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Prime Perk Vile
Archetype Trait Affliction

The Ritualist is an Archetype in Remnant 2. The Ritualist is a powerful class focusing on status effects and AOE damage, it can make enemies infect their allies with whatever status they are suffering and buff itself for heavy damage dealing. Archetypes can be considered the different Classes available in-game. Players' Archetype choice at the beginning of the game is important, but they can change them to another one later on by using another Archetype's item if they so desire.


AOE, Status Effects, Damage

Remnant 2 Ritualist Information

  • The Ritualist specializes in AOE skills, Status Effects, and raw damage dealing. It has many skills supporting this playstyles and makes both a great primary or secondary archetype to use.


How to unlock Ritualist in Remnant 2

To unlock the Ritualist Archetype players need to craft the following Engram:

To craft the Cursed Effigy Engram, players first need to obtain the Ragged Poppet


Starting Equipment for Ritualist in Remnant 2

The Ritualist start the game with the following Equipment:


Remnant 2 Ritualist Archetype Item

  • The Ritualist archetype is activated by slotting the Cursed Effigy item.


Remnant 2 Ritualist Builds



Ritualist Progression in Remnant 2


Remnant 2 Ritualist Prime Perk

All Archetypes have one unique Prime Perk, which becomes available once they use an Archetype as the Main Class. Prime Perks can get two upgrades. The first one when they reach level 5, and the second one once they reach level 10.

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Prime Perk
Automatically Unlocked

Negative Status Effects applied by Ritualist inflict Infected

Infected: Victim receives 5% more Status Effect damage. On death, spreads
all statuses to nearby enemies within 5m

Upgraded at Level 5

Infected: Victim receives 10% more Status Effect damage. On death, spreads
all statuses to nearby enemies within 10m

Upgraded at level 10

Infected: Victim receives 15% more Status Effect damage. On death, spreads
all statuses to nearby enemies within 15m



Remnant 2 Ritualist Archetype Perks

Archetype Perks are divided into four different categories: Damage Perks, Team Perks, Utility Perks, and Relic Perks. 

Damage Perk

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Damage Perk
Unlocked at level 1

Increases all damage to enemies affected by a Negative Status Effect by 2%

Damage increases with Ritualist Level

Upgrade Unlocked at level 6

Increases all damage to enemies affected by a Negative Status Effect by 12%. Increases all Critical Chance against enemies affected by a Negative Status Effect by 10%.

Damage increases with Ritualist Level

Team Perk

terrify perk remnant2 wiki guide 75px

Team Perk
Unlocked at level 2

Killing an entity applies TERRIFIED to all enemies within 5m of the killed entity for 20s

TERRIFIED enemies deal 5% less damage

Upgrade unlocked at level 7

Killing an entity applies TERRIFIED to all enemies within 5m of killed entity for 20s. TERRIFIED enemies are more likely to drop additional ammo on death.

TERRIFIED enemies deal 5% less damage.

Utility Perk

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Dark Blood

Utility Perk
Unlocked at level 3

Reduces damage received from Negative Status Effects by 25%

Upgrade unlocked at level 8

Reduces damage received from Negative Status Effects by 25%. Reduces Blight Buildup by 50%.

Relic Perk

purge perk remnant2 wiki guide 75px

Relic Perk
Unlocked at level 4

On Relic Use, cleanses all Negative Status Effects.

Upgrade unlocked at level 9

On Relic Use, cleanses all Negative Status Effects. Negative Status Effects cleansed by Purge are applied to all enemies within 7.5m.


Ritualist Skills in Remnant 2

All Archetypes have three skills at their disposal, but they can only have one equipped at a time. These skills have long cooldowns, making the decision of WHEN to use them a crucial one. Skills can't be upgraded, and have only one level.

eruption ritualist skill remnant2 wiki guide 75px

Automatically Unlocked

Creates 1m explosion for 150 damage on all enemies within 15m. Explosion Radius and Damage increases 100% for each unique Status Effect on the target.

Refreshes all current Status Effects on the target.

Cooldown 24.6s

miasma ritualist skill remnant2 wiki guide 75px

Unlocked at level 5

Casts an AOE burst that applies BLEEDING, BURNING, OVERLOADED, and CORRODED to all enemies within 15m, and dealing a total of 1500 base damage. Lasts 11s

Cooldown 36.9s

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Death Wish
Unlocked at level 10

Negates all healing to self. Drain Health 300% over 20s. Increases all Damage by 35% and grants 10% Base Damage dealt as Lifesteal.

Cooldown 73.8s



Remnant 2 Ritualist Traits

The Unique Archetype Trait for the Ritualist Archetype is Affliction, and it level ups automatically as the Archetype levels up. 

Level Effect
Level 1
10% Status Effect Duration
Level 2
20% Status Effect Duration
Level 3
30% Status Effect Duration
Level 4
40% Status Effect Duration
Level 5
50% Status Effect Duration
Level 6
60% Status Effect Duration
Level 7
70% Status Effect Duration
Level 8
80% Status Effect Duration
Level 9
90% Status Effect Duration
Level 10
100% Status Effect Duration
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Remnant 2 Ritualist Notes & Trivia

  • Other Notes and Trivia for the Ritualist go here 


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    • Anonymous

      Bah... sucks that the one build I was interested in the most, a status effect build, is locked behind a paywall. Oh, how I wish to just ignore enemies with no weakspots by dotting them to death.

      • Anonymous

        got a great bug playing with a friend i had died being pushed in the water byt the mob spawning knockback things, then my friend found the ritualist class item whilst i was still dead and he looted it and i just didnt recive the item to unlock it at all

        • Anonymous

          Archon with Havoc From, Ritualist with Miasma, Monarch for magic bullets and Corrupted Meridian for explosive fireballs. Throw on Dreamcatcher and Cultist Set for fashion and you're a Wizard, Traveler!

          • Anonymous

            Eruption does direct skill damage and scales from % to skill damage. Miasma causes no damage on it's own and instead inflicts STATUS EFFECTS, hence, it scales from % to STATUS damage. Three of those statuses that cause elemental damage (corrosion, burning, overload) also scale from % to ELEMENTAL damage. It's not a bug as some claim and it's not really hard to understand.

            • Anonymous

              skill damage buffs dont affect ritualist for some reason but ring of misery(increases status effect damage 15%) does affect miasma but is not reflected on the tooltip, also some enemy. Possibly bug

              also Ring of sciolist(increase mod and skill damage 15%) does not work on ritualist's skill no matter what, seems to me that the game considers ritualist skills as status effect instead of "skill" damage.

              • Anonymous

                Seems like the duration for miasma is capped to 20 seconds and skill damage doesnt make it do more damage? I dunno if this intentional or a bug. But ive tested it with the shaed stone and engineers skill damage passive but neither of them actually buff the damage of miasma

                • Anonymous

                  Probably going to get nerfed, it's really overpowered and not at all what people were asking for from an "elemental build" even though it is pretty cool.

                  • Anonymous

                    Amplitude trait works extremely well with Ritualist.

                    Eruption, Miasma, and Vile (prime perk) have 22.5 range with the trait.

                    You don’t actually need Miasma if you can apply a lot of status effects on a mob and kill it. Vile will do the rest.

                    • Anonymous

                      Does anyone know if corroded from 2 different sources (corrosive shot and fetid wounds) counts as "unique" status effects? Probably not huh, that'd be too good.

                      • Anonymous

                        Ritualist/Summoner for an Occultist vibe. Ritualist/Archon for a Warlock. Ritualist/Handler for a witch hunter.

                        • Anonymous

                          I wonder if terrified, from the Team Perk, and Infected from the Prime perk, counts as status effects for the sake of increasing damage with the Ahane Crystal.

                          • Anonymous

                            This class seems like it will have some of the most fun builds in the game. Miasma in particular seems like it will pair ridiculously well with some of the jewelry like energized neck coil or the timekeepers ring.
                            As for what class to pair this with I'm thinking handler or engineer would be good choices since the dog causes bleed and the engineer can use the flame turret which will spread even more status effects

                            • Anonymous

                              I wonder if the trait also applies to the miasma skill, increasing the duration to 22 seconds at max level

                              • Anonymous

                                Gonna be a fun class with busted builds for sure especially with Death Wish! Gonna go a support route with Medic since i play with friends.

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