Astropath's Respite

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The Custodian's calculations may be rational enough, but they are incongruent with the foresight of the Astropaths.

Astropath's Respite is a Location in Remnant 2. Astropath's Respite is the home of The Astropath, a navigator-seer that had visions of the future and guided the Drzyr before their downfall. Each Location in Remnant 2 will feature unique landscapes, events, dungeons, Bosses, Enemies, and Items.


Remnant 2 Astropath's Respite Items

Items exclusive to Astropath's Respite are as follows:


Randomly placed within the location will also be the following:


Injectible Events

Locations in the Towers of N'Erud will randomly contain one of the following rooms:

Remnant 2 Astropath's Respite Enemies

Enemies in Astropath's Respite are as follows:


Remnant 2 Astropath's Respite Bosses

Bosses in Astropath's Respite are as follows:


Remnant 2 Astropath's Respite Walkthrough

Astropath's Respite is one of the locations that can appear as N'Erud's second boss area. If found during the Seeker's Keys storyline it is mandatory for world completion, but in the Soulspark Vault storyline it is optional.

Advance through the location normally until you reach a large room with a worldstone checkpoint opposite to its door. Enter and take one of the elevators up. You will find a body with a voice log and the Rusted Navigator's Pendant, placed near an open seat pod.

Interacting with the pod makes you climb inside and transport you back into the arena below, where several Specters merge together, initiating the boss fight with The Astropath.

During the Seeker's Keys storyline, you'll find a statue with a Seeker's Key after defeating the boss.

Remnant 2 Astropath's Respite Gallery, and Notes

  • Other Notes for the Astropath's Respite go here
  • Astropath's Respite is mutually exclusive with Spectrum Nexus.



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    • Anonymous

      How do you find this location in general? Timeless horizon or seekers rest. Or is it random but still part of the main story

      • Anonymous

        Ok so i got this dungeon twice as main story with seeker keys in both campaign and adventure and defeated the boss twice - The Astropath.
        But there is no drop down in a red circle room ? What is that even ? The boss room is purple and pink not red and there is no hole to drop down ?
        Is that only for non main story side dungeon ? World Analyzer says im missing rings on both campaign and adventure but i cannot find anything, tried double elevators, jump down level , hole during elevator.

        • Anonymous

          Jumping in the comments to remind all that the game is *randomized*. VERY few of the items listed here are guaranteed in one dungeon - though they seem locked to the type of dungeon. That in in N'erud, you have the spire dungeons and the facility ones. I found the Low Yield Recovery Ring and Defensive Action Loop in the Tower of the Unseen, another "spire dungeon", rather than Astropath's Respite.

          What we have is a loot pool at world gen which gets assigned.

          • Anonymous

            Place is ****ing trash. There’s supposed be an elevator at the end of the corridor after the boss but it’s just a ****ing dead end on my game. Is this a bug or did I do something wrong?

            • Anonymous

              Found the constant variable ring here by jumping down the hole of the red lit circular room filled with robots, you don't jump directly down. There's a hole to the side with some platforms

              • Anonymous

                Gotta love the Event Horizon reference in the "reactor room", almost identical to the movie, complete with totally unnecessary spikes.

                "DO YOU SEE!!!!"

                • Anonymous

                  I found a Low Yield Recovery Ring instead of a Defensive Action Loop in the area you jump off the elevator.

                  • Anonymous

                    i found a round room with a purple energy source spinning in the middel, you can interact with the energy. But i dont have the right "tool"

                    • Anonymous

                      "Drop down in the big circle room" The big circle is a filled platform for me.. if the circle you are referring to is the circle were you fought the boss here....

                      • Anonymous

                        Found the Timewave Mutator here. The first open area, drop down into the circle. Easy boss fight in room with glowing orb

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