Thaen Seed

Quest Item

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The seed is both warm and harsh to the touch, as though both life and death might be contained within its stony shell.


Thaen Seed is a Quest Item in Remnant 2. Quest Items are used to unlock or advanced through certain quests or main story quests, as well as unlocking and discovering certain areas. Key Items are specifically found in specific areas of a Location, given by NPCs or looted from Enemies and Bosses.

 "The Thaen sheds a single seed only once in a thousand years -- or so hold the tale once told by the Pan. Though, not a single Pan has ever witnessed such a thing, and now most believe that Thaen to be inimitable."

How to Use Thaen Seed in Remnant 2

Thaen Seed is used in the following Quests or Location:


How to Find Thaen Seed in Remnant 2

Thaen Seed can be found in:


Remnant 2 Thaen Seed Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      if you ask yourself the question : does planting the seed in adventure mode give you the planted seed in campain mode, the answer is yes

      • Anonymous

        can you have multiple of the same tier of fruit? when i picked up a second celestial fruit, it gave me scrap

        • Anonymous

          You interact with the soil/shovels patch in the garden planters area in Ward 13 to plant this.

          After some time ingame+offline realtime, it will upgrade to its final form that looks like this while hanging from the tree.

          The tree stays afterward to grow more fruits.

          Warning, the revive buff has no timer, but using Liquid Escape will waste it. Haven't tested but assume other death-like events will too.

          • Anonymous

            Keep it long enough and you get one of the arguably best relics as it evolves from a celestial thaen fruit into a thaen seed looking relic

            • Anonymous

              It would appear that even if you plant the seed in Adventure Mode, the tree will grow in both modes. Neat.

              • Anonymous

                The seed can be planted in a dirt patch in the ward 13 garden after some time (not sure how time is calculated?) it will grow a tree that will bear a fruit called 'Mature Thaen Fruit with the following effect: "After consuming, upon death the hero will be revived at 30% health, and be immune to STATUS effect for 30s." I dont know how often it will bear fruit either unfortunately, but seems like a pretty sweet item.

                • Anonymous

                  this can be planted back in ward 13 in the garden area. there is a small patch of dirt near the left of the entrance to said garden area where it lets you plant the seed. nothing immediately happened (as expected) so will have to see what happens with time (or maybe just the murder of bosses? idk). the dirt has a circle indicator on it when close to it and the actual hitbox for it to become interactable is a bit weird so if you have the seed and the spot, move around a bit to finagle it into working.

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