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N'Erud denizens, the Drzyr, discovered a supermassive black hole that may hold the mysteries of creation.

N'Erud is a Location in Remnant 2. N'Erud is one of the many worlds that can be explored in Remnant 2Each Location in Remnant 2 will feature unique landscapes, Events, Dungeons, Bosses, Enemies, and Items.


Remnant 2 N'Erud Lore and Information

N'Erud is a gigantic construct with the ability to traverse the universe at incomprehensible speeds. It was built as a second home for the Drzyr, a long-lived and technologically advanced species that has mastered the powers of matter and energy, bent biology to its will, and amassed an intimate knowledge of time and space. But in their search for sentient life beyond their own, the Drzyr stumbled upon something far greater: the center of the universe, the Seat of Creation itself.

The Custodian

Within the Seat of Creation, the Drzyr discovered a supermassive black hole the likes of which had never been encountered before. Many believed the answer to all of creation's mysteries resided within the center of the black hole. The Custodian, caretaker of N'Erud and wholly responsible for its function, assured the Drzyr that their constructed home could withstand the journey. Accepting the Custodian's seemingly infallible counsel, the Drzyr prepared to meet their Creator.


The Drzyr civilization ended the moment N'Erud crossed the event horizon. Tal'Ratha, an Astropath enlightened by a mysterious ingestible substance, had desperately warned the Drzyr of the dangers of entering the black hole. Ultimately overruled, he could do nothing as N'Erud plunged into its doom... Yet somehow, Tal'Ratha survived the perilous journey, only to see his tragic prediction realized: the now derelict N'Erud has become a necropolis, and his fellow Drzyr warped into incorporeal entities who haunt the very world they built.


All Areas in Remnant 2 N'Erud

The following Locations can be found within N'Erud:

Travel to Alepsis-Taura Story




Tal Ratha and the Shining Essence Echo Story




  • Tal'Ratha's Refuge

Field Locations

 Towers of N'Erud Locations

N'Erud Stasis Chambers Locations

Infested Facilities Locations

* Denotes "main" areas that are normally required to progress.
1 Never contains an injectible event.

All NPCs and Merchants in Remnant 2 N'Erud


All Items in Remnant 2's N'Erud



Amulets & Rings


Quest Items

Relic & Relic Upgrades

Consumables & Materials



Weapon Mods


Remnant 2 N'Erud Enemies, and Bosses


Remnant 2 N'Erud Events

The following are all the events that players can find while traversing N'erud


Remnant 2 N'Erud Walkthrough

To access this world, go to the crystal in Ward 13 and use it to travel inside the Labyrinth. There's a dimensional gate that has to be opened with the Biome Portal Key that leads to N'Erud, this allows you to make the first travel to the world and unlock it at the traveling crystals.


Main Story

Travel to Alepsis-Taura Storyline

Seeker's Rest

You will arrive at this location first, here you will find your first Seeker's Key.

The Custodian

In a room in Seeker's Rest with a giant clear crystal tube you will encounter a floating mechanical eye called The Custodian, it marvels at you and then asks you to meet him urgently in his tower. The tower can be identified by the glowing white sphere of light atop it. It's located across the Phantom Wasteland.
After traversing the wasteland to reach the tower, you will find the Ascension Spire where an avatar of The Custodian will greet you. He needs you to find all three Seeker's Key to access the planet's core and plunge it into the black hole. From here you can access the Timeless Horizon.

The Seeker's Keys you need to continue can be found inside the following:

Sentinel's Keep

The entrance to this tower is found in Timeless Horizon. It can be easily recognizable as it's a very tall tower with a white sphere on top. You will need to place all 3 Seeker's Keys to open the gate. Go through the gate, you will enter the tower that has a big hall with an elevator in the middle. There's nothing to loot around, so simply jump on the elevator as you hear The Custodian talking to you about the Core, N'Erud, his purpose and the Drzyr. Once you reach the top, he will ask you interact with the console that can be easily found. This will trigger a cinematic scene where a huge Phantom comes out from the core and starts a Boss Fight.

Defeat Sha'Hala: Spectral Guardian of N'Erud, so you get rewarded with the Eidolon Shard and the Segment. Afterwards, The Custodian will be thankful, you can return to him and claim additional rewards from him.


After leaving the planet, The Custodian will plunge it into the dark hole, leaving nothing behind. You can return a last time to Alepsis-Taura which looks like endless empty space and claim the relic called Void Heart. Once you reach the Alepsis-Taura you won't be able to fast travel into any location in N'Erud

Tal Ratha and the Shining Essence Echo

As soon as you arrive on the Forgotten Prison, a voice through a comunicator will ask you to retrieve the Soul Sparks in order to help the Drzyr. You will have to find the Soul Spark Cylinder, in The Eon Vault. You will also learn about The Custodian during this playthrough. He will ask you to defeat Tal Ratha, an Astropath that has the Shining Essence Echo an item he needs to save the Drzyr. But he belives Tal Ratha won't be willing to part with the item, and will probably have to be killed in order to be obtained.


Returning to the Forgotten Prison

Grab the Soul Spark Cylinder and return to the Forgotten Prison. The voice in the comunicator will reveal to be Tal Ratha himself. He will tell you about the Drzyr and how he believes The Custodian is wrong. After this, you will presented with a choice. Tal Ratha will tell you that if you allow him to eat you you will leave for all eternity and will be saved, and if not you will perish. Either way, prepare for the final world boss of this storyline.

  • If you decide to be eaten, you will fight Tal Ratha (Metaphysical).
  • If you refuse to be eaten, Tal Ratha won't like that decision and attempt to fight you. You will have to fight him.

Either way, once you are done, you can take the Shining Essence Echo to The Custodian. If you refuse to give the item to him, you can use it as a crafting material to create the Void Idol at the Drzyr Replicator.


Dungeons and other Locations


Vault of the Formless

You may find the Vault of the Formless dungeon across the map on the way to the tower, it's a storage facility guarded by robots and infested by zombies. Here you fight the Zombie Horde. And find the Rupture Canon.


The Hatchery

You may find The Hatchery dungeon across the map on the way to the tower, it's overrun by Bugs, corrupting parasites that will attack you on sight. If you defeat the Primogenitor boss, you can earn the Cracked Shell.


Tower of the Unseen

The Tower of the Unseen is an industrial space in N'Erud, found by exploring the Timeless Horizon. Usually found at one of the corners, there's a small facility with bridges around, go inside and find an elevator. The elevator should take you to a small corridor that leads to a yellow gate. Go through to enter the Tower of the Unseen.

The tricky part of these locations are the doors that open by depositing a Stellar-Powered Cell in a certain slot next to the door. The door will remain opened until you remove the Stellar-Powered Cell. You must find an opened door that is currently using one Cell, remove it, and make your way through an alternative route to use the cell in the other door. You will need to collect 2 Stellar-Powered Cells to be able to roam around the entire Tower.


Astropath's Respite

In the Timeless Horizon you may find the entrance to the Astropath's Respite a dungeon where the last astropaths hid while the planet approached the black hole, inside you can fight The Astropath and find a Seeker's Key.


Void Vessel Facility

The Void Vessel Facility can be found in a cave in Timeless Horizon. Enter the cave, explore deeply until you find an entrance to the Facility. This place is filled with vessels where N'Erud Zombies come out from, you may find closed vessels with a panel to open them. This place is filled with vessels where N'Erud Zombies come out from, you may find closed vessels with a panel to open them. In these Vessels there's usualy a zombie that will come out and attack you, still you should open every vessel you find in order to find valuable loot.

In one of these Vessels, you will find a Stasis Pod Glyph that opens a door inside this facility. Behind this door you will find a complete Space Worker Set.

Other than valuable loot, you can find two Aberrations in this dungeon. There's a place on top where you can find 3 vessels together that are all closed, you can open them and enter inside one of them. This will trigger a cinematic scene where the Fetid Corpse approaches you while you are in the vessel. You will wake up in the basement of the facility surrounded by N'Erud Zombies and the Fetid Corpse between them.
Explore deeply into this dungeon until you find a room with 4 big capsules, W.D. 109 is guarding them.

Defeat the Aberrations in order to obtain the Transference and Transpose Mutators from them.


Remnant 2 N'Erud Gallery, and Notes

  • Other Notes for the N'Erud go here

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      This is so stupid from lore's point of view, if this page is correct. A species that got this far surely would know better than to have a single point of failure for their entire civilization. Not only did they give all the power to a single entity, but they decided it's a good idea to plunge their whole mother****ing civilization into a black hole, just because one guy said so, and without leaving any backup behind.

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        Hello everyone. Has anyone had the "mini black hole" event, found in "The Dark Conduit" dungeon, and right after the "Lost Fuse" event?

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          ". Go through the gate, you will enter the tower that has a big hall with an elevator in the middle. There's nothing to loot around, so simply jump on the elevator as you hear The Custodian talking to you about the Core, N'Erud, his purpose and the Drzyr. "
          I got Power Saver from the elevated platform surrounding the elevator (left of center as you approach behind the podium) so it doesn't hurt to look around.

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            FYI for anyone missing locations or having visited locations that are not in this list: the world is randomized. You will roll a few areas every iteration. For example, I rolled Tower of the Unseen, Terminus Station, Astropath's Respite and Dormant N'Erudian Facility, but not Dark Coduit, Hatchery and so on. You can access these when rerolling the world, or in Adventure Mode.

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              I just finished a locatoin called The Putrid Domain. Boss is The Abomination (ball of flesh that has 2x 5 hit combos [certain death] and rolls around the room until you either shoot the mines on the floor to immobilize it for a couple of seconds and shoot off the armor plating on it's body to show a purple-blue-ish center that does major crit damage when hit. Received item is The Mutated Growth which can be transformed into "Bore" weapon Mod [fires a drill projectile which bores into enemies on contact, dealing 80 dmg. AFter fully burrowing into an enemy, creates a Weakspot which grants 50% of normal Weakspot Dmg on Hit. If attached to an existing Weakspot, Ranged Crit Chance is increased by 15% when attacking the drill. Lasts 6s. Mod Pwr Req: 500

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