Root Earth

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The end of the journey, the origin of it all.

Root Earth is a Location in Remnant 2. Root Earth is the final world of Remnant 2's campaign, and is not available in Adventure Mode.

Unlike with most of the worlds in Remnant 2, the areas of Root Earth are entirely pre-generated and remain the same across all playthroughs.

All Areas in Remnant 2 Root Earth

The following Checkpoints can be found within Root Earth:

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Remnant 2 Root Earth Quests

  • The Source: It's time to end this once and for all. I need to find the source of the Root.


Remnant 2 Root Earth Walkthrough


Ashen Wasteland

The following secrets can be found in Root Earth.

Reaping Stone, Steel Katana and Dendroid Set
Resonating Heart
Zania's Malice
Tome of Knowledge
Root Horde
Ankh of Power
Dying Ember

Secret Passageway in Ashen Wasteland - How to get the Reaping Stone, Steel Katana an Dendroid Set


You can find a small gap in the Ashen Wasteland area, which leads to a room that heads upwards.

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Once you enter, enemies will spawn. Climb up and jump to the other side. You will find a gap in which you can fall, do it.

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Move towards the end of the area to find a Ring called Reaping Stone.

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Before falling into the gap, head to the other side of the platform and jump to the crumbled column on the entrance. 

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This will lead to a secret area in which you will find a Steel Katana and the Dendroid Set, composed of the Dendroid MaskDendroid ChestDendroid Grips, and Dendroid Leggings.

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Secret Passage - How to get Resonating Heart

From the small checkpoint, turn back and enter the left room.

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Fall off the gap, and after a few enemies you will find a second gap, fall into it too.

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You will find Resonating Heart in a small tree-like structure.

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Zania's Malice

Before falling into the gap to find the Resonating Heart, you will notice a small hole on the other side of the wall, crouch through there and you will find Zania's Malice

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Secret Passage - Tome of Knowledge Location

On one of the crumbled areas, leave the place and crouch to pass through a crumbled beam, you will find a Tome of Knowledge at the end of the path.

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Root Horde Event

On a very wide open area, you will face a good amount of Root, and after dispatching a few waves, a Root Knight will appear and you will have to face it.

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After you manage to defeat it, you will earn the Handling trait.

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Secret Passage

Passing through one of the train wagons, you will reach a secret area in which you will find a Haymaker's Ring

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Ankh of Power Location

After the checkpoint near the entrance of the crumbled factory, enter it and turn left. Climb the stairs up and check on the rooms on the back. On the ground you will find the Ankh of Power.

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Secret Passage - How to get Dying Ember

On a small area, you will find a small gap between some vegetation, access it to reach a secret area in which you will find Dying Ember.

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Secret Passage - How to Get Hellfire

 From the first checkpoint, before falling into the gap, turn back to the big open area. You will find an aground truck, You can climb on one of the sides. Below, you will find Hellfire

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Boss Fight: Cancer

After a checkpoint, you will trigger a short cutscene and find Cancer, a powerful Root boss. Cancer pounds its arms on the ground, and some damaging roots emerge from it. It can create one big root or many smaller roots infesting the battlefield.

Cancer can close out the distance between you by lunging towards the player and can also smash its face on the ground. Its weakspot is in its back.

When defeated drops:

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Corrupted Harbor

Decayed Heart
Escalation Protocol
Flyweight's Sting, Probability Cord, and Kinetic Cycle Stone

Secret Passage - How to get Decayed Heart

Once you reach the open area, look back to find a secret passageway through the roots. Crouch to reach an altar and grab Decayed Heart.

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Secret Passage - How to get Escalation Protocol

When you enter the decayed structure, get past the open area in which you will find a few root, on the other side there is an opening

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You will find the Escalation Protocol. As you pick up the Amulet, you will notice a blue particle effect. Swing the Dreamcatcher there, to obtain a consumable called Walker's Dream. Use it to fight Bane, defeat it to receive the Wooden Shiv. Head back to Ward 13 and talk to Wallace to create the Invader archetype engram, the Serrated Root Blade.

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Shortcut, Flyweight's Sting, Probability Cord, and Kinetic Cycle Stone

When you enter the decayed structure and find the checkpoint. you will see an item on the other side, but you won't be able to grab it. There is a door to the left but it is locked. Move forward and when you finish with the enemies you will be able to make your way back to unlock that door, creating a shortcut.

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Keep moving upwards, but before the second pair of stairs, head to the side to access a hidden room at the end to find Flyweight's Sting.

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You can also take the side of the stairs, but on the root, and fall down at the end of it. This will lead you to the item that you couldn't grab before, the Probability Cord.

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At the same area with Probability Cord, turn back look at the bush of roots there is an entrance to get Decayed Claws.

corrupted harbor decayed claws

Before the third set of stairs, get behind them to obtain Kinetic Cycle Stone

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Boss Fight: Venom

After you advance a few more meters, you will trigger a cutscene and Venom, a powerful Root wielding a massive sword, will enter the battlefield. He has the Drain suffix. He uses his massive sword to deal damage, summons tentacles on the ground that will shoot fireballs towards you.

Defeat it to obtain:


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 Continue forward, and eventually you will reach the Blackened Citadel.

Blackened Citadel

Move past the checkpoint, and a massive red door won't let you through. This will trigger a cutscene in which Clementine and the Keeper appear, and tell you that if you head beyond, there is no turning back afterward. After the scene, you can assure her about being ready and head to face the Annihilation. If you are not ready, please use the previous checkpoint to prepare yourself.

Boss Fight: Annihilation

Annihilation is a massive flying boss that is divided in different forms. At the beginning, he flies around the battlefield, uses his massive sword-like weapon to deal damage. Annihilation also affects the battlefield, using many Aoe attacks and creating energy beams that persist on the field, dealing damage if players come into contact with them. After you manage to deplete its health bar, Annihilation will enter its second phase.

After the second phase, there is another cutscene, and a third phase begins. After defeating this final phase, you will obtain:

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Remnant 2 Root Earth Gallery and Notes

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      Secret Consumable: Player must have the Dreamweaver Melee equipped. Walk up to it and hold the melee button down. The character will go into a new animation, discovering the Walker's Dream consumable. From what my wife and I have experienced, you have to be in the blue fog and on the left side of the entity.

      • Anonymous

        Missing Wayfairer trait in corrupted harbor. Received after a horde event in the mechanical room after first waypoint. Not sure if random or fixed.

        Wayfairer: Increases Enviromental movement speed (vaulting, ladders, wading)
        Level 1: +5% traversial movement speed
        Level 10: +50% traversial movement speed

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          Got Supercharger mutator from the Shiv side boss, Charge speed 10-20% with bows and fusion rifles. Level 10 adds 15% crit chance to fore mentioned weapons.

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            I wonder if this idea of alternate timelines will show up again with revisiting locations pre/post root / doom.

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              Game was really great and overall an improvement of an already good first game. But the last zone was waaaay to short compared to the other zones.

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                The enemy design in this region is pure cancer. Bosses, fine. Regular enemies? Pure annoyance designed to piss the player off.

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