Crimson Dreamstone


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Crit hits increase Skill Damage 1% for 10s. Max stack 15.


Crimson Dreamstone is a Ring and accessory in Remnant 2. Crimson Dreamstone is a ring with a high power ceiling, giving up to 15% skill damage. It is a brand new Ring debuting in the Remnant 2 The Awakened King DLC


I have heard tale of those who were driven mad by an inescapable nightmare in which they wander endlessly before coming upon a world of death and decay. In the midst of this world, they find only an empty throne, consecrated in blood. These are...merely the ravings of a scant few feeble-minded Dran, of course. Even still, I.


Crimson Dreamstone Effect in Remnant 2

Crimson Dreamstone provides the following effect:

  • Crit hits increase Skill Damage 1% for 10s. Max stack 15.


Remnant 2 Crimson Dreamstone Location

Crimson Dreamstone can be found at the following locations:

  • Ethereal Manor Event. This event requires entering the manor multiple times, opening one of the five doors inside. As you enter, you'll receive a different item each time. The first time, you obtain the Strange Talisman; then it changes to the Bloody Talisman. The third time, it becomes even bloodier if you inspect it, and the fourth time, you will obtain the Death-Soaked Idol, concluding the event.
    Alternatively, using Liquid Escape or fruit of death within the Ethereal Manor will take you to the Consecrated Throne, rewarding the Crimson Dreamstone instead.


Remnant 2 Crimson Dreamstone Builds

Crimson Dreamstone is used in the following Builds:



Remnant 2 Crimson Dreamstone Notes & Trivia

  • A ring that followed you from a dream within a dream. When you wear it, you can faintly hear tortured screams of agony that suddenly and irrevocably fall silent before giving way to the distinct smell of blood and rotting flesh.
  • Rings grant players diverse benefits once donned, up to 4 rings may be equipped at a time. 
  • Notes, Tips, and Trivia for Crimson Dreamstone in Remnant 2 go here.


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    • Anonymous

      The man followed me to the ward. Speaking to him he repeated the “wake up” and I was suddenly next to the old ward doors! Anyone else find this?

      • Anonymous

        Does TAKING the ring lock you out of getting the handgun Anguish?
        Meaning, does the "dream" end and get you back if you teke the ring or you can continue like normal?

        • Anonymous

          Seems terrible, considering there’s another ring in the same dlc that gives 12% skill damage all the time with no conditions

          • Anonymous

            "The only way out is to escape"

            To get it use Liquid escape while in the ethereal manor, you will be revived in another place.

            • Anonymous

              Using liquid escape while within the ethereal manor will take you the consecrated throne in which this ring resides. Be warned that this ring is mutually exclusive to the death soaked idol and you would need to reroll another mansion event in order to get both

              • Anonymous

                I found this one not sure exactly how. There was a house with locked door, that a Dran sent you to a dream world. I'll need to find this house again on a new run to test thing out.

                Crit hits increase skill dmg 1% for 10s. Max stack 15

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