damage. Finally a skill that gains a fire rate, reload speed, and movement speed buff to gain Rage stacks as they deal damage. Rage Stacks will multiply the buffs when hit maximum stats.


The Medic

medic archetype remnant2 wiki guide 300px 

There's no better choice for keeping the squad in tip-top shape than the Medic Archetype.


The Medic in Remnant 2 is the ideal Archetype to pick if players prefer to support and keep others in the fight as they provide the strongest form of healing, as well as being more resistant to getting interrupted while using relics. This Archetype wields the Bonesaw LMG, the Service Pistol handgun, as well as the Steel Flail melee weapon.

The Medic's perks all benefit the healing potency of this archetype, and includes damage increase, increased relic healing, a play on the grey health system, and an increase to relic usage. The Medic's skills all give a great portion of healing to players, allies, and companions in an AoE healing well, a shield for you and your allies, and revive and replenish to all downed players around you. This Archetype is perfect for players who enjoys playing solo as all the healing skills would help a lot alongside to a damage archetype or if players enjoy being the support or the healer of the group.


Remnant 2 New Archetype Systems

Remnant 2 features a brand-new Archetype System, where your starting choice of Archetype matters. In the first game, Remnant: From the Ashes, choosing an Archetype or Class served as an initial gear loadout for the player, and its purpose is to provide a solid starting class based on some different playstyles. And as you play and progress, all aspects eventually become available to every archetype you initially chose.

In Remnant 2, choosing a starting Archetype still provides the player with a pre-set of gear loadout that consists of their trademark armor sets, three unique weapons, and a signature Archetype Trait, additionally, players are now given Archetype Perks and Archetype Skills which can be further unlocked and improved by gaining experience and leveling up. Remnant 2 basically features an independent progression for each Archetype.

On top of that, players can now have the option to have a Dual Archetype, giving players 4 active abilities, 2 from skills and 2 from mod charges. Players can combine 2 archetypes in Remnant 2 to create a class, by applying object from a specific archetype to the Prime Archetype slot and the Secondary Archetype. This allows other players to see what type of player you are and what to expect from you.

What are Archetype Perks in Remnant 2?

Archetype Perks in Remnant 2 are unique skills that are divided into 5 categories:  Damage, Team, Utility, and Relic, Prime. These perks will unlock in the respective order, starting with the Damage Perk being unlocked first and the Prime Perk being unlocked last. The sequence will start over thus enhancing your skills.

Damage Perks are perks that scale the damage output of your character and gain effectiveness as you level up the Archetype, such as ranged buffs, melee buffs, mod power buffs, and skill damage buffs. One Archetype may gain a Ranged and Melee damage buff from their Damage Perk, while another may get a boost to Mod Power or even Skill Damage

Team Perks focuses on providing buffs and other effects to your allies or the team in general. It is also effective if you play alone. A few of these are perks that grant increased ammo drops, shared healing, shared damage, and even boost team defense. Each Team Perk is unique and provides a little extra "kick" to your gameplay, while also benefiting the team in a coop scenario. 

Utility Perks or the "Quality of Life" perk, a small buff that blends well with the rest of the Archetype’s gameplay elements, these perks provide effects such as reduced stamina cost or increased movement when evading.

Relic Perks are strong perks that grant temporary effects for a short duration upon using Relics. By consuming a relic item while having a relic perk equipped, you can trigger these buffs and effects that can turn the tide of battle to your favor if you are caught in a difficult situation. There are different relic perks that focus on damage, support, and many more. As you gain more experience, your Archetype Perks will become more powerful by leveling them up.

Prime Perks are the core talents of each Archetype, these Prime Perks only benefit a particular archetype that no other perk or item can provide. 

What are Archetype Skills in Remnant 2?

Archetype Skills in Remnant 2 are special active abilities that are unique to each archetype, meaning each Archetype will now have a set of skills that players can now unlock and upgrade. In Remnant from the Ashes, the game featured Weapon Mods that allowed players to equip and swap different modifications that alter the effects and skills of the weapon. Archetype Skills cannot be shared between Archetypes, if you want to use that special healing Archetype Skill, you’ll have to use the Archetype it’s attached to.

Archetype Skills in Remnant 2 just like in any other game, operate on a cooldown as opposed to the Mod Power Buildup of Weapon Mods. So when in battle, you now need to think and use them at the right moment. With the addition of skills, Weapon Mods will still be essential and it is available in Remnant 2. Each Archetype has 3 Skills to choose from, while each Archetype can only slot 1 Archetype Skill at a time, you may freely switch between unlocked Skills when out of combat at no cost.

What are Archetype Traits in Remnant 2?

Archetype Traits in Remnant 2 will play a much more important role when it comes to the RPG mechanic of the game, Remnant 2 now alters the traits that were prominent in the first game, whereas in Remnant 2, Archetype Traits are now locked to that specific Archetype. Apart from that, new features are being added as well, as you Level Up your Archetype, you automatically gain +1 into that Trait. You don’t have to spend any of your hard-earned points, total Trait Points are now limited to roughly 85. Players will be able to fully respec your trait points at any time without cost.

Players who played Remnant From the Ashes can no longer have every Trait maxed out, but instead, they have to decide what Traits to upgrade. Apart from that, when your Archetype reaches maximum level, the Archetype Trait is unlocked and can be used for any of the builds that you've created, the only problem is that if it’s used in a build that it doesn’t belong to, you’ll have to spend your Trait Points on it.

Can I Unlock other Archetypes?

Remnant 2 sticks to its roots when it comes to the Archetypes, some of you may wonder,  “Am I locked into my starting Archetype?” and the answer to that is no. Choosing your Archetype at the beginning only determines your starting playstyle, but as you progress and play the game you can build a character that reflects your personal play style. In Remnant, you can change your Weapons, your Armor, Mods, Rings, and more, so it should be no surprise you can also change your Archetype. You just need to play to earn it.

What this means is that even if you pick an Archetype at the start, you can still unlock all the other Starting Archetypes and you don't even need to start a new game to use them. As soon as you unlock another Archetype, you can switch to it. Just keep playing and simultaneously level up your secondary Archetype to reap the benefits of their Perks, Skills, and Archetype Traits. This is where Dual Archetypes are introduced in Remnant 2.

As Gearbox Publishing says: "Two at the same time. Double Perks, Double Skills, Double Traits." Along your journey, you will eventually unlock the ability to combine any two of your Archetypes to create a “Class”. Each Archetype will have all its Perks, all its Skills, and both of its Traits represented within a Class, except for its Prime Perk. Depending on which Archetype is in the first slot, their Prime Perk will be activated. The Archetype in the second slot will not have access to their Prime Perk. Archetypes in the Prime slot will have added benefits to their Skills. Things like increased effectiveness, additional charges, shorter cooldowns, etc.


Remnant 2 Lore and Setting

Yaesha, the Fallen Paradise

Where once life thrived in her lush jungles, all that remains is death and decay.

Yaesha in Remnant 2

The Root’s tendrils have taken hold of Yaesha since a human has last set foot on the world. Where once life thrived in her lush jungles, all that remains is death and decay. The citizens of Yaesha have attempted to stem the tide, fighting back against the unrelenting forces of the Root, but this has proven to be a futile endeavor. Now, it is only a matter of time until the Root turn Yaesha into a decimated husk of a world.

The Wolf in Remnant 2

The Ravager, crucial to the balance of all things on Yaesha has turned his back on that very balance. After being left for dead by the hero of Remnant, the Ravager in a desperate move of self-preservation has struck a deal with the Root. In exchange for eternal life and great power, he has agreed to serve the Root in their conquest of Yaesha. Now an agent of the Root, he threatens to destroy Yaesha and balance he was once a part of.

The Red Empress in Remnant 2

As the Red Empress tightens her grasp, what remains of the once great Pan empire continues to slowly slip through her fingers. She faces not only the raw, remorseless forces of the Root, but also the uprising of the Pan slave caste. Fighting unwinnable battles on two fronts has not only proven difficult but also costly, as her troops are dwindling and those who remain loyal to her are fewer by the day.

The Root in Remnant 1

For nearly a millennium, an unknown race called The Root traveled from one realm to another to wreak destruction and conquer everything and everyone it comes to contact with. During their mission of dominating realms, they stumbled upon the realm of Rhom where they faced a never-ending battle between the civilization of Rhom. Eventually, they were able to conquer Rhom, but the states of Rhom came together which included The Basha and their spiritual leader The Nui, stood their ground and did what they can to fight The Root.

At the brink of losing the war, Ezlan, a mysterious Basha was forced to pick a tragic decision of either falling into the hands of The Root or to save their realm by decimating both its people and The Root. Despite having no other options, the choice was very much clear... In order to save their civilzation and for the next centuries to come, The Nui and The Basha activated a nuclear device which obliterated the people of Rhom and The Root.

This caused the surviving Root to abandon Rhom and tried to search for another realm to conquer... Where they found and invaded Earth. For quite a long time, Earth has been thrown into destruction where The Root has annihilated almost half of humanity and has almost fully taken control of the planet.

Despite the carnage, humankind has not given up with reclaiming what's theirs. Multiple facilities called a "Ward" with designated numbers was then built across the planet, but Ward 13 is the sole facility which houses a technology they've acquired and experiments on called a World Stone. A small piece of the World Stone was then sent to each ward for further studies. With the World Stone, the surviving humans have discovered that the World Stone can open up portals to other realms.

This lead to the attention of The Root who wishes to stop the humans from using the world stone to travel to different realms and to stop their mission from finding the source that can possibly destroy The Root. 

Losomn: Worlds collide

The Result of two worlds merging, Losomn is one of chaos and confusion.

The Imposter King

The Imposter King's origins remain shrouded in mystery, but his treacherous deeds are well documented. He cunningly deceived the Fae Council and Nimue, a powerful Fae goddess, into believing that for the Fae to be free, the One True King must die. Instead of killing the One True King he was sent into a deep sleep, from which he could not be awoken. In the One True King's absence, the imposter seized the throne. The attack on the One True King led to a force merging of the Fae and Dran worlds, resulting in the imposter being split into two individuals - Faeling and Faerin. The Imposter King serves as a cautionary tale of the danger of deception and the consequences of seizing power at any cost.

Worlds Collide

The Dran and Fae worlds merging into one world has caused chaos and confusion. The once human-like Drawn have become hive-minded and are easily provoked into frenzies, while the Fae society has lost its direction and is plagued with a never-ending thirst for the life force of the Dram. The Awoken Dran, those who have remained unchanged after the merger, are seen as troublemakers but the rest of Dran society and have been punished for speaking out against the chaos. The Fae nobility sit restless in their halls, while banquet rooms are filled with rotted food. The merging of these two worlds has created a dystopian landscape that leaves many questioning if their worlds will ever be the same again.

The Nightweaver

The Nightweaver, once worshipped as the Fae goddess of sleep, has become a terrifying entity that haunts the nightmares of the Dran. With her powers over sleep, she feeds on the life force of her victims, leaving them drained and near death. The Awoken Dran live in constant fear of her, knowing that she preys on them while they rest. Her twisted form serves as a reminder of the terrible result of the forced merging of the Dran and Fae worlds.


Ward 13 and The Labyrinth

Wreckage of The Root

Ward 13

In the aftermath of the Root's reign of terror, the inhabitants of Ward 13 have finally emerged from its fortified walls, and life has returned to the once barren wasteland. Here, amidst the abandoned industrial structures, the survivors have created a sanctuary of safety and hope. Yet, despite the passage of two decades since Harsgaard's defeat, the town still echoes with the memories of the Dreamer project and the enigmatic World Stone. Locked away in the depths of the old bunker, the legendary artifact remains shrouded in mystery its secrets known only to a selected few who still remember the takes of its incredible power to open portals to other worlds.

The Labyrinth

The desolate and ever-changing Labyrinth acted as a bridge between worlds. The Labyrinth had no inhabitants, only manifestations of its formidable Guardian. These protectors took on various forms and played an offensive role in protecting the Labyrinth from invaders like the Root. While Andrew Ford used the Labyrinth to explore other worlds freely, seeking a way to stop the Root on Earth, the Hero of Chronos faced heavy resistance when attempting to slay the Labyrinth's Guardian.

The Keeper

After the death of the Labyrinth's Guardian, the Leeper returned to the Labyrinth. But his return came too late—the Root had already begin exploiting the Labyrinth to travel to vulnerable worlds. The Keeper used every bit of his power to reinitialize the Labyrinth and expel the Root, but this came too late for the countless worlds the Root had already invaded... and at a great cost. In his weakened state, the Keeper could no longer maintain the Labyrinth's visual appearance, and the Labyrinth continues to collapse, causing abnormal aberrations to appear on the worlds.


N'Erud: Ghosts in the Machine

A starship of phantoms, death haunts every corner of this doomed civilization.


N'Erud is a gigantic construct with the ability to travers the universe at incomprehensible speeds. It was built as a second home for the Drzyr, a long-lived and technologically advanced species that has mastered the powers of matter and energy, bent biology to its will, and amazed an intimate knowledge of time and space. But in their search for sentient life beyond their own, the Drzyr stumbled upon something far greater: the center of the universe, the Seat of Creation itself.

The Custodian

Within the Seat of Creation, the Drzyr discovered a supermassive black hole the likes of which had never been encountered before. Many believed the answer to all of creation's mysteries resided within the center of the black hole. The Custodian, caretaker of N'Erud and wholly responsible for its function, assured the Drzyr that their constructed home could withstand the journey. Accepting the Custodian's seemingly infallible counsel, the Drzyr prepared to meet their Creator.


The Drxyr civilization ended the moment N'Erud crossed the event horizon. Tal'Ratha, an Astropath enlightened by a mysterious ingestible substance, had despratelly warned the Drzyre of the dangers of entering the black hole. Ultimately overruled, he could do nothing as N'Erud plunged into its doom... Yet somehow, Tal'Ratha survived the perilous journey, only to see his tragic prediction realized: the now derelict M'Erud has become a necropolis, and his fellow Drzyr warped into incorporeal entities who haunt the very world they built.


Remnant  2 Trailer Screenshots

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